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Wikipedia Edit-a-thons are hosted by Ryerson University Library, with different themes from month to month.
Ryerson Library Edit-a-thons are for beginners and novices, experts, and everyone in between. Join us in our wiki-editing quest to to lift voices, raise knowledge, and improve representation.

Event Information[edit]

Who is this for?[edit]

This is a Ryerson-wide event. All members of the Ryerson community are welcome, as are all levels of experience with Wikipedia - from novices to experienced users.

  • Date: Thursday, November 28, 2019
  • Time: 1:00 - 4:00pm
  • Location: Ryerson Library Collaboratory, enter from the SLC (341 Yonge Street, corner of Yonge and Gould), go up to the 3rd floor, and look for the big yellow door. Here is a map.
  • Theme: This month, the Editathon is brought to you in a partnership between Ryerson University Library and Positive Space, in recognition of Trans Awareness Month.

Trans Awareness[edit]

Purpose: Why Edit?[edit]

Wikipedia is the largest and most popular general reference work on the internet with over 40 million articles in 301 languages. With about 500 million visits a month, it is important that we work together to fix the critical gaps in Wikipedia’s coverage of knowledge when it comes to marginalized groups. Edit-a-thons are organized events which participate in this larger process.

Our purpose is to contribute and amend meaningful content while closing the gaps and increasing visibility of underrepresented/marginalized communities.

Provide an opportunity for community engagement, promoting diversity and inclusion of both Wikipedia’s content and it’s contributors. The knowledge of marginalized communities is the knowledge of the majority of the world. How can we best support these communities to bring their knowledge onto Wikimedia projects? Learning patterns for centering marginalized knowledge:


Let us know you're coming! For fire code reasons, space is maxed at 50.

If you have a Wiki account, you can register by adding your User Signature to the list of Attendees below.

We encourage participants to create an account ahead of time! You can get started now by clicking "Create account" in the top right corner of the page, or by following this link.



Trina Grover, Grovertrina
Cristina Pietropaolo, Crishti
Tanya Pobuda, Poe_Toronto
Reece Steinberg

Enroll in the Outreach Dashboard[edit]

Outreach Dashboard

Friendly Space Policy[edit]

This event is following the Wikimedia friendly space policy and attendees are expected to follow this policy. Please read it here:

Guidance for Beginners[edit]

Check out the handy dandy beginners guide to Wiki editing: Ryerson University Library Wikipedia Beginner's Guide.
This guide will take you through creating an account, explaining the concept of notability, in addition to other basics, etiquette and protocols.
There are other useful tutorials and guides listed in Wikipedia Help below.

Working Lists, Sub Themes and Resources[edit]

Resources and Research[edit]

What Else Can I Do?[edit]

Wikipedia articles are also in need of typo and copy editing - these are valuable contributions. If this interests you, check out the following project pages:

Wikipedia Help[edit]

Past Events[edit]