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This page lists Wikipedia editors who are the subject of a Wikipedia article. Links to notable edits made by a listed Wikipedian, or to a discussion about such edits, may be included on this page at the end of the Wikipedian's entry. More general links, such as to the Wikipedian's talk page, are included on the line of the Wikipedian's name. The intention of this list is not to explicitly monitor these users but merely to enumerate them. Their descriptions should be brief and without wikilinks because an article about them is already available.

All editors should be careful of these users' edits for two reasons: One, they may edit the articles about them, which raises the possibility of a conflict of interest and POV. Two, sweeping edits they make to the articles about them may be attempts to remove libel against them (something that missed WP:BLP). In any case, such edits should be gone over carefully and discussed with them before taking any action.

Also, remember that a user's edits may not reflect positions they have taken in public. A user's edit history, therefore, should not be used to impugn their honesty. Regardless of whether a user is on this list, assume good faith.

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The list[edit]


Scott AdamsDilguy (talk · contribs
American cartoonist of Dilbert and writer. Not active.
Mark AdlerDradler (talk · contribs
American mathematician, physicist, and computer scientist best known for work in data compression.
Gerry AlanguilanKomikero (talk · contribs
Filipino comic book artist and writer. Not active.
Johnny AlegreBuszmail (talk · contribs
Filipino musician.
Amir AlexanderAmiralexander (talk · contribs
Israeli historian
Ted AllenTedrallen (talk · contribs
Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star and journalist. Not active.
Harald Tveit AlvestrandAlvestrand (talk · contribs
Norwegian computer scientist.
Evan AmosEvan-Amos (talk · contribs
American video gaming photographer
Kurt AndersenKbandersen (talk · contribs
Magazine editor and radio producer/host. Not active.
Marty AppelMartyappel (talk · contribs
Baseball writer. Not active.
Steffan AndrewsLapinJ (talk · contribs
Television composer.
Kwame Anthony AppiahKAAppiah (talk · contribs
Philosopher and author. Not active.
Arnold ArreArncyn (talk · contribs
Filipino comic book writer and artist. Not active.
Debito ArudouArudoudebito (talk · contribs
Japanese author and activist. Not active
Pete AshdownPashdown (talk · contribs
Internet entrepreneur. In 2006, ran for U.S. Senator from Utah. Not active.
Erik Ian AsphaugErik Asphaug (talk · contribs
Astronomer. Not active.
Loyd AuerbachLoyd Auerbach (talk · contribs
Parapsychologist, stage performer of magic, author. Not active.
Andrew AuernheimerWeev_4real (talk · contribs
American grey hat hacker of the Gay Nigger Association of America and Goatse Security
Jerry AvenaimJerry Avenaim (talk · contribs
American photographer known for images of celebrities. Not active.
Dionysia-Theodora AvgerinopoulouAvgerinopoulou Dionysia-Theodora (talk · contribs) and Avgerinopoulou (talk · contribs
Greek politician
Ron AvitzurRonAvitzur (talk · contribs


