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Painting Mont Blanc red

People may sometimes get highly emotional about their contributions to Wikipedia, so much so that they will go to extreme lengths to justify their view of things.

In 2007, Danish artist Marco Evaristti decided to undertake painting Mont Blanc red and establish a sovereign state thereupon. See [1].

In Wikipedia, we work towards the common goal of creating an encyclopedia for all the world to have for free. Sometimes, some editors can become very passionate about their subject areas and create highly unusual versions of articles in the name of pushing content in the direction they favor. Often enough, this is not strictly vandalism and some editors feel reluctant to revert what appear to be good faith, if strange, edits by a long established user. This can create a hodge podge of style and poorly serves our overall purpose.

Intent of the decree[edit]

This decree is intended to stop format disputes from escalating to the extent of painting large geographic features and calling it art. Note that formatting an article the way you want is not an entitlement. You should work towards consensus and discuss disputed format changes with other contributing editors, usually on the article's talk page. If users insist on edit warring over format of articles, or insisting that their format for articles is the one true way, especially when no discussion has taken place, they may be blocked for disrupting Wikipedia to make a really stupid point. Wikilawyering about the Wikipedia:Manual of Style is unproductive. Work cooperatively.

Because of this intent, painting Montblanc red is also not allowed. Nor any of the towns called Montblanc. No pens either.

What the...?[edit]

Look, if you have been linked here from a Talk page or a Wikipedia debate, it's probably an indication that someone thinks you are taking things a bit too seriously. Perhaps you should have a nice cup of tea and a sit down. It is pretty certain that all conflicts can be amicably resolved before the publication deadline. And if they can't be resolved before the deadline, let the deadline pass.

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