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The training for health students in Manhattan will be held in the Screening Room of the Macaulay Honors College 35 W 67th St New York, NY 10023 at 1:30pm and 2:30pm on Friday, October 18. This is near 67th between Columbus and Central Park West. This is a private event intended to serve as outreach to a particular class in partnership with a particular professor.

Persons joining should let user:bluerasberry know.


Bring your own ideas!


For general health presentation (1 hour)[edit]

The general health session is an appropriate presentation for anyone who wants to learn about Wikipedia and health content, only has one hour, and may not have time to do anything else after the lecture. It is intended to help people be able to talk about Wikipedia without actually using the website.

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  1. Make educated guesses on the effect that Wikipedia has on health education in their fields of expertise
  2. Know enough about Wikipedia to ask more questions (e.g. traffic, citations, reference standards, etc.) about it as needed
  3. Know how to ask questions to people who manage health content on Wikipedia
  4. Discuss potential benefits or problems with using Wikipedia in a medical education setting

For class training session (1 hour)[edit]

This is the session for the urban epidemics class which is going to do the Wikipedia project.

  1. (30 minutes) Introduction to Wikipedia and health information; instructions on how to use Wikipedia for the class assignment; review of the assignment itself
  2. (30 minutes) Take questions, review assignment with students so that everyone has same expectations

Sign up[edit]

You can also sign up at event page.

Likely attendees[edit]

Kevin Ambrose (talk)

Possible attendees[edit]