John C. BaezJohn Baez (talk · contribs
Mathematical physicist.
Alice BagAlicebag (talk · contribs
American punk rocker.
Nicholson BakerWageless (talk · contribs
Novelist and critic.
Ann BannonAnn Bannon (talk · contribs
Writer, academic. Not active.
Paul BarbeauPaul Barbeau (talk · contribs
Canadian film maker.
Darren BarefootDbarefoot (talk · contribs
Writer, blogger and PR director, activist.
Jorn BargerRobotwisdom (talk · contribs
Blogging pioneer, coined the term "weblog."
Grant BarrettGrantBarrett (talk · contribs
American lexicographer, host of public radio's syndicated A Way with Words.
Stephen BarrettSbinfo (talk · contribs
Webmaster of Quackwatch, American physician critical of alternative medicine.
Jason Barry-SmithJason Barry-Smith (talk · contribs
Renowned opera singer.
Leo BaxendaleLeo Baxendale (talk · contribs)
Comics artist at DC Thomson and Fleetway.
Jeffrey Beall - Denverjeffrey (talk · contribs)
Librarian at Auraria Library and associate professor at University of Colorado, Denver.
Jon-Erik BeckjordBeckjord (talk · contribs
Paranormal investigator and photographer, died in 2008.
Gordon BellCgordonbell (talk · contribs
Computer scientist; Turing award winner.
Aaron Ben-Ze'evAaronbz (talk · contribs
Israeli philosopher.
Medea Benjaminmedeabenjamin (talk · contribs)
U.S. political activist, founder of Code Pink and Global Exchange.
Natalie BennettNatalieben (talk · contribs)
Australian–British politician and the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales
Chip BerletCberlet (talk · contribs
American investigative journalist and author.
Justin BerryJustinBerry (talk · contribs
American teenage webcam pornographer, subject of a New York Times article.
Ben BestBenbest (talk · contribs
President/CEO of the Cryonics Institute and activist in cryonics and life extension advocacy.
Theodore C. BestorTed Bestor (talk · contribs) and Tedsushi (talk · contribs
American anthropologist.
Stanley BingLazenby (talk · contribs
Columnist for Fortune magazine.
Cindy BlackstockCblackst (talk · contribs
Canadian activist for child welfare
Yaroslav BlanterYmblanter (talk · contribs
Russian Physicist. Highly active prolific contributor on several WMF projects.
Andy BlochAndyBloch (talk · contribs
American professional poker player.
Mitchell BlockMwblock (talk · contribs
American filmmaker.
Igor Bogdanov (Bogdanov Affair) — Igor B. (talk · contribs
Co-creator of published but controversial study on the Big Bang.
Derrick BostromDbostrom (talk · contribs)
Drummer and founding member of Meat Puppets.
Jonathan BowenJpbowen (talk · contribs)
Computer Science professor at London South Bank University.
Jason BoxJasonebox (talk · contribs
Glaciologist and expert on Greenland.
Walter J. BoyneWboyne (talk · contribs)
Pilot, author, National Aviation Hall of Famer.
Tim BrayTimBray (talk · contribs
One of the creators of XML and employee of Sun Microsystems.
Jim BreenJimbreen (talk · contribs
Japanese-language researcher.
Anders Behring BreivikConservatism (talk · contribs
Norwegian terrorist.
Shane BriantShane Briant (talk · contribs
British-Australian actor and novelist.
Poppy Z. BritePzbrite (talk · contribs
American author. Edits own article.
Adam BromleyAdamjamesbromley (talk · contribs
British radio producer. Edits articles related to shows he works on.
Aaron C. BrownAaCBrown (talk · contribs
American Finance Professor, author and quant.
Sheldon Brown (bicycle mechanic)Sheldon Brown (talk · contribs
Bicycle mechanic. Died February 4, 2008
Ed BrubakerEd Brubaker (talk · contribs
American comic book writer.
Kevin BurdetteBurdettekevin (talk · contribs
Bass opera singer. Not active.
Mark Burgess (children's author)Marcus civis (talk · contribs
Children's author
Daniel BurtonDanpburton (talk · contribs
Polar explorer
Sharon Dahlonega Raiford Bush37Celcius (talk · contribs
American television newscaster and print journalist
Patrick M. ByrnePatrickByrne (talk · contribs founder & CEO.


