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This is a list of topics and redirects that can currently be found in modern music encyclopedias. The list began with 46,082 items in 46 pages of 1000 items each and one of 82. Although many of the links began blue, the existing articles may be about a non-music related subject with the same name or otherwise provide insufficient coverage of the musical aspects of the subject. Please fill in the missing articles, link them to existing ones, and expand on the existing ones with insufficient music coverage. After all, the existence of a topic title in a music encyclopedia is a good hint that someone will try to find music information in WP using that title.

For guidelines and tips, please see the Project page.

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Please note that country articles should be changed to Music of articles. For instance, rather than just deleting Nicaragua, make sure that there is a Music of Nicaragua article. If not, then please change the name of the link.

Resources you may wish to use for writing music articles include the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (subscription access), Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, and the Harvard Biographical Dictionary of Music.


26,974 left out of 46,082 - 41.2% complete (last updated March 26, 2017)


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