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NHL list-articles (and NHL articles further below)[edit]

3 NHL list promoted to Featured List (AL,IN,MI)
1 NHL list nominated and failed as FLC (List of NHLs in NY)
4 NHL area lists at B-Class (mainly that ea NHL is at Start)
35 NHL area lists at C-Class or above (mainly that ea NHL is "well-started")
All 54 area list-articles at Start+ (meaning each has all NHLs listed, no red-links)

Manual tabulation of NHL list-articles
# State sta tus # NHLs Dates and NHL names verify Non- NHL NPS areas NPS table
1 Alabama Featured list FL 36 Promoted to featured list on January 4, 2009 3 No
2 Alaska C 48 2  Done
3 Arkansas C 17  Done--Lvklock 1  Done
4 Arizona C 40 11  Done
5 California Start 134  Done by Dmadeo (actually, I just checked the dates)

 Done by Dmadeo Took a month, but I finished California. Please double check, fixed a lot of problems

4  Done
6 Colorado C 20 3  Done
7 Connecticut C 59 1  Done
8 Delaware C 12  Done--Lvklock 0  Done
9 Florida C 39  Done by Ebyabe
10 Georgia C 47
11 Hawaii C 33
12 Idaho C 10  Done-- doncram (talk) 03:58, 31 December 2008 (UTC)
13 Illinois Start 83  Done -- Doncram
14 Indiana Featured list FL 37 Promoted to featured list on January 20, 2010 0  Done
15 Iowa C 24
16 Kansas Start 23 Needed
17 Kentucky C 30
18 Louisiana C 53
19 Maine C 41  Done--Lvklock
20 Maryland C 21
21 Massachusetts Start 129  Done--Magic♪piano 5  Done
22 Boston Start 55  Done--Magic♪piano 2  Done
23 Michigan Featured list FL 34 Promoted to featured list on February 27, 2012
24 Minnesota B 22
25 Mississippi C 38
26 Missouri Start 37
27 Montana Start 21  Done--Lvklock
28 Nebraska C 20
29 Nevada C 7  Done--Lvklock
30 New Hampshire C 22
31 New Jersey C 55
32 New Mexico C 44
33 New York B 148 OK
34 New York City B 108 OK
35 North Carolina Start 38
36 North Dakota C 5  Done-- doncram (talk) 03:58, 31 December 2008 (UTC) 1  Done
37 Ohio Start 69
38 Oklahoma C 20
39 Oregon C 16  Done--Lvklock
40 Pennsylvania Start 94 Needed
41 Philadelphia Start 64 Needed
42 Rhode Island C 44
43 South Carolina C 77
44 South Dakota Start 14  Done-- doncram (talk) 04:41, 31 December 2008 (UTC)
45 Tennessee Start 27 Needed
46 Texas Start 46
47 Utah C 13  Done--Lvklock
48 Vermont C 17  Done--Lvklock
49 Virginia C 118
50 Washington C 22
51 West Virginia C 16  Done-- doncram (talk) 02:45, 2 January 2009 (UTC)
52 Wisconsin C 39 Needed
53 Wyoming C 24
54 District of Columbia Start 74 Needed
55 Other Start 21 Needed
56 Ships, shipwrecks, shipyards Start 133 Needed for shipyards
NHL place articles (NHL-list articles at top)[edit]

3 NHL articles at Featured Article; 16 at Good Article or better;
NHLs covered in all 54 area lists reviewed for basic deficiencies.

Reviews guarantees that I didn't miss something, but here's a list to start with! Lvklock

Wow! I know how much it is to take Alaska and Hawaii into a better state, my head hurts at how many you've reviewed. dm (talk) 20:29, 3 July 2008 (UTC)
Well, I can look to see if certain stuff is there and copy/revise refs all day did the hard part in AK & HI splitting stuff out and fixing up those sticky questions. That's what good collaborations are all about! Lvklock (talk) 13:00, 4 July 2008 (UTC)

Following no longer tallies photos which are covered in similar list wp:NHL photos instead.

The Massachusetts list needs major fixup, is one of few not started from table report including coordinates. In process now. First working on newly separated List of NHLs in Boston. Table reports mostly merged, coordinates added. Open for others to edit as they like.

Sanfranman59 fixed up date formatting using date-sortable DTS2 format in 33 area lists having day-dates. Besides MA the others show just year, and for these it is also likely that the dates have not been verified, and may reflect year of NRHP listing not NHL designation as needed. So verification/correction/day-date adding from the NPS NHL_list PDF document is needed, for 20 area lists:
While going thru the NPS NHL_list, confirm/fix names showing to be the NHL program name for site.