Rogers CadenheadRcade (talk · contribs
Technology author.
Joseph A. CafassoPeppetters (talk · contribs
Former Fox News Counterterrorism & Military Editor.
Paxus CaltaPaxuscalta (talk · contribs
Anti-nuclear activist.
Ramsey CampbellRamsey Campbell (talk · contribs
English horror fiction author, editor and critic.
T. Colin Campbelltcc1 (talk · contribs
Nutritionist and author.
David CampitiDavidcampiti (talk · contribs
Writer and publisher
James CantorJames Cantor (talk · contribs
Professional sex researcher.
Maximum CapacityMaxcapacity (talk · contribs
Professional wrestler
Edward CaraballoHonest1too (talk · contribs
Photojournalist recently released from an Afghan prison.
CardiakCardiak100 (talk · contribs
Hip hop music producer.
Manuel CardonaCardonaUSA (talk · contribs
Andrew CarnieAndrewCarnie (talk · contribs
Lee CarrollLcarroll (talk · contribs
New Age channeller, speaker and author of Indigo children books.
Bryce CaseYtcracker (talk · contribs
Former computer hacker turned Nerdcore hip hop performer.
Ian CastlesIan Castles (talk · contribs
Economic commentator and former Australian Statistician.
Charles CecilCharcecil (talk · contribs
Game designer and co-founder of Revolution Software.
Mike CejkaMcejka (talk · contribs
Television meteorologist at WIVB-TV. Not active.
Christopher CerfChrisCerf (talk · contribs
Author, composer-lyricist, and record and television producer.
CGP GreyCGPGrey (talk · contribs
Educational YouTube Video maker.
David ChalmersDavidChalmers (talk · contribs
Dualist philosopher who studies consciousness. Not active.
Ken ChantKdchant (talk · contribs
Australian Pentecostal pastor, author and educator.
Kyle ChapmanNZTrooper (talk · contribs
New Zealand fascist.
Suw Charman-AndersonMinxette (talk · contribs
Journalist, writer, consultant, campaigner
Rimi B. ChatterjeeRimibchatterjee (talk · contribs
Indian novelist and academic.
Ting ChenWing (talk · contribs
Fourth chair of the Wikimedia Foundation.
Atul ChitnisAchitnis (talk · contribs
Consulting technologist.
Ward ChristensenWardXmodem (talk · contribs
Founder of CBBS, the first bulletin board system.
Neil CicieregaTrapezzoid (talk · contribs
Internet personality, comedian, filmmaker and musician.
Haris CizmicHariscizmic (talk · contribs
Designer, musician.
John Clark (actor/director)JohnClarknew (talk · contribs
Actor/director and ex-husband and manager of Lynn Redgrave.
Tom Coates (technologist)Tecoates (talk · contribs
Blogger, computer technician and journalist.
Keith CodeKeith code (talk · contribs
Motorcycle racer, instructor, and author.
Steve Cohen (magician)Chambermagic (talk · contribs
Loren ColemanCryptozoo (talk · contribs
Cryptozoologist and author.
Steve ColemanMbase1235 (talk · contribs
Jazz musician.
Finghin CollinsFinghin (talk · contribs
Irish pianist.
William ConnolleyWilliam M. Connolley (talk · contribs
Climate modeller and scientist.
Maryann CorbettMaryannz (talk · contribs
Tina CornelyTinacornely (talk · contribs
American philanthropist.
Kimberley CornishKimberley Cornish (talk · contribs
Author of the The Jew of Linz, and speaker at Holocaust denial conference.
Colby CoshCosh (talk · contribs
National Post Columnist.
Alan CoxAlanCox (talk · contribs
Programmer heavily involved in the development of the Linux kernel since its early days in 1991.
Alex CoxAlexcox (talk · contribs
Film director and writer. Not active.
Nikki CraftNikkicraft (talk · contribs
Naturist activist turned feminist blogger and occasional lecturer.
Kathryn CramerPleasantville (talk · contribs
Science Fiction editor.
Lee Daniel CrockerLee Daniel Crocker (talk · contribs
Computer programmer, known for rewriting the software upon which Wikipedia runs.
Mark CubanMcuban (talk · contribs
Entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks. Not active.
Constance CumbeyCumbey (talk · contribs
Former national officer for the National Association of Women Lawyers, New Age Christian author.
Richard CytowicCytowic (talk · contribs
Neuroscientist and author noted for rediscovering synesthesia.


Mark DacascosHapaohana7 (talk · contribs
American actor and martial artist.
Andrew DalbyAndrew Dalby (talk · contribs
Writer on language history and food history.
Lisa Daniels (TV presenter)LisaDaniels (talk · contribs
NBC journalist.
Mike DashMikedash (talk · contribs
Welsh writer, journalist and researcher; editor and publisher of the journal Fortean Times.
Joseph DavidovitsJDavidovits (talk · contribs
Materials scientist, inventor of geopolymer chemistry.
Richard DawkinsRichardDawkins (talk · contribs
Biologist and author. Not active.
Felicia DayWatchtheguild (talk · contribs
American actress and creator of The Guild. Not active.
Daniel DeBourgDanieldb13 (talk · contribs
English pop singer, songwriter, former dancer and model.
Erik DemaineEdemaine (talk · contribs
Associate Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Possibly the youngest professor in the history of MIT.
Thomas DickeyTedickey (talk · contribs
Free software developer.
Christian de QuinceyChristian de Quincey (talk · contribs
Philosopher and New Age author.
Hossein DerakhshanHoder (talk · contribs
Iranian-Canadian journalist and weblogger.
Betsy DevineBetsythedevine (talk · contribs
Journalist, author and blogger.
Florence DevouardAnthere (talk · contribs
Member of Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.
John Dickerson (journalist)Jfdickerson (talk · contribs
Journalist, CIA leak recipient.
Jonas DiegoJonasdiego (talk · contribs
Filipino comic book artist and writer. Not active.
Oscar van DillenOscar (talk · contribs
Dutch musician and composer; member of Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.
Cory DoctorowDoctorow (talk · contribs
Author in favor of liberalizing copyright laws.
Mark Jason DominusDominus (talk · contribs
Co-founder of Kibology, acclaimed Perl programmer.
Mike DoughtyMikeydough (talk · contribs
Singer/songwriter, poet.
K. Eric DrexlerEric  Drexler (talk · contribs
Elonka DuninElonka (talk · contribs
Professional game developer, amateur cryptographer, and an expert on the Kryptos sculpture.
Brian Dunning (author)Briandunning (talk · contribs
American writer and producer.
George DvorskyGdvorsky (talk · contribs
Transhumanist writer and speaker.


