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Welcome to the 2015 GLAM Café!

The GLAM Café is organized as a Meetup group, held on the second Tuesday of each month, 5.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
It's an informal gathering for anyone interested in digital humanities, Wikipedia, or GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives and museums).
Meetings in 2015 will be held in a quarterly rotation at the following locations:

13 January 2015
10 February 2015
10 March 2015

University of Pennsylvania
Van Pelt Library, 6th Floor
3420 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA
Dot Porter
14 April 2015
12 May 2015
9 June 2015

Library Company of Philadelphia
Cassatt House
1320 Locust Street
Philadelphia, PA
Nicole Scalessa
14 July 2015
11 August 2015 (7:00 p.m. close)
8 September 2015

Temple University
The Samuel Paley Library, Ground floor
1210 Polett Walk
Philadelphia, PA
Matt Shoemaker
13 October 2015
10 November 2015
8 December 2015

Chemical Heritage Foundation
315 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA
See Directions.
Mary Mark Ockerbloom
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Look for the GLAM Café at these locations:

What is the GLAM Café?[edit]

GLAM Cafe Schedule, 2015, printable handout

The GLAM Café is an informal gathering, like an Unconference or ThatCamp, where attendees choose their own agenda and break out into special interest groups for whatever interests them. There's usually no set agenda. Sometimes special events or speakers are planned in advance.

We encourage both experienced Wikipedians and people interested in learning more about Wikipedia to attend the GLAM Café. The concept is similar to DC's WikiSalon. You can discuss Wikimedia and wikis, plan Wikipedia-related events, and collaboratively edit Wikipedia. You don't have to be an expert. We're happy to provide suggestions and help on request.

We provide the space and the snacks; you provide the ideas and the enthusiasm. Feel free to propose a topic for discussion... Ask for feedback... Get together to work on shared ideas... Or curl up in a corner and relax… everyone is welcome.

Where do I find out more?[edit]

The GLAM Café is organized by members of PhillyDH, Wikipedians, and people from various hosting institutions. You can get regular announcements and reminders by signing up on the GLAM Café Philadelphia Meetup page. For more information about the organizations and activities involved, you can also see the various hosting organizations.

The GLAM Café is intended to be informal, so you are welcome to drop by without registering. Feel free to bring a friend, or several!

Wikipedia Suggestions[edit]

If you want to work on Wikipedia, and would like a suggestion of somewhere to start, here are some resources.

Editing Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Women in Science[edit]

The Chemical Heritage Foundation has released images of women chemists and scientists on Wikimedia Commons. Articles from the Chemical Heritage Foundation and other websites may be useful sources of information for Wikipedia articles. Here are some articles that could be edited or added. See also: CHF Interviews, Oral history

Agnes Fay Morgan
Alice Hamilton Improved
Allene Jeanes Improved
Amy Myers Jaffe Amy Myers Jaffe crop 2009 CHAO.JPGUCDavis Wall Street Journal
Barbara Wold  Created
Betty Sullivan
Catherine T. Hunt  Created President of the American Chemical Society (2007)
Carolyn Bertozzi Improved
Cecile Hoover Edwards Improved
Clara Immerwahr  Improved
Cynthia J. Burrows Cynthia Burrows 2009 CHF Oral History crop.png Oral History ACS Patents
Dawn BonnellDawn Bonnell MTMLecture 2008 12 09 portrait.JPGAppointment, NAE membership
Diane Grob-Schmidt President of the American Chemical Society (2015)
Elsa Reichmanis  Created President of the American Chemical Society (2003)
Elizabeth Ann Nalley  Created President of the American Chemical Society (2006)
Emma ParmeeEmma Parmee Medal Dinner 2009 detail.jpgArticle, Article
Florence B. Seibert Improved
Gladys Anderson Emerson Improved
Gertrude ElionCHF Article, Jewish Women, NAP, etc.
Helen W. Atwater
Helen Murray Free Improved
Jacqueline K. Barton Improved
Judith P. Klinman CHF Article, Article, Article
Laura L. KiesslingCHF Article, Wisconsin, Guggenheim, etc.
Margaret-Ann Armour
Margaret A. Tolbert CIRES Scholar
Margaret E. M. Tolbert CHF Biography, CHF Oral History, CHF Summary,
Marie Maynard Daly CHF Article, Webfiles, Faces of Chemistry. ACS, etc.
Marie Mercury RothKathleen Zier, Anna Jane Harrison, Mary Sherrill, Marie Mercury, 1947.TIF 
Marinda Li Wu  Created President of the American Chemical Society (2013)
Marion C. Thurnauer Improved
Mary Ann Boothpic (see Talk) (trying...)
Maude Leonora Menten CHF Article, Britannica, ACS, etc.
Maya van Rossum
Monica RileyA pioneer in the fields of molecular biology and microbial genome analysis, Obituary
Nancy B. JacksonNancy Jackson 2011 International Year of Chemistry.jpg  Created President of the American Chemical Society
Paula Szkody  Improved
Rachel Holloway Lloyd   CHF Article, ACS, Gravesite
Reatha King  Improved
Ruth Erica BeneschCHF Article, Article, ACS, Obituary, etc.
Sally ChapmanOral history, Transcript, Magazine, Articles at Barnard College, Obituary
Sandra D. Greer
Sharon Haynie
Stephanie BurnsStephanie Burns Perkin Medal Dinner 2009 detail.jpgCHF Article, Article, Article, etc.
Susan Solomon  Improved
Susan Story Redirects to a company page that gives no details about her.
Susan S. Taylor CHF Article, Research
Terri KellyTerri Kelly JPS 2006 09 14 Portrait.JPGArticle, Article, Article

Lists of women in science[edit]