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Wikipedia Singapore Meetup 8

The Wikipedia Singapore meetup 8 was held on:

During the meetup attendees sat around a table with a clear sign of Wikipedia word and its logo picture to make it easy for finding.

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  1. Chongkian (from Malaysia)
  2. Exec8 (from the Philippines, working in Singapore)
  3. Kenrick95 (from Indonesia, studying in Singapore)
  4. Smuconlaw (from Singapore)
  5. 春卷柯南 (from Hong Kong)

As attendees of this meetup mainly consists of non-local users from East/Southeast Asia, we dubbed this a make-shift "ESEA Meetup". Chongkian held minutes of this event.

Minutes of meeting[edit]

Indonesian-Language Wikipedia[edit]

  • Propose to end the approval for any edit in the Indonesian-language Wikipedia ( because it will discourage editors from adding new information. Having approval is fine, but it has to be done quickly, preferably within 1 day. Because the current approval system drags until months.

Wikipedia Malaysia Meetup[edit]

  • Propose to make the very first Wikipedia Malaysia meetup in December 2015, most probably in the capital Kuala Lumpur as Wikipedia Kuala Lumpur Meetup 1 due to the fact that there are many states and cities in Malaysia, so there is likely they will have other meetups at other cities or states.

Local events[edit]

  • To organize more Wikipedia-related local events in each chapter or country. We need to do more brainstorming on this on what types of events.

Legality of Taking Photos for Wikimedia Commons[edit]

  • Discussion on the legality of taking photos in public and upload them to Wikimedia Commons were discussed. Wikimedia Foundation concerns on the copyright status of the photos taken and uploaded, without focusing on the aspect of legality or security aspects, e.g. taking photos in sensitive government or military establishments etc.
  • To deal with photo copyright issues, a Wikipedia community can be proposed to be established in focusing for such works.
  • Procedure to request to take down photos we have uploaded to Wikimedia Commons in which we deem to be unsuitable later on.
  • Is Wikipedia willing to take down photos from Wikimedia Commons for non-copyright-related photos?

Wikipedia Outreach[edit]

  • To create non only local chapters of Wikipedia, but also clubs and societies of Wikipedia, such as those in schools or universities. Not only education institution based, but also working/company-based Wikipedians.
  • To have "iron-hand" and "high loyalist" Wikipedia community and organizers to keep these projects ongoing for years to come.

Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

  • Most of the time during photo takings, most of the photos uploaded are those famous landmarks, taken tens of times again and again from different angle. Yet those far-reached objects or areas are hardly taken. With this, we shall proposed to Wikipedia to do merit-based photo taking of WLM for any remote or hard-reached area. For example, there are "millions" of Merlion photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons, yet some small towns in Malaysia or Philippines don't even have their own photos. Wikipedia is about world reach and neutrality, not based on popularity.

Less Active or More Active Wikipedia Articles[edit]

  • Articles related to Macau in Wikipedia are relatively lagging behind from any up-to-date. This must be further improved.
  • Articles related to Taiwan in its English (en) version are relatively less updated compared to its Chinese (zh) version.
  • Articles related to Singapore are highly up-to-date until the very small details. This should be done to other countries/regions as well, not just by having too much editors editing one particular country.
  • Some editors can greatly contribute to one particular topic of one particular country. But once this has been fully written and "saturated", the ambition to keep writing is getting less and less. Therefore, further expansion of an article is needed to create the long-term contribution someone can do to Wikipedia. When someone is writing about articles related to Singapore law, once it has been fully written, things can be further expanded to let's say its history related to the British Law, or its relation with neighboring countries of Malaysian Law and Indonesian Law, or probably the Maritime Law of South East Asia.

Up-to-date Articles[edit]

  • More efforts need to be done to make sure all articles are well up-to-date, not only those mainstream/big events. This should be done to make Wikipedia as near reliable and up-to-date like any online newspaper. Up-to-date data on technical aspects of some particular country (e.g. power generation, water supply, energy) are usually done after the related government agencies have published their online annual report on their websites. A new mechanism must be proposed to make things become almost "real time" up to date on daily basis, without compromising the accuracy and reliability of the data.

Naming convention[edit]

  • A universal naming convention is to be proposed for those sharing or ambiguous article name, especially when it comes to cities, regions, areas, organizations. Things need to be more defined is who comes first, who is more important, who has more influence, or whether full neutrality should be used in this case.

Future Singapore Wikipedia Projects[edit]

  • A set of projects and their mechanisms should be proposed and executed for Wikipedia in Singapore and its surrounding regions (e.g. Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia etc) before the next Singapore Wikipedia Meetup which shall be done somewhere around mid 2016. Or probably to make a regional Wikipedia (South East Asia Wikipedia chapter or group) to have broader reach, wider projects and more members or followers.