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Seeking inspiration on what to work on on Wikipedia?

Here is a to-do list! Feel free to add your suggestions here.


Either a section or the whole article needs a good eye for proper spelling, grammar, style, and/or tone! When you're done and the article is in good shape, feel free to remove the {{copyedit|date=___}} tag from the top of the article. This lets other editors know it's been taken care of.


These articles are stubs – you can add a history section, examples, and/or non-Western perspectives. Searching in Google Books or Google Scholar is a great way to find references. Ask a Wikipedian if you need help adding a reference to an article, or try it yourself by clicking on the Cite button on top of the editing window after you click edit.

General improvement[edit]

These articles might need copyediting, expanding, more/better references, wikilinks (just put two square brackets around a word, like so [[word]], and it becomes a wikilink!), or other kinds of improvement.


These subjects don't have Wikipedia pages yet! Create them by clicking the red button and utilizing reliable sources!