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This guideline provides additional advice for titling articles about military ground vehicles, including armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), self-propelled weapons, and support vehicles. Per the main convention, common names and common sense should prevail.

Article titles: brief but not cryptic[edit]

Usually, two-part names are appropriate, for example:

Truck and automobile articles should be titled by the make and model if possible, as in Willys MB; please refer to Wikipedia:WikiProject Automobiles/Proposed naming convention.

If the name coincides with another article title, additional disambiguation terms can be added as part of the name, or in parentheses.


Names of Wikipedia articles should be optimized for readers over editors; and for a general audience over specialists.naming conventions

A title should be concise, but unambiguous—not so terse that the name is puzzling to the average reader, but not wordy or pedantically descriptive. It should make some sense the first time it is mentioned in a related article, or when it appears in a list without any annotations. If possible, follow the originating nation's convention for naming military vehicles.

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