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Are you a technical type? You may also be interested in the San Francisco engineering meetup group.
See also: Bay Area Wiki Group (Wiki BUG)

Bay area Wikipedians and Wikimedians have gotten together for various events, formal and informal, several times a year, since at least 2007. There's a solid community of contributors around here; maybe related to the proximity of Silicon Valley and all the tech-focused creativity that brings; the rich non-profit presence in the area; and the presence, since 2008, of the Wikimedia Foundation's global headquarters. Please use this page to connect with other local Wikipedians! Add your name to a list, or just be bold and propose a meetup yourself! It doesn't take a whole lot of work -- then again, if you feel like doing something elaborate, go for it!

  • Discussion: There is a mailing list for Wikimedians in the SF-Bay area, for planning and announcing meetups and other items of local interest.
  • Add your name to the Invite list if you want to be invited on your talk page to future meetups.. thanks!


  • Unofficial: The Future of Journalism in a Wikipedia World, Friday, August 21, 2015, 6:30 PM, sponsored by Hacks/Hackers [1]
  • Add a meetup link here!

List of past meetups[edit]

2015 meetups



  • So far the best plans are somewhere reasonably easy access to mass transit (ex: BART)
  • When plans are set, get a Geonotice requested and sent out.
  • Need to set hard dates farther out, so people can actually make plans to be at the meetups.

Special events[edit]

Besides regular casual meetups we are involved in a few special events:

Possible Field trip locations[edit]

Possible meetup locations[edit]

  • We are always looking for people to host/organize meetups (in all parts of the Bay Area) and ideas for good, central places for people to meet -- please make suggestions on this page!
    • Citizen Space once offered to host us
    • Noisebridge, on Mission Street in San Francisco
    • Sudo Room in downtown Oakland has offered its space for possible meet-ups. Please contact Sudo Room member Eekiv for details.
    • Tech Liminal in downtown Oakland loves hosting technology meet-ups. Past meetups include the women's Wikipedia edit-a-thon #3 with the League of Women Voters in December of 2012.
    • ...

Related groups[edit]

  • Free culture groups:
  • Local history:
    • Oakland Wiki: They host Thursday 7pm general meetings at the Sudo Room, and will be having Sunday history edit-a-thons at the Oakland History Room starting January 13th. This could be a great way to simultaneously upload good historical content onto both wikis. Please find more info here.
    • Architectural heritage societies:
    • Consider organizing local history-related outings with other local non-profit projects such as foundsf
  • Wiki Wednesdays don't seem to be going on any more ... or are they?

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