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You can't talk to me like that, I can say whatever I want!


If you are one of those types of editors who usually frequents the administrator noticeboard or the WP:ANI to solve problems amongst other editors and stuff in general within the community, chances are that you are always going to find a particular editor who always has their opinions and are just those sorts of people who love to shower away their ideas at whoever they meet and like. Simply going out to soapbox your opinion rather than keep it to yourself has always seemed reasonable to most people, but not so much for the grown up generation on Wikipedia. Rest assured, go ahead, prove us wrong! Show us what you've got!

Opinions as followed[edit]

In most typical cases, especially during content disputes, WP:AN or WP:ANI, a typical scene we can paint from the sort of drama and environment there is that there are various arguments from any user, either involved or uninvolved seeing comments and some are even littered with editors abusing other editors for presenting their opinions or being badgered to the point of insanity and profanity. Seriously? We have got to wonder what would have ever prompted such situations in community discussions with abuses and insults, when it's clearly got no significance to the discussion in question on either noticeboard whatsoever. If it's your opinion, then why bother sharing it? All that said, there is nobody but yourself who cares about the opinions you hold. This is true in your real life and your life on the Internet. Even if you debate against something, whether it may be on Wikipedia or on your other life, carefully observe how much time you actually spend listening to your opponent as opposed to your impatience to speak about a particular issue. This is all the more true when the topic is something we feel strongly about.

Last of all[edit]

The whole world has a sea of people who comment, soapbox or do whatever to express themselves within the delusion that their opinion is the greatest of the greatest and they will believe it is worth voicing. It's the same on Wikipedia as well. Posting rather snide remarks based upon what you someone has done has done would neither help them nor you. Would you honestly believe that your opinion about a particular dispute would positively lighten up someone's day on Wikipedia? If so, you should realize that you are not intending to deliberately attack someone in any way. If not, then there's definitely something wrong. As said, if you don't have anything positive to say, don't reply to anyone on your views. Problem solved. Drop the god damn stick and move on.

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