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This collaboration is an offshoot of WikiProject Microsoft in its quest to provide detailed and concise information in any and all articles relating to Microsoft. The goal of separating the collaboration was directed at

  1. standardization by the use of the term "collaboration":
  2. the ability to allow Wikipedians to participate without making a formal commitment such as to a WikiProject
  3. to advertise this collaboration and attract potentially interested Wikipedians.

Current Collaboration Article[edit]

The current article we are working to improve is Microsoft Word, and the aim for this page is to expand it, revert vandalism, and verify certain information that has become inaccurate over the years, as well as gaining more attention as any and all changes have been either unconstructive or by a singular user. The editor that has the most edits and improvements to this page will earn a barnstar of their choice. The second and third person will also earn one, but one that is pre-decided.

First Place Leader: Codename Lisa

Second Place Leader: STJMLCC

Third Place Leader: As Above

Updating article for WikiProject Microsoft Collaboration[edit]

  1. To update the article for collaboration, please edit: Wikipedia:WikiProject Microsoft/Collaboration/Short.
  2. Update the page Wikipedia:WikiProject Microsoft/news with the new article as well.