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Notes from Wikimedia Australia backstage pass tour of the Powerhouse Museum held in Sydney in March 2009, and some of the items discussed and viewed on the day:

Powerhouse Museum article[edit]

Update Powerhouse Museum article, especially history section.

Request GFDL for: + facts and figures + about, and any associated historical images (if possible, some of the images had licensing issues).


Pared down Powerhouse Museum#History, split to History of the Powerhouse Museum

Redirected Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences to Powerhouse Museum.

Added links (either inline or as references) from the PhM article into the PhM website. More expansion needs to be done on the permanent exhibitions and I'm not happy with the wording of the 'Blockbuster Exhibitions' section.

Updated "A" Importance items[edit]

Existing articles with updates + needing pictures[edit]

Paula to get release of these images in CC-By-SA, also for images in the archive collection (next section)

New articles of objects in the collection in the basement[edit]

Possible articles[edit]

  • Jevons: economist and logician
  • Telegraphy: Wheatstone detector B1318 (1857 Buckingham Palace)
  • Thomas Hope furniture
  • Porcelain: Baron Schmiedel by Johan Joachim Kandler, 1739
  • Emu egg cup


See: Powerhouse list of Narratives.

Discussions / Q&A held with curators in the afternoon[edit]


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