East Bay Ray — supposedly Dead-kennedys (talk · contribs) and RobertW (talk · contribs
Guitarist and sometime composer and producer with Dead Kennedys.
Richard EbelingRichard Ebeling (talk · contribs
Libertarian author
Roger EbertRebert (talk · contribs
Celebrity film critic, founder of a film festival. Died in 2013.
Andrew EdgeAndreasegde (talk · contribs
English musician.
Nick EganNick Egan (talk · contribs
British visual design artist, and director of music videos, commercials and film.
Elizabeth ElliottLcrippes (talk · contribs
American novelist
Wesley R. ElsberryWesley R. Elsberry (talk · contribs
Marine biologist.
Peter EntwislePeter Entwisle (talk · contribs
Historian, art curator.
David EppsteinDavid Eppstein (talk · contribs
Computer science professor.
Kelley EskridgeKelleyeskridge (talk · contribs
Science fiction and slipstream writer.
Daniel EverettPiraha1 (talk · contribs
Linguist who worked extensively on the Pirahã language.
Michael EversonEvertype (talk · contribs
Linguist, typesetter, and font designer, one of the co-authors of the Unicode Standard.
Mikhail EvstafievEvstafiev (talk · contribs
Russian artist, photographer, writer. Not active.
Gunther EysenbachEysen (talk · contribs
Health researcher, academic, and initiator of WebCite.


Jonah FalconJAF1970 (talk · contribs)
Actor and television host.
Rickard FalkvingeFalkvinge (talk · contribs
Founder of the Pirate Party (Sweden).
Paul S. FarmerPaul Stephen Farmer (talk · contribs)
retired British teacher who developed the use of pop music in school music education.
David Farrar (blogger)Dpf (talk · contribs)
New Zealand political activist, blogger, and pollster
Joe FelsensteinFelsenst (talk · contribs
Population biologist and quantitative geneticist.
Edward FeltenEwfelten (talk · contribs
Professor of computer science and public affairs at Princeton University.
David FerrieroDferriero (talk · contribs
Head archivist of the United States
Steven FeuersteinStevenfeuerstein (talk · contribs
PL/SQL expert and author of various books on this subject.
Charles Firth (comedian)Charlesfirth (talk · contribs
Member of Australian political satire team The Chaser.
Leonard Everett FisherLeonardeverett (talk · contribs
Children's book author and illustrator.
Brad FitzpatrickBradfitz (talk · contribs
American programmer, creator of LiveJournal, PicPix, and FreeVote. Not active.
Tom Van FlandernTomvf (talk · contribs
American physicist with nonstandard views on various topics (died on January 9, 2009).
Brian FlemmingBrianFlemming (talk · contribs
Film director and playwright (Bat Boy: The Musical). Not active.
Michael FloodMichael Flood (talk · contribs
Pro-feminist researcher.
Alan Ford (architect)Mjhalliburton (talk · contribs
American architect.
Vanessa FoxVanessafox (talk · contribs
Google product manager and spokeswoman.
Brian D. FoyScarpia (talk · contribs
Publisher and editor of The Perl Review and co-author of Perl books.
Ted FrankTHF (talk · contribs
Lawyer, writer and activist. Retired from editing.
Jimmy FrickeGobboboy (talk · contribs
Professional poker player.


