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Occasionally, users spring up on Wikipedia who have a sudden urge to nominate lots and lots of articles for deletion via articles for deletion. There may be legitimate reasons for this, but editors should take care before doing so, and remembering that every article should only arrive at AfD if a proper check has been done first to ensure there is no evidence whatsoever that the article cannot possibly be improved to suggest its subject is notable.

Good reasons for nominating lots of articles[edit]

Bad reasons for nominating lots of articles[edit]

Don't bludgeon the AfD process like a claw hammer. You'll only create trouble for yourself.
  • Saying that the articles are non-notable just because you are not familiar with the subjects.
  • Nominating the articles for deletion just because you think that the article is a mess.
  • Nominating the articles for deletion just because there is a conflict of interest.
  • Not bothering to do anything with reading sources or searching for sources.
  • Not giving any reasons to other members why you nominated the articles for deletion.

Belief system[edit]

There is a belief held by some members that nominating a bunch of articles is unconstructive even when you take constructive steps. When nominating multiple articles for deletion, you may face opposition. Your actions may invite discussion in other places, such as the administrators' incident noticeboard. If this happens, you may suddenly find the attention you inadvertently attract means that many more eyes will be looking at your actions with close scrutiny. Don't let the opposition irritate you because there is no guideline or policy about nominating multiple articles for AfD in a day especially with constructive steps.

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