Manual tabulation of NHL articles by area (* denotes at max possible)
State sta tus # NHLs Stub
#Stub or+
Fourth of July verify done, or checklist to complete Start
# Sta rt or+
#C or+
#B or+
# Good or+
Featured article FA
#w/ ba-
sic prob lems
#w/ NRHP ibox
#w/ ibox that has NHL date #NHL sum link ed #w/ NRHP text link ed
#w/ NRHP pics link ed
1 Alabama Featured list FL 36 36*  Done All NHLs at Start quality.--Doncram 36* 5+ 0 36* 36* 36* 30~ 25~
2 Alaska C 48 48 (see "AK notes" row below) ? ? 0 40~ 40~ 40~ 30~ 30~
2 Alaska  AK notes:

Kennecott Mines presented with Kennecott, Alaska, sorted out. Also might need splitting out: Attu Battlefield and U.S. Army and Navy Airfields on Attu CONSIDER IT OK Bering Expedition Landing Site EDITTED, NOW OK; Dutch Harbor; Cape Krusenstern Archeological Site; Japanese Occupation Site; Seal Island Historic District;Skagway Historic District; Wales Site; Dyea Site and Eagle Historic District either split or add infobox; White Pass (with Skagway Historic District) needs NRHP infobox; in the list under Borough/Census area every time it says Aleutians West it says citation needed. Others all OK. Lvklock (talk) 23:32, 15 June 2008 (UTC)

I went through and fixed as many as I could. I think it's done for now dm (talk) 23:22, 29 June 2008 (UTC)
 Done Nice chob! Doncram
3 Arizona C 40 40* Mission San Xavier del Bac needs NRHP infobox ADDED MORE NHL INFO TO MISSIONS INFOBOX. Others all OK.--Lvklock. Fixed up Xavier, so  Done --Doncram ? ? 0 40* 40* 40* 30* 26*
4 Arkansas C 17 17*  Done--Lvklock ? ? 0 15 15* 17* 14* 9*
5 California Start 134 134* (see "CA notes" row) ? ? 1[1] 50 20+ 20+ 20+ 20+ 20+
5 California  CA notes:

Balboa Park: tagged for citations, YES AND THAT'S OK, NHL STUFF IS SOURCED infobox has references, but they don't appear at the end of the article; Balclutha needs NRHP infobox and references; Hubert H. Bancroft Ranch House needs to be separated DONE; Big Four House has Sacramento Historic District infobox; Luther Burbank House and Garden needs references; CALIFORNIA MISSIONS INCLUDING Carmel Mission, Mission La Purísima Concepción, Las Flores Adobe, Mission San Miguel Arcángel, Mission Santa Inés, San Diego Mission Church, San Luis Rey Mission Church, Santa Barbara Mission need NRHP infobox and/or merged infobox, NHLsum ref, NHL mention in text, and other; Caloma links to town article, maybe better to Hist Dist page mentioned in article, needs NHL date and NHLsumm ref in infobox; THANKS FOR DIRECTION, DONE Elmshaven (Ellen White House) needs to be split from article about person; Hanna-Honeycomb House and Lou Henry and Herbert Hoover House are both CORRECTLY tagged for citations; Jeremiah O'Brien (Liberty ship) had infobox error NOW FIXED; Mission La Purísima Concepción needs disambiguation first; Larkin House needs sep. article; Little Tokyo Historic District needs infobox, NHLsum, is tagged for multiple issues; Jack London Ranch needs NHL date and NHLsum and use of NHL name in intro; Los Alamos Ranch House needs NHL date and other infobox fixup (map?); Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum needs infobox; Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge issues noted in Oregon review below; Mare Island Naval Shipyard needs infobox doesnt mention NHL; Marin County Civic Center needs NHL mention in text, needs NHL date and NHLsum in infobox; Mendocino Woodlands Recreational Demonstration Area needs split out and/or clarification what is the NHL, to determine requires NRHP docs and NHLsum; Mission Beach Roller Coaster needs NHL date, NHLsum in infobox, NHL mention in text; Mission Inn needs NHLsum in infobox, mention NHL in intro; Monterey Old Town Historic District infobox needs NHL date and NHLsum, intro needs NHL name mention and clarification this is an NHLD that includes several other NHLs mentioned; John Muir House needs NRHP2 infobox in addition to Protected Areas one, does not mention NHL; Richard M. Nixon Birthplace needs mention of NHL name and NHL in intro, needs NRHP infobox with NHL date and NHLsum in birthplace section; Old Customhouse needs sep article; Old Mission Dam links to Mission article, needs sep article and Mission needs to describe too; Old Sacramento Historic District infobox needs NHL date, NHLsum; Old Scripps Building needs NHL name as infobox title and mention in intro, article doesnt mention NHL; Paramount Theatre (Oakland, California) needs NRHP2 infobox, NHLsum; Rancho Petaluma Adobe replace Building infobox by text discussion of construction and NRHP2 infobox; Potomac (Presidential yacht) infobox needs NHL date and NHLsum ref, NRHP docs would help address citations needed tag; Presidio of San Francisco needs NHLsum ref to NHL date in infobox, better formatting and/or version of NRHP ref; Ralph J. Scott (fireboat) infobox needs NHL date, ref; Ralston Hall infobox needs NHL date, ref, article doesnt mention NHL; Rogers Dry Lake needs infobox, discussion or split out; Gilman Hall needs NHLsum and clarifn what the NHL covers; Rose Bowl needs NHLsum, NHL date mention in text, fixup of NRHP infobox within Stadium infobox, or sep infobox; Royal Presidio Chapel infobox needs NHL date, NHLsum ref, tagged for merger; Presidio of San Diego infobox needs NHL date, NHLsum ref, needs listing of all alternate names up front; San Francisco Bay Discovery Site needs sep article; San Francisco Cable Cars need NHL name mention in intro, NHL date and NHLsum for infobox; San Francisco Civic Center NHL name needs clarifn in article, infobox, CA NHLs list-article, infobox needs NHL date NHLsum ref; San Francisco Port of Embarkation, U.S. Army NHL not mentioned in article, what is the NHL research needed, infobox needs NHL date, NHLsum, possible split to new article; Santa Barbara County Courthouse infobox needs NHL date NHLsum ref, mention NHL in article; Sonoma Plaza needs sep article; Leland Stanford House infobox needs NHL date, NHLsum, show references; Star of India (ship) infobox needs NHL date NHLsum ref; Sutter's Fort needs NRHP infobox probably drop Protected Areas infobox and claims, NHLsum; Tao House doesn't mention NHL, probably replace PA infobox by NRHP infobox; Tolowot, Gunther Island Site 67 needs clarifn in article and CA NHL what is NHL name, infobox needs NHL date NHLsum ref; Tule Lake Segregation Center article doesnt mention NHL, infobox needs NHL date, NHLsum ref; United States Immigration Station, Angel Island needs sep article; Walker Pass infobox needs NHL date, NHLsum ref, why is this an NHL; [[35 Yuma Crossing and Associated Sites]] has merger tag. Lvklock checked thru K, i checked all remainder.--Doncram

