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This page is a list of issues relating to disambiguation of NRHP articles.

Note NRHP dab blank at User:Doncram/dabblank

There are 3,593 articles in Category:Disambig-Class National Register of Historic Places articles. Of those, 0 articles are in Category:NRHP dab needing cleanup.

It includes a sublist of disambiguation (dab) pages that need to be created. Also, other dab pages need cleanup, and are covered in Category:NRHP dab needing cleanup.

NRHP dab pages needed or cleanup needed, in 2009[edit]

I moved the Brookline one and started Roughwood disambiguation page. Included the PA one as "Roughwood (Devon, Pennsylvania)". But, I don't see it on Chester county NRHP list. Is it in another county? doncram (talk) 20:14, 11 April 2009 (UTC)
Per Nyttend's preference, I started article as Roughwood (Easttown Township, Pennsylvania), linked from National Register of Historic Places listings in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and updated the Roughwood disambiguation page to reflect that. Done. doncram (talk) 14:30, 23 April 2009 (UTC)

NRHP disambiguation exceptions[edit]

For the most part, disambiguation of NRHP names is accomplished by adding (City-type location, State) after the name of a place, using the City-type location provided by the NRHP's NRIS system. In some cases, perhaps many in Pennsylvania in particular, editors are judging that article titles are better with some other name. I really don't want to set up an unnecessary bureaucracy, but it seems best to me to try to list some of these and see if it helps for maintenance of disambiguation pages or other purposes, to have them listed here. Call this a trial. doncram (talk) 22:17, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

  1. Roughwood. NRIS based name: Roughwood (Devon, Pennsylvania), possibly preferred name Roughwood (Easttown Township, Pennsylvania), should appear in National Register of Historic Places listings in Chester County, Pennsylvania, related dab Roughwood. But i don't see it in the Chester County list. Not sure of preferred name; possibly preferred name is a redirect now. doncram (talk) 22:17, 11 April 2009 (UTC)

NRHP dab needing cleanup category[edit]

The pages in Category:NRHP dab needing cleanup are disambiguation pages that include National Register of Historic Places listings and that require some cleanup. In general disambiguation pages contain essentially only links to other Wikipedia page. These ones have some or all links to places that are listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places (NRHP), and at least some of those entries need cleanup.

Cleanup is required to meet Wikipedia's disambiguation page quality standards. Note, any NRHP place is documented and usually deemed wikipedia-notable. Note red-link NRHP entries are permitted by MOS:DABRL and should be retained, but red-link entries should be edited to include a blue-link to a relevant state-, county- or other list of NRHPs having the same red-link. MOS:DABRL explicitly allows red-links, but MOSDAB usually requires one blue-link for each red-link entry. See this extended past discussion at WikiProject Disambiguation.

Disambiguation pages are added to Category:NRHP dab needing cleanup by placing the {{NRHP dab needing cleanup}} template on the page itself. An article may also be assessed as "disambiguation-class" by WikiProject National Register of Historic Places by including "|class=Disambig" in a wp:NRHP template on the talk page of the disambiguation article.

General notes and reminders[edit]

Please help by creating pages, then cross them off the list when completed.

  • "Old" or "Historic" or "The" entries - If a place starts with any of these words, it should be added to the appropriate disambiguation page
    • e.g., Old Blake House should be entered onto the Blake House disambiguation page
  • Spelling Redirects
    • For disambiguation entries with "theater" in their name, create a redirect with the spelling of "theatre", and vice versa
    • Any entry with "US" in its name (for United States) should have two other redirects as appropriate. There should be a "US" page, a "U.S." page, and a "U. S." page. Whichever spelling is for the main article, there should be redirects with the other two spellings
  • Please add the following text to the subject line when creating disambiguation pages, to help make more people aware of this project.
    • Disambig page style repair: ([[Wikipedia:WikiProject National Register of Historic Places|you can help!]])

Pages with one blue link or less[edit]

  1. Adair County Courthouse
  2. Administration Building
  3. Bell House
  4. Benton County Courthouse
  5. Boone County Courthouse
  6. Broad Street United Methodist Church
  7. Carroll County Courthouse
  8. Centerville Historic District
  9. Central Avenue Historic District
  10. Central Fire Station
  11. Central School
  12. Church of the Holy Innocents
  13. Church of the Incarnation
  14. Church Street Historic District
  15. Clay County Courthouse
  16. Commercial Building
  17. Commodore Apartment Building
  18. Courthouse Square Historic District
  19. Cumberland County Courthouse
  20. Delaware County Courthouse
  21. Dr. Clark House
  22. Effingham County Courthouse
  23. Fayette County Courthouse
  24. First Methodist Church
  25. Franklin County Courthouse
  26. Gethsemane Episcopal Church
  27. Grand Pacific Hotel
  28. Grand Trunk Railway Station
  29. Greene County Courthouse
  30. Harrison County Courthouse
  31. Jasper County Courthouse
  32. John Smith House
  33. Lincoln County Courthouse
  34. Livingston County Courthouse
  35. Lyon County Courthouse
  36. Madison County Courthouse
  37. Mead House
  38. Monroe County Courthouse
  39. Montgomery County Courthouse
  40. Newton County Courthouse
  41. Octagonal Schoolhouse
  42. Odd Fellows Hall
  43. Old Jail
  44. Old Town Historic District
  45. Paulding County Courthouse
  46. Plymouth Congregational Church
  47. Putnam County Courthouse
  48. Richardson House
  49. Roosevelt School
  50. Roseville High School
  51. Second Presbyterian Church
  52. Sheridan County Courthouse
  53. Somerset County Courthouse
  54. St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad Depot
  55. Stone House
  56. The Cedars
  57. Union Chapel
  58. Union County Courthouse
  59. Warren County Courthouse
  60. Wayne County Courthouse
  61. Webster County Courthouse





One name[edit]

When the disambiguation page is created for the following, please create a redirect page from [Old Name County Courthouse] as well. Once done, cross the entry off the list (e.g., Name County Courthouse)

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More than one name[edit]

Please list [Old Name County Courthouse] links on the [Name County Courthouse] disambiguation page. Make the [Old Name County Courthouse] a redirect to [Name County Courthouse]. Once completed, cross the entry off the list (e.g., Name County Courthouse).

Fire stations[edit]


Hotels and motels[edit]



U. S. government buildings[edit]

Pages created[edit]

Blue link checks[edit]

There is another long list from 2007 of bluelink pages possibly needing disambiguation, at Wikipedia:WikiProject National Register of Historic Places/Blue link check