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San Diego Wikimedians User Group.png

Everyone is cordially invited to attend a Wikiphoto scavenger hunt in Balboa Park. This should be the 26th Wikipedia meetup in San Diego County.

Wikipedia is one of the leading resources of knowledge for anyone who has access to the internet. Make an impact by helping contribute to the free encyclopedia which anyone can edit, by adding free images to articles about locations within Balboa Park. While there are many photos taken within the park, there are very few photos of December Nights that are recent. Come join us as we go over the basics of photography, and collaborate in improving content.

Meetup details[edit]

Getting there[edit]

Japanese Friendship Gardeny is in a central location south of El Prado located not too far from Interstate 5, and the beginning of California State Route 163. Public Transportation to the starting location is available.


The goal of this event are:

  • Utilize photography to contribute new files to Wikimedia Commons to potentially be utilized to in articles related to those photographs in Wikipedia.
    • Wifi will be available for those bringing their own devices (required for uploading photographs).
  • Update attendees on the current status of the user group application

Attendee list[edit]


Those interested in attending, who please include your name in the category that best fits:




Articles which we have contributed to[edit]

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