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It should be noted that if you have something to note, then note it. Do not note that the item you wish to note should be noted.

This phrase is often used to draw attention to important information that was added as an afterthought. If a previous statement in an article would be misunderstood if the reader failed to read the subsequently added material, then both sets of material should be rearranged and rephrased so the crucial information is introduced sooner.

It should be noted violates the Wikipedia Manual of Style guidelines MOS:NOTED and WP:EDITORIAL. The variations remember that, note that, and note: are direct instructions to the reader, additionally violating the style guideline WP:YOU.


Version 1: It should be noted that Beethoven was deaf when he wrote the Ninth Symphony.
Version 2: Beethoven was deaf when he wrote the Ninth Symphony.

In Version 1, the writer makes the assertion that there exists some information that is worth noting. In Version 2, the writer simply notes the information.



Phrase Instances in Wikipedia
as of July 16, 2017
should be noted 4961
must be noted 341
is to be noted 362
worth noting 2122
worth mentioning 1053
interesting to note 1296
interestingly 5840

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