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Women in Religion | December 2015

Women in Religion
World Virtual Edit-a-thon
DatesSaturday-Tuesday, 5-15 December 2015
LocationThis is a virtual, global event... you can participate from anywhere in the world
HostWomen in Red
Twitter hashtag#wikicontentgendergap
FacilitatorsRosiestep; add your name here; add your name here

Women in Red is running a ten-day virtual editathon from December 5 to 15. Anyone can take part whatever their previous experience. We hope both inexperienced and seasoned editors will join us in creating biographies of some of the many past and present notable women in religion who are still red-linked on the English Wikipedia. The virtual edit-a-thon allows enthusiasts from around the globe to participate in the work. See the list of red-linked women in religion articles to be created for guidance.

The main goals of the edit-a-thon are:

  • to encourage inexperienced editors and show them how they can contribute to Wikipedia by creating biographies of some of the world's most prominent women
  • to draw the attention of more experienced editors to the need for concerted action on a specific area
  • to support Wikipedia in combating the systemic bias against the coverage of women and women's works

Articles to be created[edit]

Maria Stella de Azevedo Santos [pt] Brazilian Iyalorixá
Mãe Carmem [pt] Brazilian Iyalorixá
  • There is a list of historic and/or prominent women in this evolving, crowd-sourced list of red-linked articles broken down by countries here.
  • And there is an article with ordination background, names and red-links here.
  • And a User's list of red-links here.
  • Another list of red-links (based on number of articles in other language Wikipedias) here.
  • Or create an article about one of the red-linked women whose photographs appears in this section (hint: each has an article on another language Wikipedia).


Add your name here ...

During the editathon...[edit]

  • Add {{Authority control}} at the foot of every biography; it will remain hidden until relevant identifiers have been added to Wikidata.
  • Add to talk pages" {{WikiProject Biography}} and {{WikiProject Religion}}
  • Add to talk pages: {{WikiProject Women}} if born after 1950; or {{WikiProject Women's History}} if born before 1950.

Useful categories include: Category:Female religious leaders, Category:Female religious workers, Category:Female clergy, Category:Female Christian missionaries, Category:Ancient priestesses, Category:Buddhist nuns, Category:Christian nuns (and all the subcategories including Category:Roman Catholic religious sisters and nuns by nationality), Category:Female saints.


  • Add the titles of your new or upgraded articles here – most recent at the top
  1. Mary Jane Wilson (a redlink in Edith Arendrup)
  2. Edith Arendrup - also on redlist for Art+Feminism editathon in March
  3. Hana Wirth-Nesher
  4. Mary Magdalena Lewis Tate
  5. Margaret Fletcher
  6. Itala Mela
  7. Margaret Towner
  8. Christina Carpenter - died in cell with no door@DYK
  9. Inés Talamantez
  10. Lucy Whitehead McGill Waterbury Peabody
  11. Karuna Dharma
  12. Lena Doolin Mason
  13. Sancha Garcia
  14. Théodelinde Bourcin-Dubouché
  15. Diana Nkesiga
  16. Aviel Barclay
  17. Rachel Henderlite
  18. Christine Froude
  19. Mary Evans Thorne expanded
  20. Davina Delor
  21. Louise Feltin
  22. Julia Tarrant Barron
  23. Margaret Brackenbury Crook
  24. Phebe Ann Coffin Hanaford (expanded)
  25. Ellen Battelle Dietrick
  26. Lori G. Beaman
  27. Marianne Katoppo
  28. Urgyen Tsomo
  29. Nicolette Bruining
  30. Marie Alvequin
  31. Theodora Fracasso
  32. Tziporah Heller
  33. Catherine of Palma
  34. Adela of Pfalzel (split from Adela and Irmina)
  35. Eugênia Anna Santos
  36. Hermine Speier
  37. Barbara von Absberg
  38. Anne Luther Bagby
  39. María Dolores Rodríguez Sopeña
  40. Maria Antonia Paris
  41. Maria Agnès Ribera Garau
  42. Maria Raffaella Cimatti
  43. Antoinette Fage
  44. Nina Bassat
  45. Dominique Marchal
  46. Sigolena of Albi
  47. Karen Kime (created)
  48. B. V. Subbamma
  49. Émilie d'Oultremont
  50. Sara Japhet, expanded
  51. Mary Allies Catholic saint biographer
  52. Aurélie Crépeau
  53. Rachel Chalkowski
  54. Amanda Cajander (expanded - anyone who can read Finnish, feel free to help on this one!)
  55. Women's Mosque of America
  56. Elise Averdieck
  57. Mary Greene (nun)
  58. Ona Galdikaitė
  59. Brigitte Boehme
  60. Tadea de San Joaquín
  61. Judy Mbugua
  62. Marie-Louise Valade
  63. Caroline Emelia Stephen called "Silly Milly" by famous biographer brother
  64. Maria Corsini
  65. Eliza Ann Gardner
  66. Marietta Walker
  67. "Believing Women" in Islam
  68. Elizabeth Alfred (created)
  69. Jane Cave
  70. Lynda Patterson (expansion)
  71. Teresa McDonell
  72. Lydia Emelie Gruchy
  73. Angela Murdaugh
  74. Sarah E. Gorham
  75. Elena Aiello
  76. Sarah Crosby
  77. Victoria Matthews (expansion)
  78. Women in Shinto
  79. Tuulikki Koivunen Bylund
  80. Eliza Wohlers (created)
  81. Lopamudra expansion
  82. Elisabeth Abegg
  83. Che Zahara binte Noor Mohamed
  84. Maria Izabela Wiłucka-Kowalska
  85. Gerontissa Gavrielia
  86. Meherzia Labidi Maïza "Most powerful woman..."
  87. Christ Holy Church International church created by a woman
  88. Agnes Okoh
  89. Amalie Sieveking
  90. Angela Palacious
  91. Hilda Phoebe Hudson religious link added
  92. Hester Rogers
  93. Saint Susanna forked
  94. Antonina De Angelis (expanded)
  95. Marie Morin
  96. Ghosha (expanded)
  97. Bärbel Wartenberg-Potter
  98. Anne Bourdon
  99. Ann Allebach
  100. Marie Arnaq Meade
  101. Hidayet Şefkatli Tuksal
  102. Anna Maria Antigó
  103. Geneviève Boucher
  104. Elisabeth Dons Christensen
  105. Ida of Lorraine
  106. Jeanne des Anges
  107. Wu Chengzhen
  108. Arenda Haasnoot
  109. Yvonne Beauvais
  110. Sarla Bedi
  111. Mary Matz
  112. Gerberga II, Abbess of Gandersheim
  113. Tillie Paul
  114. Maria Lorenzo Longo
  115. Marie-Anne-Marcelle Mallet
  116. Marie-Josephte Fitzbach
  117. Margaret Brackenbury Crook
  118. Mãe Menininha do Gantois
  119. Temerl Bergson
  120. Marija Krucifiksa Kozulić
  121. Pravrajika Shraddhaprana expanded
  122. Pravrajika Bhaktiprana expanded
  123. Umama bint Hamza
  124. Lillian Dickson
  125. Marie-Elmina Anger
  126. Mãe Cleusa Millet
  127. Mary Frances Clarke expanded
  128. Anne Zernike
  129. Maria Laurentia Longo new - name taken from useful list
  130. Capuchin Poor Clares expanded
  131. Sarah Poulton Kalley

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