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Wiki-a-thon @ Prelinger Library
Free Speech Fear Free at Prelinger Library.jpg
When and Where
Time12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
AddressPrelinger Library 301 8th Street
City, StateSan Francisco, CA 94103
DirectionsGoogle Map view
Entry infoAt the street entrance to 301 8th street use the intercom to reach “Prelinger” by scrolling left/right through the arrow keys, then press the CALL button to be buzzed up
OrganizerNikikana, Bay Area Wiki Salon
Hashtag#prelingerwiki -- Please include this hashtag in your edit summary so we can track outcomes with the Wikimedia hashtag tool!

Join us for a wiki-a-thon that brings together curious knowledge and cultural workers to create and improve Wikipedia articles and enrich other Wikimedia projects using the unique, largely image-rich and public domain, holdings of the Prelinger Library, a collection 19th and 20th century historical ephemera, periodicals, maps, and books not commonly found in other public libraries.[1]

Event information[edit]

What to expect[edit]

This will be a relaxed afternoon of exploring and working together freely with no set agenda except a wrap-up discussion at the end where we discuss what we worked on, discovered, and contemplated. There will be experienced Wikipedians present to help Wiki newcomers to get started and answer questions. We will also have printed editing reference materials (in addition to the editing reference materials listed below). Bring your laptop, power cord, curiosity, and ideas for entries that need updating or creation. Stop by for a short while or stay for the whole afternoon. No Wikipedia editing experience necessary!

If you are unfamiliar with Wikipedia, check out this training module which helps explain many dimensions of the Wikipedia universe.

There will be snacks and refreshments!

The Prelinger Library's Holdings[edit]

Box of 1990s San Francisco punk zines from the library's collection

The library holds approximately 30,000 bound objects, 60,000 loose sheets and 10,000 zines.[2] Read more about the "library’s unique geospatial taxonomy" here, or explore the lists and virtual shelves below!


If you are planning to come, please register below! If you do not have a Wikipedia account, please write your name or alias; if you have a Wikipedia account, you can sign your user name by typing four tildes (~~~~). We look forward to seeing/working with you!

Tracking Outcomes: Tagging your edits[edit]

Please make sure to tag your edits with the hashtag #prelingerwiki so that we can track the outcomes of the day using the Wikimedia Hashtag tool

Pageview perspective: The impact of your edits[edit]

You can easily find out the number of pageviews on a specific article, or compare pageviews between several articles, using the Wikipedia pageview analysis tool. This analysis may help give you perspective on the impact of your contributions, and the number of people each day who will encounter the improved content you help to bring to the public. For example, the Media (Communication) article, which needs major cleanup and expansion, gets an average of 1,211 page views per day! Imagine the impact of your thoughtful edits, supported by the Library's rich sources on Media, on those 1,211 readers every day...

Lists of articles/projects to work on[edit]

Feel free, of course, to come with no plan and work on whatever inspires you in this library of serendipity! Meanwhile, for those who like to plan and congregate on tasks, below is space to list articles or other Wikimedia projects or categories that would benefit from edits and expansion during the event, supported or inspired by the unique holdings of the library.

List of Wikimedia project areas that could be enriched through material in the library and/or projects to work on related to material in the library:

List of articles to improve:

List of articles to create:

Resources for editing[edit]

Citations and style guidelines[edit]

Formatting shortcuts[edit]

Images and photos[edit]

  • Uploading images – tutorial, general overview
  • Image use policy – rights, licenses, is it okay to use the image
  • Picture Tutorial – technical details of getting image uploaded and displaying in a way that looks good
  • Free image resources – where to find free images for use in Wikipedia (in addition to holdings of the library that you could photograph and upload to Wikimedia Commons)


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