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Screenshot of Wikipedia Mumble in use.

Mumble is an open-source group voice chat software, originally designed for gaming. We're currently experimenting with an unofficial Mumble server set up specifically for Wikipedia editors (and editors of other Wikimedia Foundation projects) to interact and discuss the project while editing.

Like Wikipedia IRC, the Mumble server is intended to be informal and promote community interaction, but provides a hands-free, voice-based operation that's ideal for real-time collaboration in small groups. Mumble also includes text-based chat for users who may want to listen to other users but prefer to type themselves. Unlike a multiparty Skype call, it is open to the public, supports multiple separate channels, and transmits only when a person speaks, using less bandwidth and scaling to larger numbers of people.

All Mumble communication is encrypted for the privacy of participants. However, unless you are in a private room, be aware that other users in the room may be recording you. Recordings should not be redistributed without permission of the recorded parties, and violators are subject to bans.


To connect to Wikipedia Mumble, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install a client for your platform from the Mumble Wiki[dead link]. On Android devices you can install Mumble from Google Play[dead link]. If you cannot install applications on your machine and run Windows, try Mumble Portable Dev Test 3.
  2. Open Mumble and complete the audio setup. The Mumble Server Connect dialog will appear.
  3. Click Add New and enter the following info:
    • Label: Wikipedia Mumble
    • Address: (enter exactly as shown, without "http://")
    • Port: 64738 (the default)
    • Username: Your desired username, which should generally match your Wikipedia username.
  4. Click OK. The server will appear in your "Favorite" list.
  5. Double click the server in your list to connect.


The Mumble server currently has channels for:

  • WMF projects: wikipedia-en, wikipedia-de, wikipedia-fr, wikipedia-it, wikimedia-commons
  • Locations: wikimedia-au (Australia)
  • Restricted channels: wikipedia-en-admins
  • Private channels: Any user can create a temporary subchannel under this channel for any purpose.

Contact a root admin on-wiki to request creation of a new channel or to request access to a restricted channel.


Registering your user reserves your name so no one else can use it. To register your user, log in to Mumble and contact a root admin, who will give you a random word or code which you must include in an edit summary by your Wikimedia project user. Alternatively, if you already have a cloak on IRC, they may request you to PM them the specified word on IRC. This will confirm the link between your accounts. If you connect to Mumble from more than one machine, you must export the certificate from the machine you first used it on, and later re-import it onto the other machines, using the Certificate Wizard.

Becoming an admin[edit]

If you're interested in helping administer the Wikipedia Mumble server, including managing users in one or more channels, or creating and removing subchannels as needed for new collaboration projects, please follow the following directions:

  1. Register your user (as outlined in #Registration above).
  2. Contact one of our root admins on-wiki specifying your Mumble username, the channel or channels you're interested in administering, and what privileges you require.

Root admins[edit]


If you have any questions or concerns about the Mumble server, please raise them at Wikipedia talk:Mumble. If they are urgent, also inform a root admin.