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  • What: Wikimeetup Delaware
  • When: 3:00 PM, Saturday, February 25, 2006
  • Where: La Tolteca, adjacent to Main Street in Newark, Delaware. Located in the Newark Shopping Center, about 2 miles from I-95 and within easy walking distance of the University of Delaware campus (Google maps link)
  • Who: Anyone who is interested. Members of the press, who have been known to show up at these from time to time, are also welcome.

Note: I've made the reservation - It's in my name (Mark Pellegrini). We're getting a semi-private room.


A lot of people liked the idea of doing these on a regular basis (so look out for more of them)

Please notify me of the next Newark meetup[edit]

  1. ike9898
  2. Wedittor
  3. Gordon P. Hemsley