6 Colorado C 20 20* Granada War Relocation Center is tagged for multiple issues DROPPED TAGS DOWN TO 1; Telluride should be split out of town article or at least add infobox to town article SPLIT Is that all? Yup.  Done--Lvklock ? ? 1[2] 0 20* 20* 20* 14? 16?
7 Connecticut C 59 59* A. Everett Austin House is tagged for citations; otherwise all ok. IT HAS ONE REFERENCES TAG, NHL STUFF IS FINE --Lvklock I think it is  Done then.... ? ? 1[3] 0 59* 59* 59* 48* 50*
8 Delaware C 12 12*  Done--Lvklock ? ? 0 12* 12* 12* 12* 11*
9 Florida C 39 39*  Done, thanks to Ebyabe. Lvklock ? ? 0 34 1+ 21 1 1
10 Georgia C 47 47* (see "GA notes" row) ? ? 0 ? ? ? ? ?
10 Georgia  GA notes:

Savannah Historic District needs to be split from Savannah, GA, DONE; Sweet Auburn is tagged as needing sections; otherwise all OK --Lvklock. I think section tag and also refimprove tag i added are not problems for us now....--Doncram Good, then  Done--Lvklock.

11 Hawaii C 33 33* (see "HI notes" row) ? ? 0? ? ? ? ? ?
11 Hawaii  HI notes:

Hickam Field - NHL date mentioned in text doesn't match NHL Summ; Kalaupapa Leprosy Settlement links to Kalaupapa National Historic Park, which has no mention of it being an NHL; Kamakahonu, Kawaiahao, Keauhou Holua Slide, Loaloa Heiau, Mauna Kea Adz Quarry, Opana Radar Site, Palm Circle, Piilanihale Heiau, Puu O Mahuka Heiau, Puukohola Heiau, Russian Fort, South Point Complex, United States Naval Base, Pearl Harbor, Wailua Complex of Heiaus, Washington Place and Wheeler Field need NHL designation date and NHL summary reference - NHL summary site down; Kaneohe Naval Air Station links to Marine Corps Base Hawaii which has no mention of NHL status; Mookini Heiau tagged for citations; Old Sugar Mill of Koloa needs to be separated from Koloa, Hawaii; Utah, USS (shipwreck), add NRHP infobox; Washington Place, three tags; otherwise, OK. --Lvklock

I broke out the USS Arizona (shipwreck) (which is an NHL) from the USS Arizona Memorial (which is not, but is on the NRHP). By the way, the USS Missouri is *not* eligible for an NHL since it was modernized... dm (talk) 14:30, 2 July 2008 (UTC) Made a whole bunch of other corrections dm (talk) 08:11, 3 July 2008 (UTC)

I think I've fixed all of the articles. Please double check me. I'm going to bed now dm (talk) 09:59, 3 July 2008 (UTC).

Much improved! I fixed up Kawaiahao and struck it from the above list. Am checking, slowly from back to front, did #30-#33. For all HI articles, I have to insist on adding NHLsum ref, and/or putting it into standard format. Without NHLsum, there is no documentation of the NHL name of the site, which needs also to be mentioned as alternative name in intro. --Doncram
OK. Reviewed refs one more time and HI is  Done--Lvklock

12 Idaho C 10 10* Lemhi Pass needs infobox, otherwise all OK.--Lvklock. Lemhi fixed up, so then  Done --Doncram 7 ? 0 9~ 9~ 9~ 9~ 8~
13 Illinois Start 84 84* (see "IL notes" row) ? ? 6[4] 29 60~ 60~ 60~ 20? 20?
13 Illinois  IL notes:

