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Columbia University's Butler Library
When and Where
When:17 October 2018
Time3PM - 5PM
Where:Columbia University
This event is not open to the public.

This is a two-part internal workshop for RBML staff. The first section will focus on how RBML can effectively and responsibly increase the presence of our holdings in the collaboratively edited resource, Wikipedia. Wikimedia NYC will join us for a workshop that will cover how Wikipedia has evolved, basic principles of creating and editing Wikipedia articles (e.g. accuracy, notability, citations, conflicts of interest), and common pitfalls institutions encounter when contributing primary source knowledge.

This second session with Wikimedia NYC will help you begin to create new Wikipedia articles, add citations and contribute additional material to “stub” articles. With the principles and ethics from session one in mind, we will have hands-on time to learn how to set up a Wikipedia account, basic markup/HTML and how to upload materials (with attention to issues of copyright and licensing particular to archival collections).

Articles to Create/Edit[edit]

At a typical edit-a-thon, organizers create a list of suggested articles to create and edit.


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