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Women in War and Peace
Conchita 1998.jpg
Concepción Picciotto was an immigrant who arrived in New York City in the 1960s. As part of the anti-war movement she maintained a peace vigil for 30 years in a makeshift tent outside the White House in Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C.. Her vigil is considered to be the longest political protest in American history. She is one of the women in war that this event focussed on.
DateJune 24, 2020 (2020-06-24)
LocationOnline videoconference
TypeWikipedia training event
ThemeWomen in war and peace
Patron(s)Art Fund
Arts Council England
Organised byImperial War Museum
University of Manchester
Wikimedia UK

Welcome to our Wikipedia training event focussing on women in war (and Peace) co-organised and funded by the Imperial War Museum War and Conflict Subject Specialist Network (SSN),[1] the University of Manchester, Wikimedia UK with funding from Arts Council England and the Art Fund. An edited video of the event[2] and the slides are available.[3]

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Suggested articles to create or improve[edit]

This event has been co-organised by Charlotte Pearce at the Imperial War Museum North, as part of the Imperial War Museum War and Conflict Subject Specialist Network (SSN)[1]

There are two ways to get started

  1. Create a draft article: If you click on any of the red links below prefixed with "Draft:" this will create a draft Wikipedia article (rather than a real live one), which is the recommended method for new or less experienced editors to create articles
  2. Create a live Wikipedia article: If you click on a red link below which doesn't include "Draft:" in the title, a real live Wikipedia article will be created - this is NOT recommended for new editors unless you're feeling very brave!

Article suggestions on notable women in war and peace suggested by from Lee Karen Stow.[4][5]

Check Wikipedia:Notability and WP:BIO for notability criteria.

Pre-World War I[edit]

World War I[edit]

This event has been co-organised by Duncan Hull and Sarah Mohammad-Qureshi as part of the social responsibility in equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) iniative at the University of Manchester

Women from World War I:

World War II[edit]

We are grateful for support from Arts Council England

Women from World War II:

Cold War[edit]

We are grateful for support from Wikimedia UK, a registered charity established to support volunteers in the United Kingdom who work on Wikimedia Foundation projects such as Wikipedia.

Women from the Cold War:

Modern Day Conflicts[edit]

We are grateful for support from the Art Fund

Women from modern day conflicts:

Women in Red[edit]

Women in red are a group of editors of all genders from around the world tackling systemic gender bias on Wikipedia.[6][7] If you haven't already, please consider joining them.

See lists articles required at for example:

Suggested by Duncan.Hull (talk) 07:30, 24 June 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Add your own suggestions here![edit]

Anyone we missed? Please add your own suggestions below because anyone can edit this page:

Please give us feedback[edit]

This is the first session that we've run, please give us feedback afterwards on how we can improve (alongside what went well)

Post event activities[edit]

This Editing Wikipedia guide (pdf) is a good starting point if you'd like to add content to Wikipedia, its available at
The Illustrating Wikipedia guide (pdf) is a good starting point if you'd like to add images of women to Wikipedia biographies, its available at

Hopefully you're feeling inspired, confident and empowered to carry on editing Wikipedia. Here are some useful resources to help you on your journey:


Thanks for suggestions of women with wartime connections for this event by Karen Lee Stow.[4][5] The women listed here are based on her suggestions.
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