John GaetaJohn gaeta (talk · contribs
Visual effects designer and director (The Matrix trilogy). Not active.
Mordechai GafniAengus66 (talk · contribs)
Former Jewish renewal rabbi.
Richa GangopadhyayRicha320 (talk · contribs)
Indian actress, model and beauty queen.
Kyle GannKylegann (talk · contribs
Composer, music critic for Village Voice.
David Gans (musician)Dgans (talk · contribs
Musician, photographer, radio host of a program about The Grateful Dead and other notable musicians.
Megan GanzQuotesunquotes (talk · contribs
Television comedy writer on Community and Important Things with Demetri Martin.
Timothy Garden, Baron GardenTgarden (talk · contribs
British air marshal, university professor and a Liberal Democrat peer. Deceased.
Sue GardnerSue Gardner (talk · contribs
former Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation.
Richard GarfieldAngryangrymouse (talk · contribs
Mathematician and creator of Magic: The Gathering
Simson GarfinkelSimsong (talk · contribs
Researcher and journalist specializing in computer security and privacy.
Bamber GascoigneBamber Gascoigne (talk · contribs
British television presenter and author.
Shad GaspardBkbeast13 (talk · contribs
Professional wrestler, current member of World Wrestling Entertainment.
Rick GatesGatesrick (talk · contribs
Internet pioneer.
David GauntlettDavidgauntlett (talk · contribs
Social scientist.
Nat GertlerNatGertler (talk · contribs)
founder of About Comics.
Charlie GillinghamCharlesGillingham (talk · contribs
Keyboardist for the band Counting Crows.
Hannes Hólmsteinn GissurarsonHannes H. Gissurarson (talk · contribs
Icelandic political theorist and author.
Russell Glasserkazim27 (talk · contribs
Co-host of The Atheist Experience
Louise GloverLouiseglover (talk · contribs
British glamour model.
Mike GodwinMGodwin (talk · contribs
American attorney, director of Public Knowledge, former general counsel for Wikimedia Foundation.
Bernard GoldbergBernardgoldberg (talk · contribs
American writer, journalist, and political commentator. Not active.
Marv GoldbergMarvy42 (talk · contribs
Writer and music historian in the field of rhythm & blues (R&B). Not active.
Scott GoldblattSgoldblatt (talk · contribs
U.S. Olympic gold medalist in swimming (2004).
Scott GoodsonScottgoodson (talk · contribs
Canadian advertising agent.
Al Gordon (comics)Albabe (talk · contribs
Comic book creator, inker and writer.
Stephen P. GordonStephenGordon (talk · contribs
Libertarian Party activist and employee.
Gennady GorelikGgorelik (talk · contribs
Russian physicist and philosopher.
Bill GosperBill Gosper (talk · contribs
American mathematician, programmer, and hacker.
Richard Grayson (academic)Rsgrayson (talk · contribs
Professor of Twentieth Century History at Goldsmiths, University of London.
Antony GreenAntonyGreen (talk · contribs
Australian Broadcasting Corporation election analyst.
Jack Greenberg (lawyer)Jack_Greenbergx (talk · contribs
Law professor, former NAACP counsel, and dean of Columbia College. Not active.
Sasha GreyMadjabuds (talk · contribs
Pornography star. Not active.
Patrick GuinnessPatrickGuinness (talk · contribs
Historian and lecturer
Ciaran GultnieksCiaranG (talk · contribs
Computer person from Yorkshire.
Mark GuzdialGuzdial (talk · contribs
Professor of the Georgia Institute of Technology.


