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This page is a guideline for project and project talk pages. For information about WikiProjects, see Wikipedia:WikiProject. WP:Wikipedia space redirects here, for information about the mobile exhibit about Wikipedia and the Wikimedia community, see Wikipedia:WikipediaSpace
Subject namespaces Talk namespaces
0 (Main/Article) Talk 1
2 User User talk 3
4 Wikipedia Wikipedia talk 5
6 File File talk 7
8 MediaWiki MediaWiki talk 9
10 Template Template talk 11
12 Help Help talk 13
14 Category Category talk 15
100 Portal Portal talk 101
108 Book Book talk 109
118 Draft Draft talk 119
446 Education Program Education Program talk 447
710 TimedText TimedText talk 711
828 Module Module talk 829
2300 Gadget Gadget talk 2301
2302 Gadget definition Gadget definition talk 2303
-1 Special
-2 Media

The project namespace or Wikipedia namespace is a namespace consisting of administration pages with information or discussion about Wikipedia. Pages in this namespace will always have the prefix Wikipedia:. They can also be reached by alias WP: or the standard (for any MediaWiki site) prefix Project:. Its namespace number is four (4).

The Wikipedia namespace began after the January 2002 release of the Phase II software. Prior to that, an index of related pages was maintained at Wikipedia utilities, which remained for some time afterwards at Wikipedia:Utilities. This list of pages in the project namespace has been replaced by the pages described below.


  • Project pages - Project pages are pages in the project and project talk namespaces. WikiProject pages, which are included in the project namespace, are usually referred to as WikiProject pages to distinguish them from project pages as a whole.
  • Meta - Some people refer to pages in the project namespace as meta pages. However, this can be confusing, because Meta is actually the name of the site dedicated to all Wikimedia projects:

Pages within project namespace

The project namespace includes Wikipedia official policies and guidelines, process pages, discussion pages, optional essays, informative pages, and historical pages. For lists of pages in the project namespace, see:

A main gateway for the project namespace is Community portal. The Community Portal includes categorized links to the more commonly used pages related to the project. A link to the Community Portal page is available in the sidebar.

Policies and guidelines pages

Policies and guidelines pages describe Wikipedia's best practice and clarify principles that are widely accepted in the Wikipedia community. These pages are marked with the {{policy}}, {{guideline}} or {{MoS-guideline}} template. For summaries of key policies, see List of policies. For summaries of key guidelines, see List of guidelines. For summaries of guidelines about Wikipedia's house style, see the Manual of Style contents page.

Process pages

Process pages help facilitate application of the policies and guidelines governing all Wikipedia pages. (e.g., Wikipedia:Articles for deletion). See WP:PPP for details. For a listing of process pages, see the maintenance department.

Information and discussions

Many pages in Wikipedia namespace have nothing to do with rules, and thus do not belong in the above categories.

Discussion and noticeboard pages

Some pages are designed for discussions, such as the Village pumps. Others serve as noticeboards to draw attention to discussions taking place elsewhere, such as the centralized discussions page and various requests for comments pages. For a listing of ongoing discussions and current requests, see the dashboard. To ask a question or make a request, see the request directory.

Wikipedia how-to and information pages

Informative and instructional pages are typically edited by the community; while not policies or guidelines themselves, are intended to supplement or clarify Wikipedia guidelines, policies, or other Wikipedia processes and practices that have communal consensus. Where "essay pages" offer advice or opinions through viewpoints, "information pages" supplement or clarify technical or factual information about Wikipedia in an impartial way. These pages are typically marked with the {{information page}}, {{Wikipedia how-to}} or {{supplement}} template.

There is a large amount of overlap between the Help namespace (which provides mainly technical information) and the Wikipedia namespace (which provides mainly factual information). For this reason redirects and hatnotes are often set up between these two namespaces. See Help:Help for more information. For a listing of how-to and information pages, see the help directory.

Essay pages

Essay pages about Wikipedia may be written by anyone; some represent widespread norms, others only represent minority viewpoints. Essays can be long monologues or short theses, serious or funny, informative or opinionated. Essays have no official status, and do not speak for the Wikipedia community as they may be created and editing without overall community oversite. Essays are typically marked with one of the varoius {{essay}} templates. See essays for more information. For a listing of essays, see the essay directory.

WikiProject pages

Pages of a WikiProject are the central place for editor collaboration and organization on a particular topic area. Many WikiProjects compose "advice essays" about how to apply Wikipedia's policies and guidelines to their specific subject area. Pages with Wikipedia:WikiProject prefix form a WikiProject pseudo-namespace. These pages are typically marked with the {{WikiProject status}} or {{WikiProject advice}} template. For a listing of projects, see the directory of WikiProjects. For additional resources, or if you have any questions, please visit the WikiProject Council.

Project space is not a free web host and should not be used as a long-term archive to host pages that look like articles. Pages in project space that look like articles may be subject to deletion. Short-term hosting of potentially valid articles as reasonable content under development is usually acceptable where the page is being used to collaborate on encyclopedic work and as a place to write a draft encyclopedia article directly. When a project space page reaches a point where it can be included as an article consider moving it into mainspace or using its content appropriately in other relevant articles.

Historical pages

A historical page or process is one which is no longer in use, or any non-recent log of any process at all, and is kept as a record of past Wikipedia events that have a noteworthy value in being maintained as happened. A historical page can be revived to an active page by using it. These pages are typically marked with the {{historical}}, {{superseded}} or {{dormant}} template. See HISTORICAL for details.

Before creating a new page

The project namespace contains many pages and a lot of information, and most Wikipedians probably have not read all of it. To make information easier to find, try to avoid creating new pages in the project namespace unnecessarily. If you want to add material, you might discover that the same thing already exists somewhere else. Before creating a new page, you should consider looking through the topical index to see if the material belongs at a page that already exists.

Deletion of project namespace pages

With project namespace including pages with information or discussion about Wikipedia, the topics of these pages span various or somewhat unrelated matters. Miscellany for deletion (MfD) handles these miscellany deletion matters. Some of the more common project namespace deletion requests at MfD include Administrators' noticeboard pages, Article Incubator pages, Article Rescue Squadron pages, Articles for creation pages, Articles for deletion pages, Community Portal pages, Essays, List pages, Miscellany for deletion pages, Requested articles pages, Requests for adminship pages, Requests for comment pages, and Sandbox pages. For a complete listing of project namespace deletion requests at MfD, see all MfD pages with Wikipedia prefix.

Wikipedia namespace search

You can use the Special:Search box below to locate Wikipedia namespace pages. See Help:Searching for more information.

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