Fort Sheridan Historic District, Haymarket Martyrs' Monument and Starved Rock: (problem is that what is designated is unclear in the article). Cases like Bishop Hill Colony, Illinois and Michigan Canal Locks and Towpath (ellipses replaced, but tagged for merge). Merged., Kennicott Grove that appeared to be automatically generated with "is significant for ....", but were never filled in with the crucial details; Arthur H. Compton House, Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building, Daniel Hale Williams House, Dana-Thomas House, Fort de Chartres, Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable Homesite, John J. Glessner House, Second Leiter Building, Robert A. Millikan House, Morrow Plots, Orchestra Hall, Oscar Stanton De Priest House, Reliance Building, South Dearborn Street- Printing House Row Historic District, Unity Temple, University of Illinois Observatory need NHL designation date and NHL summary reference - NHL summary site down; Cahokia Mounds has no mention of NHL status; Eads Bridge, Shedd Aquarium and U-505 (German Submarine) need NRHP infobox; Fort de Chartres has two tags; Robie House and Lincoln Tomb tagged for citations; Old State Capitol links to current State Capitol, needs own article; says 83 here, there are 84 in list. Now it says 84 here. Descriptions need work--Lvklock

14 Indiana Start 37 37* (see "IN notes" row) ? ? 28 ? ? ? ? ?
14 Indiana  IN notes:

Allen County Courthouse, Angel Mounds, Auburn Cord Dusenberg Automobile Facility, Joseph Bailly Homestead, Cannelton Cotton Mill, Levi Cotton House, Eleutherian College, First Christian Church, Columbus, Indiana, Grouseland, Benjamin Harrison Home, Indiana World War Memorial Plaza Historic District, Irwin Union Bank and Trust, Lanier Mansion, Mabel McDowell Elementary School, North Christian Church, Charles L. Shrewsbury House, Tippecanoe Battlfield, Walker, Madame C.J., Manufacturing Company, Wallace, General Lew, Study & West Baden Springs Hotel need NHL designation date and NHL summary reference - NHL summary site down; Butler Fieldhouse links to Hinkle Fieldhouse, which may be the same but doesn't say so, tagged for refs, needs NHL date; First Baptist Church, Columbus, Indiana says "Most of this page is direct quotation, although a great deal of abridging has been done.", needs revision, needs NHL date and summary ref; Indianapolis Motor Speedway needs NRHP infobox; Lincoln Boyhood Home, article has no mention of NHL status; Madison Historic District has NHL mention in text, needs NHL summary ref; Miller House links to person, needs own article; New Harmony Historic District should prob be split out of New Harmony, Indiana; Oldfields (J.K. Lilly House needs own article, IMO;Studebaker, Clement, House needs to be split out of Clement Studebaker--Lvklock Bedford may add pics for some

15 Iowa C 24 24* (see "IA notes" row) ? ? 0 24* 24* 24* 18* 17*
15 Iowa  IA notes:

Amana Colonies, has NHL summ ref in infobox, but doesn't show at end of article; William P. Hepburn House, Indian Village Site (Witrock Area), Old Capitol (Iowa), Phipps Site & Sergeant Floyd (towboat) are unfinished with incomplete sentences; Woodbury County Courthouse (Iowa) goes to disambig pg rather than directly to article. Otherwise Ok. --Lvklock Those issues fixed, so  Done. --Doncram

16 Kansas Start 23 23* (see "KS notes" row) ? ? 9 ? ? ? ? ?
16 Kansas  KS notes:

Council Grove Historic District, Nicodemus Historic District need own articles; Fort Larned, Fort Scott, Spring Hill Ranch, Sumner Elementry School/Monroe Elementary School link to articles with no mention of NHL status; Fort Leavenworth, Hollenberg (Cottonwood) Pony Express Station, Lecompton Constitution Hall, Lower Cimarron Spring, Norman No. 1 Oil Well, Shawnee Mission, Tobias-Thompson Complex, Warkentin Farm need NHL date and Summary ref; Marais des Cygnes Massacre Site links to massacre article, Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Site links to treaty article, quick scan of articles shows no explicit mention of site or NHL status; Otherwise OK--Lvklock

17 Kentucky Start 30 30* (see "KY notes" row) ? ? 28 ? ? ? ? ?
17 Kentucky  KY notes:

Belle of Louisville (River Steamboat), Burks' Distillery, Henry Clay Home (Ashland), Covington and Cincinnati Suspension Bridge, Fort Boonesborough Site, Indian Knoll, Labrot & Graham's Old Oscar Pepper Distillery, Liberty Hall, Lincoln Hall (Berea College), Louisville Water Company Pumping Station, [[Mayor Andrew Broaddus {Lifesaving Station}]], Dr. Ephraim McDowell House, Middle Creek Battlefield, Mill Springs Battlefield, Old Bank of Louisville, Old State House, Perryville Battlefield, Shakertown at Pleasant Hill Historic District, Zachary Taylor House, United States Marine Hospital, Wendover (Frontier Nursing Service Headquarters & Whitney M. Young Birthplace and Boyhood Home need NHL date and Summary ref; Churchill Downs, Green River Shell Middens Archeological District, Jacobs Hall, Kentucky School for the Deaf, Keeneland Racecourse, Pine Mountain Settlement School needs NRHP infobox; Old Morrison, Transylvania College prob needs own article Bedford may add pics for some. Otherwise OK. --Lvklock