Paul Hackett (politician)PaulHackett (talk · contribs) and Paul Hackett (talk · contribs)
An anti-Iraq war activist and a former U.S. congressional candidate.
Bernard HaischHaisch (talk · contribs
Fringe physicist and paranormal researcher.
Justin HallJustinHall (talk · contribs
Early weblogger.
Chuck HardwickHardwc (talk · contribs
Former Speaker of New Jersey General Assembly, former Vice President of Pfizer.
Henry HardyHenry Hardy (talk · contribs
British editor noted for his work on Isaiah Berlin.
Stevan HarnadHarnad (talk · contribs
cognitive scientist and activist for animal rights and open access
Paul HartalPaul Hartal (talk · contribs
Canadian painter and poet.
Martin HaspelmathHaspelmath (talk · contribs
German linguist.
Owen HatherleyOwenhatherley (talk · contribs
British architecture journalist.
John HaughmJhaughm (talk · contribs
Musician best known as the frontman of Agalloch. Not active.
Tilman HausherrTilman (talk · contribs
Software developer, critic of Scientology.
Patrick Nielsen HaydenPnh (talk · contribs
Science fiction editor.
James HeilmanDoc James (talk · contribs
Emergency medicine doctor.
Jack HerrickJackHerrick (talk · contribs
Founder of WikiHow.
Tony HendraAnthonyhendra (talk · contribs
British satirist, actor and writer. Not active.
Phil HendriePhil Hendrie (talk · contribs
Radio talk show host. Not active.
Keith HensonHkhenson (talk · contribs
American engineer and writer.
Hugo HeyrmanDr. Hugo (talk · contribs
Belgian artist. (NB: this user wrote a significant portion of his article).
Peter HitchensClockback (talk · contribs
Conservative British author, journalist and broadcaster.
Sam HocevarSam Hocevar (talk · contribs
Programmer, Debian Project Leader and former WikiMedia France board member.
John HodgmanHodgman (talk · contribs
Author and Television personality. Not active.
Ron HollowayRonsax (talk · contribs
American saxophonist. (This user wrote the majority of his biography here).
Carl F. HostetterAelfwine (talk · contribs
American Tolkienian linguist and computer scientist.
Kenny HotzKennyhotz (talk · contribs
Canadian actor, director, and producer. Creator and co-star of television show Kenny vs. Spenny.
John Humphreys (economist)John humphreys (talk · contribs
Australian economist and libertarian activist.
Peter L. HurdPete.Hurd (talk · contribs
Canadian professor of psychology.


Miguel de (talk · contribs
software developer known for starting GNOME and Mono
Grant ImaharaGrantimahara (talk · contribs
Electrical engineer and cast member on Mythbusters. Not active.
Charles IngramThreaders (talk · contribs
Contestant convicted of cheating on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.
Daniel IngramCc21002 (talk · contribs
Television composer and songwriter
Kylie IrelandKylieireland (talk · contribs
Adult film producer and actress. Not active.
Joi ItoJoi (talk · contribs
Activist, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist


Ian JacksonIjackson (talk · contribs
Software developer.
Alex JacobowitzAlexjacobowitz (talk · contribs
Klezmer musician.
Jim JagielskiJimjag (talk · contribs
Software engineer. Not active.
Andrea JamesJokestress (talk · contribs
American actress and transgender activist.
Xeni JardinXenijardin (talk · contribs
Weblogger (Boing Boing) and journalist.
William H. JefferysBilljefferys (talk · contribs
American astronomer.
Rick JelliffeRick Jelliffe (talk · contribs
Australian programmer and standards activist.
Tom JenningsTom.jennings (talk · contribs
Creator of FidoNet.
Mary Lou JepsenMljmlj (talk · contribs
Chief Technology Officer of One Laptop per Child.
Cory JohnsonCoryjohn (talk · contribs
American journalist.
J. Hunter JohnsonJHunterJ (talk · contribs
American author and game designer.
Jonathan A. JonesJonathan A Jones (talk · contribs
Oxford University academic.
Ryan JordanEssjay (talk · contribs
Gained media attention for identity fraud and giving false credentials on Wikipedia.
Brian David JosephsonBrian Josephson (talk · contribs
Nobel Prize winner in physics, and paranormalist.
Raul Julia-LevyRauljulialevy (talk · contribs
Mexican actor


