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  • Date: Friday, March 13, 2015 from 11:00am to 4:00 pm
  • Venue: Dinand Library, Scalia Electronic Classroom, College of the Holy Cross, 1 College Street, Worcester MA 01610
  • Cost: Free
  • Participants: No Wikipedia editing experience necessary; as needed throughout the event, tutoring will be provided for Wikipedia newcomers. Female editors are particularly encouraged to attend.
  • RSVP required: rbeaudoi{at} If you are unfamiliar with Wikipedia, you might try this training module which will help explain a lot of things.
  • What to Bring: Computers will be available in the classroom but attendees may want to bring their own laptops and power cords.
  • Twitter Hashtag: #ArtAndFeminism


Please add your Wikipedia username to the appropriate section below (signatures are created by saving four tildes [~] in a row). If you haven't edited Wikipedia before, we will help you register for a new Wikipedia editing account on the day-of.


The following is a sampling of suggested articles to create or add upon. However, feel free to come up with your own ideas! In addition to the suggestions below, editors may consider cleaning up articles on more well-known women artists. Helpful updates could be as simple as: making sure reference links are still appropriate and functional; adding new inline citations/references; adding a photo; adding an infobox; adding data to more fields in an existing infobox; creating headings; adding categories; etc. Editors may also choose to focus on women in design, performing arts, music, architecture, philosophy, politics, etc. Details-

See also: Wikipedia:Meetup/ArtAndFeminism/Tasks


Tools and templates

List of Articles Worked On

  • Created entry Jane Marsching- still editing in Sandbox
  • Created entry for Catherine D'Ignazio -still editing in Sandbox
  • Created entry for Terri Priest -still editing in Sandbox
  • Created entry for Anna Von Mertens- still editing in Sandbox
  • Added citations to Maud Morgan
  • Added citations/cleanup references for Catherine Chalmers
  • Added citations/cleanup references for Laura Aguilar
  • Created Spanish "Female Animators" category