18 Louisiana C 53 53* Longue Vue House and Gardens and Rosedown Plantation are tagged for citations, but for our purposes  Done--Lvklock 10+ ? 1 1[5] 0 53* 53* 53* 50~* 48~*
19 Maine C 41 41 (see ME-notes row) ? ? 0 ? ? ? ? ?
20 Maine  ME notes:

Some lack NHL date in infobox, lack summary webpage links, lack NRHP text PDF links. Swampyank may help address. Pemaquid Archeological Site and Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village need own articles, currently link to Town articles. Otherwise, looks good to me!--Lvklock Created those 2 articles, so  Done --Doncram
20 Maryland Start 71 71* (see "MD notes" row) ? ? 3 ? ? ? ? ?
20 Maryland  MD notes:

11 stubs needed. All stubs created: Acroterion has been busy. And: Baltimore and Ohio Transportation Museum and Mount Clare Station links to article without Mount Clare Station in title, ARTICLE REVISED, Clara Barton House links to Clara Barton National Historic Site (prob okay) (NHL INFO IN ARTICLE CLARIFIED), several ships link to ship article with no NRHP infobox (OK?), Habre de Venture links to Thomas Stone National Historic Site ARTICLE EXPANDED AND CLARIFIED, Hilda M. Willing goes to another link to click to get to article DOUBLE REDIRECT ELIMINATED, London Town Publik House links to Londontowne, Maryland NEW SEPARATE ARTICLE CREATED, Monocacy Battlefield links to Monocacy National Battlefield (prob fine), Mount Royal Station links to Royal Blue (B&O train), Mount Vernon Place Historic District links to Mount Vernon, Baltimore (prob ok), Thomas Point Shoal Light Station links to article with Light infobox, not NRHP (nrhp INFOBOX ADDED and ARTICLE EXPANDED, U.S. Naval Academy again, no NRHP infobox, also pic in list isn't in article.

21 Massachu-
Start 128 128* (see MA-notes row) 116? ? ? ? ? ? ?
21 Massachu-
 MA notes:

OTHER MASSACHUSETTS: American Antiquarian Society, Arrowhead (Herman Melville House) doesnt mention NHL in text; infobox needs NHL date and NHLsum ref. Arrowhead (Herman Melville House) needs name consistency infobox, intro, MA NHL list, article name. Maria Baldwin House needs NHLsum ref. Beauport ibox needs NHL date NHLsum ref. Edward Bellamy House, George D. Birkhoff House iboxes need NHLdate NHLsum ref. Checked thru #10.--Doncram

First 12 fixed up for NHL basics, plus also adding NRHP text/photo doc. doncram (talk) 00:38, 13 July 2008 (UTC)
The rest of the MA NHLs have similar issues, need editing with care to describe NHL nature of sites. First verifying names of sites in List of NHLs in MA to use NHL program names and adding NHL dates is needed. A few then require separation, most just require introducing NHL name for site if different, using NHL name as NRHP infobox title, adding NHL-specific sources and info. Adding NRHP text/photo docs along with NHLsum source would be most helpful. Also, Castle Hill, Ipswich, Massachusetts needs clarification on name of drumlin vs. house, both covered in article, what is the NHL and why. H. H. Richardson Historic District of North Easton needs to be separated from Easton town article.--Doncram

22 Mass. Boston Start 55 55* (see "MA-Bos notes" row) 44? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
22 Mass. Boston  MA-Bos notes:

Lots of articles need NRHP infobox, NHLdate and NHLsum into infobox, NHL mention in text. Also, Gibson House Museum tagged for merger; Luna (Tugboat) tagged for merger and needs NHL date and NHLsum ref; William C. Nell House needs split into 2 articles, NRHP ref would probably be good for bio article too, needs NHL date and NHLsum ref; New England Conservatory of Music needs footnotes to be developed; Old North Church infobox image display problem.

23 Michigan C 34 34*  Done--Lvklock ? ? 1 1[6] 0 ? ? ? ? ?
24 Minnesota B 22 22*  Done All NHLs at Start quality, good to go.--Doncram 22* ? 0 22* 22* 22* 20* 19*
25 Mississippi C 38 38* Warren County Courthouse references seem to appear mid-article? Something's not right. (Someone had put in a long passage after the references; now fixed somewhat.) Otherwise, looks great. --Lvklock Okay, then  Done --Doncram ? ? 0 38* 38* 38* 30? 25?
26 Missouri Start 37 37? (see "MO notes" row) ? ? 3 ? ? ? ? ?
26 Missouri  MO notes:

24 stubs needed. About 3 done, 21 needed. There appear to be no blue links (didn't fix any, just reporting status), so I guess "done" -Ebyabe. Acroterion to be credited for most new ones. U.S. Customhouse and Post Office in St. Louis needs move/rename to a permanent name fitting whatever schema for such places. Well, adjusted somewhat. --Doncram Eads Bridge needs nrhp infobox; Gateway Arch has no mention of NHL status; Goldenrod (showboat) is listed in Illinois in the NHL summary listing; White Haven has no mention of NHL status. --Lvklock

