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Welcome to the Wikipeia Non-Free Content FAQ! Pull up a chair, put some rights-cleared music on the stero, and let's do this..

Let's start with a pretty obvious FAQ:

  1. Critical commentary – what is it, and do I need it to use my images in a list or gallery, or discography? Surprisingly, the answer appears to be, no! User:DHowell makes the case this way: There is no policy which requires "critical commentary" to accompany all non-free images. There is clear consensus that non-free images of corporate logos can used for identification of the subject of an article, for example. And the long-standing fair-use policy has been that the image must contribute significantly to the article, not that there must be "critical commentary". Images can contribute significantly to an article without there being any textual commentary at all. There has even been U.S. case law that has effectively said that a gallery of images itself could constitute "critical commentary" of the subject of a work, and thus be fair use. So who knew? Critical commentary requirement, get out of town, ya' big lug! We don't need you 'round these parts no more.

Who's got another FAQ they want to turn in to a FUC? (That's "Free Use Criterion", of course...)