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Women in RedAbout us

Hello! and welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR), whose objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our project's scope is women's biographies and women's works, broadly construed. Did you know that, according to Humaniki, only 19.45% of the English Wikipedia's biographies are about women? Not impressed? Content gender gap is a form of systemic bias, and this is what WiR addresses. We invite you to participate, whenever you like, in whatever way suits you and your schedule.
Women in Red warmly welcomes you!

Women in Red logo

'Prove it with a Kodak'-crop.jpg
DatesMay 2016
LocationThis is a virtual, global event... you can participate from anywhere in the world
HostsWomen in Red,
FacilitatorsRosiestep; add your name here; add your name here

Celebrating Women in Photography

In May 2016, Women in Red is focusing on women photographers. Anyone can take part in this event, whatever their previous experience. We hope both inexperienced and seasoned editors will join us in creating biographies of some of the many past and present notable women photographers who are still red-linked on the English Wikipedia. Other articles regarding women in photography, such as the works they created, and so on, are also welcome. The virtual edit-a-thon allows enthusiasts from around the globe to participate in the work. See the list of red links for guidance.

The main goals of the event are:

  • to encourage inexperienced editors and show them how they can contribute to Wikipedia by creating biographies of some of the world's most prominent women
  • to draw the attention of more experienced editors to the need for concerted action on a specific area
  • to support Wikipedia in combating the systemic bias against the coverage of women and women's works


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Redlists (lists of redlinked articles to be created)[edit]

  1. Crowd-sourced women photographers redlink list
  2. Wikidata's women photographers redlink list

Add other red links here, if possible with a source:

  1. Mattie Edwards Hewitt, [1], [2],

Add these to articles[edit]

Add these to article talkpages[edit]

  • {{WikiProject Biography}}
  • {{WikiProject Women}}
  • if applicable{{WikiProject History of photography}}
  • Important: Please also include the Women photographers editathon template for this event: {{WIR-P 2016}}


  • Add the titles of your new or upgraded articles here – most recent at the top
  1. "Broke, baby sick, and car trouble!" - Dorothea Lange's photo of a Missouri family of five in the vicinity of Tracy, California.jpg "Broke, baby sick, and car trouble!" by Dorothea Lange
  2. Laura El-Tantawy
  3. Minya Diez-Dührkoop new
  4. Marie Kundt
  5. Jeanne Mandello
  6. Trudi Schoop new pic by Wanda (below)
  7. Yvette Troispoux
  8. Eve Sonneman
  9. Charlotte Hanmann
  10. Wanda von Debschitz-Kunowski
  11. Inger Hanmann
  12. Beata Bergström new, my 1st translated article, Woo HooFace-smile.svg
  13. Gaëlle Ghesquière
  14. Schenson Uppsala domkyrka 1889 - Restoration.jpg Emma Schenson's 1889 photograph of the remodelling of Uppsala Cathedral.
  15. Mary Martin in The Sound of Music by Toni Frissell.jpg Mary Martin in the original production of The Sound of Music, photographed by Toni Frissell
  16. Carol Jerrems
  17. Gitel Steed
  18. Mari Bastashevski
  19. Lina Jonn
  20. Mathilda Ranch
  21. Helen Sloan
  22. Lilly McElroy
  23. Rose Mandel
  24. Ruth McDowall
  25. Anne Winterer new
  26. Birgit Jürgenssen
  27. List of Chinese women photographers
  28. Luo Yang (photographer)
  29. Erica Baum
  30. Hulda Marie Bentzen
  31. Agnes Nyblin new
  32. Jane Hamilton-Merritt
  33. Galina Sanko
  34. Else Seifert
  35. Liliane de Cock
  36. Augusta Solberg
  37. Elisabeth Helmer
  38. Jenny Bossard-Biow
  39. Ana Casas Broda - new article
  40. Maria Antonia Merkelbach
  41. Irena Blühová
  42. Eulalia Abaitua Allende-Salazar new and pix on es: and eu:
  43. Adeline Boutain
  44. Andrea Star Reese
  45. Lili Almog
  46. Mattie Edwards Hewitt - half-length photo by Frances Benjamin Johnston.jpg Mattie Edwards Hewitt photographed by Frances Benjamin Johnston
  47. Maria Tesch
  48. Sophia Goudstikker
  49. Nina Alovert
  50. Gohar Dashti
  51. Rose Simmonds
  52. Sonja Bullaty
  53. Margaret Sutermeister
  54. Elizabeth Siegfried
  55. Heli Rekula
  56. Pilar Aymerich4.jpg Pilar Aymerich i Puig
  57. Naciye Suman
  58. May and Mina Moore (improved)
  59. Ruth Hollick
  60. Lotten von Düben
  61. List of Spanish women photographers
  62. Jessie Mann (photographer)
  63. Wilhelmina Lagerholm
  64. List of Egyptian women photographers
  65. Rosalie Sjöman
  66. Anaïs Napoleón
  67. Svetlana Bachevanova
  68. Carlotta Corpron
  69. Stéphanie Di Giusto
  70. Mattie Edwards Hewitt
  71. Julia Ann Rudolph
  72. Thilly Weissenborn
  73. List of Norwegian women photographers
  74. Neeta Madahar
  75. Marie Høeg
  76. Alice Roosevelt by Frances Benjamin Johnston.jpg Alice Roosevelt Longworth by Frances Benjamin Johnston
  77. Roshini Kempadoo
  78. Lissa Wales
  79. Emma Schenson
  80. Amalie Claussen
  81. Frances Benjamin Johnston, Self-Portrait (as "New Woman"), 1896.jpg Frances Benjamin Johnston, self portrait
  82. Elizabeth Compton Hegemann
  83. Daphne Zileri
  84. Miranda Lichtenstein
  85. Justine Schiavo-Hunt
  86. Alixandra Fazzina
  87. Sooreh Hera
  88. Euphemia Eleanor Baker
  89. List of Nigerian women photographers
  90. Dada-Review
  91. Frances Sally Day
  92. Mollie Fly
  93. List of Argentine women photographers
  94. Bodil Hauschildt
  95. Winnie Denker
  96. Elsa Thiemann
  97. Olga Máté
  98. Nora Aslan
  99. Susana Thénon
  100. Louise Boyle
  101. List of Mexican women photographers
  102. Rathika Ramasamy
  103. Yva
  104. List of Swedish women photographers
  105. List of American women photographers
  106. Lists of women photographers
  107. List of Dutch women photographers
  108. Gemma Booth
  109. Melanie Bonajo
  110. Frances McLaughlin-Gill
  111. List of British women photographers
  112. List of Japanese women photographers
  113. List of German women photographers
  114. List of French women photographers
  115. List of Danish women photographers
  116. List of Canadian women photographers
  117. List of Australian women photographers
  118. Ata Kandó
  119. Ann Shelton (photographer)
  120. Cheryl Diaz Meyer
  121. List of Nigerian women photographers

Did You Know features[edit]

New/expanded articles featured in the Did you know... column of the Wikipedia Main page

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Featured pictures[edit]

Photographs by or of women photographers that made it to featured picture status during the event.

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