27 Montana Start 21 21* Chief Joseph Battleground of Bear's Paw, Fort Benton & Virginia City Historic District split or add infobox; Grant-Kohrs Ranch has no mention of NHL status.  Done --Lvklock ? ? 4 13 13 13~ 13~ 13~
28 Nebraska C 20 20*  Done--Lvklock ? ? 0 ? ? ? ? ?
29 Nevada C 7 7* (see "NV notes" row) ? ? 0 7* 7* 7* 5? 4?
20 Nevada  NV notes:

Francis G. Newlands House list says Home article incl. infobox says House. Which? RENAMED ARTICLE, CLARIFIED ALT NAME IN ARTICLE Other than that, all OK --Lvklock (talk) 20:10, 12 June 2008 (UTC). Fixed, so  Done. Thanks! --Doncram
30 New Hampshire C 22 22*  Done--Lvklock ? ? 0 22* 22* 22* 20~* 20~*
31 New Jersey C 55 55* (see "NJ notes" row) ? ? 0 ? ? ? ? ?
2 New Jersey  NJ notes:

Some problems: NHL dates missing, etc., some need to be broken out of place or school articles. Dmadeo to help address. Quick review- Lucy the Elephant is tagged for citations and the Sandy Hook Light needs an NRHP infobox. Other than that, all OK! :) --Lvklock  Done
32 New Mexico C 44 44* (see "NM notes" row) ? ? 0 ? ? ? ? ?
2 New Mexico  NM notes:

16 stubs needed. DONE. Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, either split or add infobox; did the box Quarai needs infobox; Wagon Mound needs own article; White Sands V-2 Launching Site infobox has only NHL designation date and pic...nothing else. All checked.--Lvklock So then  Done--Doncram

33 New York B 147 147*  Done All NHLs at Start quality, good to go.--Doncram 70~ 20? 0 140~ 140~* 146 141~* 131~*
34 New York City B 108 108*  Done All NHLs at Start quality, good to go.--Doncram ? ? 1[7] 0 105~* 105~* 95~*
35 North Carolina Start 38 38* (see "NC notes" row) ? ? 15 ? ? ? ? ?
35 North Carolina  NC notes:

Biltmore Estate, Duke Homestead and Tobacco Factory needs NHL date in infobox and text, NHLsum ref; Blandwood needs NHLsum ref; Cape Hatteras Light Station does not mention NHL, needs NHRP infobox, everything; Connemara, The Carl Sandburg Farm does not mention NHL, needs NRHP2 rather than PA infobox, needs to mention NHL name in intro, everything; Cooleemee needs sep article, everything. Fort Fisher needs infobox, NHL designation date into text. Guilford Court House Battlefield NHL not mentioned in article, needs infobox, everything. USS MONITOR barely mentions NHL, needs NRHP infobox. Old East cites just a nation-wide list for NHL-ness, needs specific NHLsum, needs infobox. Pinehurst Historic District should perhaps be sep. from Pinehurst Resort, needs NHL date, NHLsum, what is the NHL? Reed Gold Mine needs NHL date, NHLsum, mention NHL in text. Town Creek Indian Mound ibox needs NHL date NHLsum ref. Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center needs a separate article, i think the NHL is the visitor building not the memorial itself, NRHP infobox, everything. Checked all.--Doncram

36 North Dakota C 5 5*  Done--Lvklock ? ? 0 5* 5* 5* 4* 3*
37 Ohio Start 69 43 (see "OH notes" row) ? ? 34 ? ? ? ? ?
37 Ohio  OH notes:

26 stubs needed. Acroterion, and now also Stepshep helping. So only about 13 stubs needed. All blue-links now! Merger needed for Huffman Prairie Flying Field. DONE. Adena Mansion, Taft Museum of Art, Carew Tower, Cincinnati Music Hall, Cincinnati Zoo Historic Structures, Cleveland Arcade, Covington and Cincinnati Suspension Bridge, Thomas A. Edison Birthplace, Fallen Timbers Battlefield, Fort Ancient, Fort Meigs, Hawthorn Hill, Johnson's Island Civil War Prison, Kirtland Temple, Langstroth Cottage, MAJESTIC (Showboat), William H. McGuffey House, William McKinley Tomb, Newark Earthworks, Ohio Statehouse, Ohio Theatre, George Hunt Pendleton House, People's Federal Savings and Loan Association, Plum Street Temple, Serpent Mound, Spacecraft Propulsion Research Facility, Spring Grove Cemetery and Stan Hywet Hall need NHLdate NHLsum ref in infobox, possibly also NHL date mention in text; Cincinnati Union Terminal, needs NHL alt. name mention, needs NHL mention, NRHP infobox, NHLsum; USS Cod, Oberlin College and SunWatch Site need NRHP infobox, NHLsum, NRIS ref. Checked thru #10.--Doncram James A. Garfield Home has infobox with no IUCN bar, either add NRHP infobox or at least add NHL summary reference to NHL mention in the text; Ulysses S. Grant Boyhood Home should be separated from Georgetown, Ohio; Review Done --Lvklock

38 Oklahoma C 20 20*  Done--Lvklock ? ? 0 20 20 20 18~* 16~*
39 Oregon C 16 16~ Columbia River Highway & Fort Astoria need Infobox; Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge has IUCN bar in Infobox, no NRHP bar - added NHL date to text; Oregon Caves Chateau needs citations HAS NRHP/NHL CITATIONS AT LEAST; Former NHL is redlink ARTICLE CREATED  Done--Lvklock ? ? 3 5? 5? 5? 5? 5?
40 Pennsylvania Start 94 94* (see "PA notes" row) ? ? 1 1[8] 9 70~ 70~ 70~ 70~ 65~
2 Pennsylvania  PA notes:

1 red-link noticed, filled. Ruhrfisch is checking all. Note: Carrie Blast Furnaces 6 and 7 and Carrie Furnace should be merged.

