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University of Liverpool Humanists Society Editathon[edit]

Editors at the Humanists Society 24 hour editathon.

On Friday 1st November-Saturday 2nd November the University of Liverpool Humanist Society hosted a sponsored 24 hour editathon of Humanism articles for Non-Prophet Week. £105 was raised for the Against Malaria Foundation!

Sam Walton was the only experienced editor who attended, meaning that 7 new editors started editing at the editathon; it's hoped they'll continue!

We tweeted about the event.


  • Where? - The Wolfson Seminar Room in the Harold Cohen Library, University of Liverpool, UK. The Harold Cohen Library is the university's primarily scientific library, however we will likely plan trips over to the Sydney Jones Library to pick up humanities books if needed.
  • When? - Friday 1st November 8pm to Saturday 2nd November 8pm. Don't worry about joining us for the entire duration if you can't.
  • Who? - This event will be organised by the university's Humanist Society, a society which aims to provide a space for like-minded free-thinkers to meet and to represent non-religious viewpoints on our campus. The primary organiser for the event is Samwalton9.
  • Why? - Every year the National Federation of Atheist, Humanist and Secular Student Societies organises a charity week for AHS societies around the UK to participate in. This year raised money is being given to the Against Malaria Foundation, a charity that provides long-lasting insecticidal nets to populations at high risk of malaria, primarily in Africa. To read how the AHS decided on their chosen charity read here.
  • Who can come? - Any University of Liverpool student! You don't have to be a member of the society or be participating in the full 24 hour event. In fact, even if you aren't interested in editing humanism articles in particular we're happy to help show you the basics of editing Wikipedia and help you do so.
  • What to I need to bring? - Bring your own laptop if you want but there are also around 30 computers in the room which are available for use for students. If you have any relevant books or magazines please also bring them! (e.g. New Humanist magazine, books by writers such as Dawkins, Hitchens, etc.)
  • What if I can't attend in person? - Don't worry! We're happy for you to join us remotely and help contribute to the same topics. We'll keep an eye on this page's talk page, so post there if you want to discuss anything with us.
  • I have some other question! - Feel free to ask on the Facebook event (linked below), or email


Attendees also expressed interest through the Facebook event

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