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Join Rowan University Libraries for its first Wikipedia Edit-a-thon! Our topic is New Jersey Women's History.

April 6th, 2018 12:30PM-4:00PM

It will be located on the third floor of the library in the Digital Scholarship Center.

Our goal is to improve the representation of New Jersey women in Wikipedia.

What to Bring
You can use a computer in the Digital Scholarship Center by logging in with your Rowan account. However, the number of computers is limited so please bring your own laptop and use the library's WiFi if possible.

  • We welcome first-time Wikipedia users and will provide a brief tutorial and one-on-one assistance.
  • This event is free and open to Rowan University students, staff, and faculty.
  • Refreshments will be provided.

Getting Started[edit]

RIT Libraries has an excellent YouTube series on using Wikipedia. Please follow the instructions to create a Wikipedia account before attending. There will be a brief introduction to using Wikipedia at the start of the event and one-on-one help during the session.


Add an in-text citation (summarize source in your own words)
Add external links/further reading resources
Check print reference books for further resources
Add links to other Wikipedia articles
Create infobox
Add categories
Check for dead links
Create Separate Sections
Alphabetize external links/further reading
Copy editing (puncuation, spelling, grammar, etc.)
Make suggestions for improvement on talk page
Assess articles according to WikiProject Women's History's standards (include code on talk page with your categorization)
Create a redirect so that users can find an article multiple ways, for example, by searching with or without an individual's middle name

Suggested Resources[edit]

  • Note: Open access resources are preferred, but not required

Google Scholar
Check the library's libguide for ideas
See Wikipedia's list of free online resources
Internet Archive
Find a Grave

Other Resources[edit]

Wikipedia's Style Guide

Possible Topics[edit]

Articles to Edit
Elizabeth Almira Allen
Esther Edwards Burr
Mary Griffith
Josephine Lawrence
Nellie Morrow Parker
Ellen Clementine Howarth
Elizabeth Haddon
Lucy McKim Garrison
Florence Peshine Eagleton
Jennie Tuttle Hobart
Mildred Barry Hughes
Hetty Goldman
Mabel Smith Douglass
Adele DeLeeuw
Betsey Stockton
Mary Philbrook
Enid Bell
Mary Roebling
Marie Hilson Katzenbach
Ann Cooper Whitall
Agnes Sligh Turnbull
Cynthia Westcott
Paula Kassell
Margaret B. Laird
Florence Dwyer
Barbara Boggs
Jane Grey Burgio
Jemima Condict
Joy Bright Hancock
Ida Cohen Rosenthal
Need more stubs? Check WikiProject New Jersey and search for stubs related to NJ women (scroll through by clicking next).

Articles to Create
Alberta Gonzalez
Ann Klein
Antoinette Quinby Scudder
Bessie Moore
Carrie Cook Sanborn
Cordelia Greene Johnson
Cornelia Foster Bradford
Dorothy Cross
Mabel Smith Douglass
Dorothy Daggett Eldridge
Eleanor Egg
Eleanor Marie (Egg) Kratiger
Elizabeth Carteret
Esther “Hetty” Saunders
Hannah Hoyt
Hannah Kinney
Harriet Lafetra
Helen M. Stummer
Henriette W. Johnson
Ida Mae Hampton Wassell
Jannetje Vrelandt Drummond
Jennie Precker
Jessie D. Read
Julia Keese Nelson Colles
Juliet Clannon Cushing
Katherine Schaub
Louisa Maculloch
Margaret Bancroft
Margaret Tufts Swan Yardley
Marian Stephenson Olden
Marie Muhler
Marilyn Morheuser
Marion Thompson Wright
Mary Paul
Mary Yamashita Nagao
Mildred Fairbanks Stone
Rachel Lovell Wells
Rebecca Buffum Spring
Pat Witt
Ruth Marcus Patt
Sarah Kiersted
Sophia Presley
Vera Schectman


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