Reviewed #85-#94. All these okay besides #85 Valley Forge National Historical Park needs work: PA infobox to be replaced by NRHP ibox, or supplemented by stripped down one. Link to main articles on several other NHLs within the park. --Doncram Union Canal Tunnel, Staple Bend Tunnel, Pennsylvania State Capitol and Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal need NHL designation dates and NHL summary references; Smithfield Street Bridge needs NRHP infobox, NRIS reference and NHL summary reference; Joseph Priestly House needs NRHP infobox and NRIS reference; (FA already, explicit decision taken to use its other infobox, more than adequately referenced on NR status Terence V. Powderly House needs NHL designation date, NHL summary reference and NRIS reference; Fulton Opera House ref #1 & ref #2 are same ref in deiff form, replace #2 with NRIS references.--Lvklock.

41 Philadelphia Start 64 64* (see "PA-Ph notes" row) ? ? 46 40? 40? 40? 40? 35?
2 Philadelphia  PA-Ph notes:

List-article needs verification against nation-wide NHL list, should show NHL names for sites. Each article's NRHP/NHL infobox should show NHL name for site, and article lead should mention NHL name as an alternative, if different. Other specifics: American Philosophical Society, Bartram's Garden, Boathouse Row, Christ Church, Philadelphia, Church of the Advocate, Cliveden (mansion), Elfreth's Alley Historic District, Fairmount Water Works, First Bank of the United States, [[ Fort Mifflin]], Founder's Hall, Girard College, Friends Hospital, Germantown Cricket Club, Institute of the Pennsylvania Hospital only briefly or do not at all mention NHL besides NRHP infobox header. Mention NHL designation and date. Infobox needs NHL date, NHLsum ref. Cliveden (mansion) needs rename to "Cliveden (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)". Colonial Germantown Historic District needs sep article from Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and it needs to include original and boundary increase info. Thomas Eakins House, John Johnson House, Laurel Hill cemetery, Masonic Temple, Memorial Hall, Mother Bethel A.M.E. Church, New Market (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphi City Hall, Philadelphia Naval Asylum, Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Building, Philadelphia School of Design for Women, Edgar Allan Poe House, National Historic Site, Race Street Friends Meetinghouse, Reading Terminal and Trainshed, Second Bank of the United States, Church of St. James the Less, St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Saint Peter's Church, Stenton, Wagner Free Institute of Science, Walnut Street Theatre, John Wanamaker Store, Woodford (mansion), The Woodlands Cemetery and Wyck House need NRHP vs NHL date distinction, properly formatted NHLsum ref; Independence National Historical Park (listed with Merchants' Exchange Building) has no mention of NHL status; USS Becuna (SS-319), USS Olympia needs NRHP infobox, NHL desig date, NHL summ ref, NRIS ref; Checked thru #26.--Doncram
All checked--Lvklock

42 Rhode Island C 44 44 (see "RI notes" row) ? ? 0* ? 1 1 1 1
2 Rhode Island  RI notes:

as for Maine, some stubs are minimal, lack even NHL date in infobox, and lack NHL webpage, NRHP nom links.Swampyank may help address deficiencies. Doncram revised many. Now okay? Yup,  Done--Lvklock

43 South Carolina C 77 77* (see "SC notes" row) ? ? 0* 75? 75? 75? 70? 65?
2 South Carolina  SC notes:

College of Charleston, Middleton Place and Yorktown (USS) have various improvement tags; IMO, the picture for Hopsewee (a historic marker) is inappropriate for the list and infobox; Snee Farm may or may not need to be separated from Charles Pinckney National Historic Site. Overall, for slightly relaxed current purposes I'd say it's  Done. Lvklock

44 South Dakota Start 14 13? (see "SD notes" row) ? ? 2 ? ? ? ? ?
2 South Dakota  SD notes:

9 stubs needed Stubs created -Ebyabe. Great! Further i separated out Deadwood Historic District. Note Wounded Knee battlefield or site needs separation from Wounded Knee Massacre article. Have not checked all.--Doncram Crow Creek Site needs separation from Crow Creek Massacre. Checked all. Lvklock

45 Tennessee Start 27 27* (see "TN notes" row) ? ? 11 ? ? ? ? ?
2 Tennessee  TN notes:

Franklin Battlefield should be split out of the battle article; George Peabody College for Teachers, Graceland (Home of Elvis Presley), The Hermitage, Old First Presbyterian Church, Rhea County Courthouse, Ryman Auditorium, Tennessee State Capitol & X-1o Graphite Reactor need NHL summary references; Pinson Mounds needs NHL designation date in infobox and NHL summary reference; Sycamore Shoals needs NHL designation date. Review done. --Lvklock

