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Many articles are tagged as completely unreferenced even though they contain one or more good sources. This is a taskforce or a sub WikiProject of WikiProject Unreferenced Articles and The Great Backlog Drive. Its purpose is to clean up the backlog so that further efforts can be focused on articles that are actually unsourced.

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How to do it[edit]

  • Scan the article carefully. It's more important to get it right than to get it done fast.
  • If it has sources but the sources are inadequate, replace {{Unreferenced}} with {{Refimprove}}.
  • Sometimes a section in an article has been incorrectly tagged with {{Unreferenced}} change this to {{Unreferenced section}} or {{Refimprove section}} where appropriate.
  • If the article only has self-published or questionable sources, it's probably best to leave the completely unsourced tag on it.
  • If the article has sufficient sources in relation its length and content, then simply remove the tag.
  • Use WP:PROD or WP:CSD for articles that clearly aren't suitable for inclusion for a reason other than being unsourced.
  • Once you have checked the article and it is now correctly tagged, it should be removed from this list so other editors aren't looking at pages that have already been checked.
  • If in doubt, just leave it alone and we'll check it again on a later pass.


Thanks to Tim1357 for this list.





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