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Word userboxes neutrally[edit]

Instead of userboxes presenting users' points of view in a confrontational manner, as in "This user opposes..." or "This user is against...", a solution to the ongoing conflict regarding userboxes being polemical or inflammatory could easily be remedied by rewording them to simply state the view in the spirit of Wikipedia:Neutral point of view, such as "This user does not support..." or "This user does not agree with...". This would obviate the need for speedy deletion, or migration into userspace, of userboxes that would otherwise fall within the T1 deletion criterion of being "divisive or inflammatory". Possibly, this may be a solution to the ongoing conflict regarding the statement of points of view in userboxes, and would serve to reduce friction between individuals holding different points of view in addition to reducing the necessity for Wikipedia administrators to require them to be deleted.

This does not require a policy to be made, nor any kind of en masse change to be applied to the manner in which userboxes are created and used; editors can simply change the text of userboxes to make them less prone to generating conflict, in a manner similar to NPOV editing of Wikipedia encyclopaedia articles.