Michio KakuMichiokaku (talk · contribs
string theorist and science popularizer. Not active.
Candye KaneCandyekane (talk · contribs
Blues musician and former porn star.
Mitch KaporMkapor (talk · contribs
Software entrepreneur, designer of keystone business application Lotus 1-2-3.
Michael Howard KayMhkay (talk · contribs
Software engineer, editor of XSLT language specification.
Ryan KarbenRkarben (talk · contribs
New York State politician and lawyer.
Jawed KarimJawed (talk · contribs
Co-founder of YouTube
Phil KarnKarn (talk · contribs
Electrical engineer.
KarunMisskarun (talk · contribs
Kenyan singer, lead vocalist of alternative hip hop group Camp Mulla.
Ana KasparianAnaKasparian (talk · contribs
Armenian American co-host and producer for the online news show The Young Turks.
Martin KeanCargill208 (talk · contribs
New Zealand musician (bass guitar).
Glynn KerrGlynnk (talk · contribs
Motorcycle designer and columnist
Lawrence KestenbaumKestenbaum (talk · contribs
Lawyer, county official, creator of Political Graveyard web site.
Zaynab KhadrZaynab Khadr (talk · contribs
Member of the Khadr family associated with Osama bin Laden.
Philip S. KhouryKhoury (talk · contribs
Professor of Middle Eastern studies.
Uwe KilsKils (talk · contribs
Marine biologist specializing in planktology.
David Thomas KingDavid King (talk · contribs
Executive Director of the Public School Boards' Association of Alberta, former Alberta Minister of Education.
Michael King (Project 21)Mhking (talk · contribs
Commentator, columnist and television producer.
Stephan KinsellaNskinsella (talk · contribs
Intellectual property lawyer and legal theorist.
Justin KnappKoavf (talk · contribs
Primarily known for Wikipedia
Alex KoCkalex1996 (talk · contribs
American actor who, at age 13, won the title role in Billy Elliot the Musical.
Alex KonanykhinAKonanykhin (talk · contribs
Russian entrepreneur
Kai A. KonradUnikat55 (talk · contribs
German economist.
Phil KonstantinPhilkon (talk · contribs
American/Cherokee writer and TV reporter
Ihor KostenkoIg2000 (talk · contribs
Ukrainian political activist and journalist, killed during Euromaidan, posthumously awarded Hero of Ukraine title.
Jeff KostoffJkostoff (talk · contribs
Stanley KrippnerSkrippner (talk · contribs
American parapsychologist.
Marc KuchnerMkuchner (talk · contribs
American astrophysicist.
Markus Kuhn (computer scientist)Markus Kuhn (talk · contribs
German computer scientist.
Greg KuperbergGreg Kuperberg (talk · contribs
American mathematician.


Ryan LackeyRdl (talk · contribs
Entrepreneur and computer security professional.
Geoffrey A. LandisGeoffrey.landis (talk · contribs
Physicist, space scientist, and science fiction writer.
W. Patrick LangIsmoot (talk · contribs
Military, intelligence, and security expert.
Christopher LanganChristopher Langan (talk · contribs
American autodidact measured as one of the smartest people alive in the late 20th early 21st centuries.
Adrian LeeAdrian54321 (talk · contribs
Rock musician with Mike + the Mechanics.
Eric LernerElerner (talk · contribs
Physicist and plasma cosmology advocate.
Lawrence Lessiglessig (talk · contribs
American academic and political activist.
A. David LewisAdlewis (talk · contribs
Comic book writer.
Blake LeyhBlakeleyh (talk · contribs
Composer of film and TV music.
Chris LintottChrislintott (talk · contribs
Astrophysicist and co-presenter of the BBC series The Sky at Night.
Jean-Marc LofficierJMLofficier (talk · contribs
French-American journalist, comics writer and author of books on film and television.
Tristan LouisTNLNYC (talk · contribs
French author, entrepreneur and blogger.
Yuri LowenthalElyurio (talk · contribs
Anime and video game voice actor.
Patrick J. LynchPatrick.lynch (talk · contribs
American author, artist, biomedical illustrator, and photographer.


