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The First Filipino Wikipedians meet-up in Eastern Visayas and Waray-Waray Wikipedia Orientation was be held at Governor's Hall, Leyte Provincial Capitol, Tacloban City, Leyte on Monday 21 January from 1:30 pm until 4:00 pm.

This event was an open event for Wikipedians, information officers, local journalists, mass communication and development communication students.

Background Information[edit]

With the rise of Waray-Waray Wikipedia as the top Philippine encyclopedia in terms of article count, there was a need to increase its depth and number of contributors/ editors. The event will orient the target audience with the great potential of Wikimedia projects like Wikipedia, Wiktionary and how to provide and convey relevant information to its intended readers.


  • JinJian
  • Exec8
  • Philippine Information Agency Region 8
  • Private media practitioners
  • Association of Government Information Officers (AGIO)


The event was attended by Wikipedians as well as the entire employees of the Philippine Information Agency Region 8, provincial information desks of Samar and Leyte provinces, radio and print news representatives, information officers from the Department of Interior and Local Government (Eastern Visayas), information officers from the Department of Agriculture (Eastern Visayas, representative from the Nutrition Council of the Philippines (Eastern Visayas).

Representatives were eager to contribute articles in Waray Wikipedia in their fields of expertise as well as supplying information in the local government articles in English Wikipedia and English Wikivoyage. Increasing the article depth in Waray Wikipedia will be their first task.

Outreach plans for schools, educational institutions, and the Archdiocese of Palo were discussed. Part of participants goal is to formalize the Eastern Visayas Wikipedian Community and establish programs for the promotion and development of Wikimedia projects for Eastern Visayas.


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