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Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC/December 2004

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On December 12, 2004, there was a Wikipedia meetup at the Moonstruck Cafe in New York City (23rd Street and 9th Avenue). Jimbo, Angela, and Anthere all managed to attend.

Prior to the meetup, Sj had posted the phone number for the restaurant. Danny had gone ahead and made reservations. The day before, some wiseguy called ahead and cancelled the reservation. Very cute. Fortunately, we were able to get most of the back room, so this did not present a serious problem.

Danny and Sj presented Jimbo with a copy of Jimbo in Purgatory, by Gary Panter, an illustrated novel (i.e., hardcover comic book). According to the Publishers Weekly description on Amazon: "Jimbo, a cross between Candide and Virgil, makes his way through a vast science fiction–like infotainment-testing center constructed as Mount Purgatory." Our resident cross between Candide and Virgil said he would read it that very evening.

Two members of the media were present. Dan Pink, of Wired, was working on an article for the printed version of the magazine. That article did not include mention of the New York meetup, but some of the Wikipedians in attendance were featured in the article. It can now be seen online. Pink said that an article was needed because Wikipedia had become "an Internet phenomenon".

Artist and filmmaker Geo Geller (see his website) was also there, and had brought along a video camera. He filmed an interview with Jimbo, for possible future use in a documentary.


  1. Angela
  2. Anthere
  3. CJM
  4. Danny
  5. JamesMLane
  6. Jimbo Wales
  7. Isomorphic
  8. Morris
  9. Paullaw (Dennis)
  10. Ram-Man
  11. Raul654
  12. TheSteve
  13. Sj
  14. TomPreuss
  15. UtherSRG


As is fast becoming tradition, there was a quiz at this meetup. (Take it!). The results were as follows:

  • Angela - 41 points
  • Isomorphic - 24 points
  • Jimbo - 24 points
  • SJ - 20 points
  • Anthere - 14 points
  • Tom Preuss - 13 points
  • UtherSRG - 5 points
  • MPerl - 2 points
  • Ram-man - 0 points (blank)


Jimbo talking with Danny. Isomorphic is facing the camera
(Clockwise from bottom left) - Sj, User:Mpearl, UtherSRG, Anthere, Jimbo, Dan
(Clockwise from bottom left) TomPreuss, Mpearl, UtherSRG, Anthere, Jimbo, Dan, Sj, Isomorphic, Ram-Man
Anthere (left) and Jimbo (right)
Anthere, Sj, and Jimbo look at pics from the previous meetup on Jimbo's laptop
Danny presents Jimbo with his gift. (Left to right) Jimbo, Dan, and JamesMLane, user:Danny
Danny presents Jimbo with his gift. Angela and Geo in the background
Jimbo holds up his new copy of Jimbo in Purgatory. (Left to right) Anthere, Jimbo, Dan, and JamesMLane
Jimbo sees his Christmas present. (Left to right) Anthere, Jimbo, Dan, and JamesMLane
Left to right - Dan Pink (reporter from Wired), JamesMLane, and Paullaw
(Clockwise from bottom left) - Isomorphic, Ram-Man, ____, TomPreuss, TheSteve
_____ (left) and Sj (right)
(Left to right) TheSteve, Anthere, UtherSRG
(Clockwise from bottom left) JamesMLane, User:Paullaw, Geo, Danny (standing), Sj (sitting)
(Clockwise from bottom left) Isomorphic, Ram-Man, TomPreuss, TheSteve, and UtherSRG
TheSteve (left) and UtherSRG (right)
Anthere and JamesMLane talking. (Left to right) Anthere, JamesMLane, Paullaw, and Sj
Jimbo being interviewed by Geo