46 Texas Start 46 25 (see "TX notes" row) ? ? 1[9] 13 ? ? ? ? ?
46 Texas  TX notes:

21 stubs needed. Stubs done, thanks to Acroterion! Merger needed for Fair Park. Perhaps separate article on San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site is needed, or San Jacinto Monument article needs clarification that this is the article for that, needs NHL stuff. Others not checked. The Alamo needs NHL summary reference; Elissa (ship)and Fort Concho NRHP infoboxes need more info, need NRIS and NHL summary references; Fort Brown, Lucas Gusher, Spindletop Oil Field, Strand Historic District and Texas State Capitol need NRIS and NHL summary references; Lyndon Baines Johnson Boyhood Home has no mention of NHL status, either add infobox (existing one does not have IUCN bar) or at least add mention of NHL status and NHL summary reference; King Ranch and Majestic Theatre, San Antonio need NHL designation date and NHL summary references; USS Lexington needs NRHP infobox, NHL summary and NRIS references; San Jacinto Battlefield needs NHL designation date, NHL summary reference, NRHP reference # and NRIS reference; Spanish Governor's Palace and Trevino-Uribe Rancho need NRIS references; Review Done--Lvklock

47 Utah C 13 13* (see "UT notes" row) ? ? 0* 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+ 5+
2 Utah  UT notes:

Central Utah Relocation Center (Topaz) has multiple issues tag; otherwise all OK.-Lvklock. I visited that one and fixed it up somewhat. NHL is documented by it, at Start quality. So Utah is  Done --Doncram
48 Vermont C 17 17*  Done-Lvklock ? ? 0* 17* 17* 17* 15~* 13~*
49 Virginia C 118 118*  DoneLvklock ? ? 1[10] 0* ? ? ? ? ?
50 Washington C 22[11] 22* (see "WA notes" row) ? ? 1[12] 0* 10? 10? 10? 5? 4?
2 Washington  WA notes:

Duwamish (fireboat), Pioneer Building and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard are tagged for citations, not worried just now; Fort Nisqually has two NRHP infoboxes with info that disagrees and neither NRIS or NHL Summary references; Port Townsend needs infobox in town article. Otherwise OK. Lvklock. Port Townsend Historic District fixed up, so  Done --Doncram
51 West Virginia C 16 16*  Done-Lvklock ? ? 0* 16* 16* 16* 14~ 12~
52 Wisconsin C 39 39* May be all okay already? Wasn't, but now it is!  Done--Lvklock ? ? 0* 39* 39* 39* 35~* 35~*
53 Wyoming C 24 24* Wyoming State Capitol needs infobox, NHL info. Fixed up some others, too, but did not check all. --Doncram I did... Done--Lvklock ? ? 0* ? ? ? ? ?
54 District of Columbia Start 74 74 (see "DC notes" row) ? ? 30 ? ? ? ? ?
54 District of Columbia  DC notes:

Administration Building, Carnegie Institution of Washington, American Federation of Labor Building need development, have ellipses;Anderson House should be split out of Society of Cincinnati article, IMO; Army Medical Museum, Arts and Industries Building, Smithsonian Institution, Blair House, Constitution Hall, Corcoran Gallery and School of Art, Decatur House, Healy Hall, Georgetown University, Octagon House, St. John's Church, St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Smithsonian Institution Building and Tudor Place need NHL summary references; Library of Congress: whether Jefferson Building or all 3 designated NHL unclear, and NHLsum lists only invalid refnum 66000000, need to request info to sort out; Gallaudet University, Pension Building, United States Capitol and White House need NRHP infoboxes, NHL designation dates & NHL summary references; Georgetown Historic District probably should be split out of Georgetown, Washington, D.C. or at very least, add NHL summary reference; Meridian Hill Park, ''Sequoia'' (presidential yacht), Sewall-Belmont House, State, War, and Navy Building, Washington Aqueduct and Woodrow Wilson House need NHL summary and NRIS references; Charlotte Forten Grimke House, National War College, Renwick Museum and Washington Navy Yard need NHL designation dates and NHL summary references; Old Patent Office, NRHP infobox needs completion, needs NHL summary and NRIS references; Supreme Court Building needs NRHP date and NHL summary reference; United States Marine Corps Barracks and Commandant's House needs NRHP infobox and NRIS reference, it has the NHL summary reference, though not in our usual form; United States Soldier's Home needs NHL summary reference in text, leaving IUCN/NRHP infobox combination for some later date. Review Done.--Lvklock

55 Common- wealths and Territories, Associated States, and Foreign States Start 21 21 (see "CW notes" row) ? ? 6 ? ? ? ? ?
55 Common-
wealths and others
 CW notes:

6 stubs needed. stubs or at least blue-links created. Columbus Landing Site links to article needing infobox, NHL info. List-article cleanup needed. Not all checked. World War II Facilities at Midway, Landing Beaches; Aslito/Isley Field; & Marpi Point, Saipan Island, Tinian Landing Beaches, Ushi Point & North Fields, Tinian Island, Kwajalein Island Battlefield split or at least add infobox; Truk Lagoon Underwater Fleet, Truk Atoll & Peleliu Battlefield need infoboxes. --Lvklock

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