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This is a standard naming convention for public transport stations in Poland. Naming conventions for stations elsewhere in the world are at Wikipedia:Naming conventions (stations). Other naming conventions for Polish topics are at Wikipedia:Manual of Style (Poland-related articles).

Rail service Name Example
Rail (Polish State Railways, Warszawska Kolej Dojazdowa) x railway station Kraków Główny railway station
Bus/coach stations x bus station
Warsaw Metro x metro station Słodowiec metro station
Any two or more of the above x station‡ Warszawa Gdańska station

‡ Smaller articles can deal with multiple modes in one article. When the article is becoming too long, splitting the article by mode may be deemed appropriate and in this case, the standard names should be used.

Common names[edit]

The common name of the station should be used, followed by the appropriate suffix. Often the common name of the station is in Polish language, for example Kraków Główny (not Kraków Main) and Warszawa Centralna (not Warsaw Central). The following station names also fall into this category: śródmieście (downtown), miasto (town), północny (north), południowy (south), wschodni (east), zachodni (west).

The Polish-language variant may not always be the most common name in English, for example with airport stations where the airport is commonly known by an English-language name the station is likely to be also (for example, Warsaw Chopin Airport railway station takes the name of Warsaw Chopin Airport).


In most cases redirects from one form to another are recommended (e.g. Warsaw Centralna railway station, Warsaw Central railway stationWarszawa Centralna railway station).

Redirects from non-ambiguous former and alternate names are appropriate, (e.g. Danzig HauptbahnhofGdańsk Główny railway station).