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No, it's fixed[edit]

This is a standard response to pointing to an example of a problem on Wikipedia. It is of course invalid because simply fixing one, some or even in some cases all examples does not necessarily mean the problem has gone away.

"No, it's fixed." is often used as a step in this process

There is a problem with X that will cause Y.
Maybe but I have never seen Y happen, nor do I think it is realistically likely.
OK let me go and spend a bunch of valuable time searching for examples....
... yes here are some.
There! I said it was unlikely, and you fixed those examples already, so what's the problem

This can of course continue...

Well there are probably more examples
Doubtful, I think you got them all already, lets close this one down.
Wait here's three more.
NP, I fixed them.


"Wikipedia vandalism is a problem, see this article."
"No it's fixed."

See User:Rich_Farmbrough#Things_that_stayed_too_long and Sigenthaler.

"That project specific DEFAULTSORT will create a problem when it conflicts with the natural ordering for other categories - see for example this page and this one."
"No it's fixed."
That template will lead to people creating new categories, see for example here.
"No it's fixed."