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Wikipedia:No, you can't have a pony

This page contains material which is considered humorous. It may also contain advice.
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Even if you had a pony, you wouldn't be able to stop beating the dead horse!

There are times on Wikipedia where you won't win the argument. Arguments where no matter how much you try to convince others to see it your way, you won't be able to sway others. There's one of three things that you can do.

Option A[edit]

The attitude to emulate in Option A. Nothing wrong with a nice hissy fit.

Promise that until everyone else comes to see it your way, you're going to disrupt things by the silent method. For example, if someone posts something on your talk page that you disagree with, you don't reply, but instead, make it clear that you hold the other person in disdain by removing their posts without even an edit summary. After all, this will obviously make people reconsider their opinion and you'll make them understand!

Option B[edit]

Common result of option B, with person attempting it in center.

Much the same as Option A, but the loud version. File multiple AN/ANI/RFC/ArbCom proceedings. Tag articles for NPOV or whatever else springs to mind, insisting that the tags remain until everyone comes to their senses and sees things your way. Show up wherever they show up, loudly proclaiming to all and sundry that the other persons are scoundrels, rakes, and people of low moral fiber! After all, for daring to disagree with you, they brought the pain on themselves.

Option C[edit]

Cute children give their opinion of Option C.

Shrug your shoulders, say "Oh well, can't win them all", and move on to things that matter. There are over 6 million other articles to work on. As well, Wikipedia doesn't have a deadline, so if things change, you can always bring the issue up again–ideally presenting a new argument–and see if others have changed their minds. You'll find this method is so much easier on the blood pressure.

So, in short...[edit]

Remember that losing an argument on Wikipedia is like your favorite sports team or political party losing, sometimes you have to get over it and move on. Realize when you're in a situation that further argument will do you no good, and only remind others of a young child, who wants a pony, no matter how many times their flustered parents explain why they can't have one.

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