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When new on Wikipedia, and have no ideas on how to expand your article count further, just create articles on local features no one knows (or cares) about for more than 3.14 miles away. For example, a pond in your backyard, or a small 900 foot stream. Here is a good example:

Small Stream is stream that runs through the town of California, Wyoming. It's current length is 1,948 feet long, until it merges with Famous Pond.

Another good idea is to write a article about a small bridge going over a creek about 3 miles away on a local road. Here is a example, even with a infobox!

Merrick Railroad Bridge
Coordinates41°40′11″N 72°11′38″W / 41.66972°N 72.19389°W / 41.66972; -72.19389
CrossesMerrick Brook
LocaleScotland, Connecticut
DesignRailroad Bridge
Total length30 ft (9 m)
Construction endSometime before I was alive
Merrick Brook Bridge is a small truss railroad bridge that goes over Merrick Brook, it is currently owned by Central New England.