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The purpose of this page is to provide a list of links that can be used to research current events and news stories. It provides links to reliable sources for Wikipedia articles by way of connections to websites in various parts of the world. The page is structured in a hierarchical manner so that areas that have a disproportionate number of news providers don't get a disproportionate amount of space. It also allows us to see which areas are lacking in news sites.

Note that Wikinews, a sister project of Wikipedia, offers a wiki-style news service.

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News sources by geographical area[edit]

Topic specific[edit]

See No specific region/Topic-specific


These are news aggregation sites: Wikipedia:News sources/Collections

Adding new links[edit]

Please concentrate your efforts in the adding of new news sites to regions which are not/under represented currently. Only add links to pages listed at the top. A restructuring is under way and this will simplify matters.

Notes on Categories[edit]

Kashmir is categorised with "rest of Asia". Australia and New Zealand are categorised in Oceania and hence in Americas and Oceania. Russia is categorised in Europe. The Middle East is categorised with "rest of Asia".

None of these categorizations are meant to be political statements. Where choices would otherwise be somewhat arbitrary, countries are placed to keep the hierarchical structure balanced according to population.

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