Marion MaddoxMaddoxma (talk · contribs
Australian author, academic, and political commentator.
Ben Mallerbenmaller (talk · contribs
Sports radio personality.
Michael MandibergTheredproject (talk · contribs
Internet artist and college instructor.
Magnus ManskeMagnus Manske (talk · contribs
German biochemist and programmer; developer of one of the first versions of the Wikipedia platform
Steve MannGlogger (talk · contribs
Computer science professor and innovator in the field of wearable computing.
J.P. ManouxJpmanoux (talk · contribs
American voice actor.
Paul MarinoILLRobinson (talk · contribs
Executive director of the Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences. Not active.
Jean-Pol MartinJeanpol (talk · contribs
Foreign language educator.
Shelly MartinezShellyMartinez (talk · contribs
Mexican American professional wrestler, model and actress.
Rémi MathisRemi Mathis (talk · contribs
French historian, library curator, and free-culture advocate. President of Wikimedia France.
Yaron MatrasMadaares (talk · contribs
Linguist specializing in Romani and related languages.
Polly MatzingerPolly matzinger (talk · contribs
American immunologist. Not active.
Jay MaynardJmaynard (talk · contribs
Internet celebrity, software developer, and system administrator.
DeBarra MayoKarateLady (talk · contribs
Trainer and writer on health and fitness.
Adrienne MayorAfmayor (talk · contribs
American historian and folklorist.
Laura McCulloughLmccullough (talk · contribs
American poet.
David A. McInteeDavid A McIntee (talk · contribs
Science-fiction author.
Alastair McIntoshAlastair McIntosh (talk · contribs
Scottish writer, academic and activist.
Warwick McKibbinWmckibbin (talk · contribs
Australian economist.
Phil McMullenPtolemyphil (talk · contribs
Magazine editor, music festival organizer.
Lambert MeertensLambert Meertens (talk · contribs
Editor of the Revised ALGOL 68 Report, designer of the ABC programming language.
David MegginsonDpm64 (talk · contribs
Software consultant and developer.
Bertrand MeyerBertrand Meyer (talk · contribs
Developer of the Eiffel programming language. Not active.
Tsvi MisinaiTsvi Misinai (talk · contribs
Computer Scientist, historian and author.
Brian C. MitchellBrian c mitchell (talk · contribs
Education consultant, former president of Bucknell University and Washington & Jefferson College
John Cameron MitchellFELIXARD (talk · contribs
Film actor and director.
Stefan MolyneuxStefan molyneux (talk · contribs
Libertarian blogger. Not active.
Erik MonaIquander (talk · contribs
Roleplaying game author and publisher. Not active.
Patsy MoorePatsyMoore (talk · contribs
Singer, songwriter, educator.
Howard MorlandHowardMorland (talk · contribs
American journalist, author and activist.
David J. MorrowDaveymorrow (talk · contribs
Walter MossbergWmossberg (talk · contribs)
Principal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal. Not active.
Luboš MotlLumidek (talk · contribs
Theoretical physicist working on string theory and quantum gravity.
Markos MoulitsasDailykos (talk · contribs
Liberal blogger, founder of Daily Kos. Indefinite block.
Prithwindra MukherjeeBobClive (talk · contribs
French Indian academic.
Derek Muller1veritasium (talk · contribs
Creator of the YouTube channel Veritasium.
Randall MunroeXkcd (talk · contribs
xkcd webcomic author. Not active.
Chuck MunsonChuck0 (talk · contribs
Anarchist activist in charge of
Ian MurdockIanmurdock (talk · contribs
Founder of Debian.
Alan Myers (translator)Bandalore (talk · contribs
English translator from Russian.


Michael NetzerMichaelNetzer (talk · contribs
Comic book artist.
Jess NevinsJessnevins (talk · contribs
Author and librarian.
Annalee NewitzAnnaleeNewitz (talk · contribs
American journalist and op-ed writer.
Craig NewmarkCnewmark (talk · contribs
Founder of Craigslist. Not active.
Jakob Nielsen (usability consultant)Jakobnielsen (talk · contribs
Web usability pundit.
Michael NielsenNielsen (talk · contribs
Writer and Academic.
Frederick NoronhaFredericknoronha (talk · contribs
Freelance journalist based in India.
Dan NorrisDan Norris MP (talk · contribs
UK Member of Parliament
Ryan NorthRyan North (talk · contribs
Webcomic author and programmer. Not active.
Wendy NorthcuttWendy Wendy (talk · contribs
Overseer of the Darwin Awards.


Charles O'ByrneObyrne1 (talk · contribs
Past Secretary to the Governor (second in command) of New York
Maryscott O'ConnorMaryscottOConnor (talk · contribs
Blogger, creator of website.
Ian OgilvyIanogilvy (talk · contribs
English actor.
Rodney OrpheusRodneyorpheus (talk · contribs
Northern Irish musician, record producer, author, lecturer


Nenad PagonisNenadpagonis (talk · contribs
Greek-Serbian world champion Muay Thai kickboxer.
Stephanie Pakrul aka StephTheGeekStephthegeek (talk · contribs
Canadian blogger who has become a minor television personality. Not active.
Tommy PallottaUb4k (talk · contribs)
American film director and producer.
Sébastien PaquetSeb (talk · contribs)
academic, researcher, and blogger. Not active.
Kamran PashaKpasha72 (talk · contribs
Screen writer and director.
Hayford PeirceHayford Peirce (talk · contribs
Science fiction and mystery writer.
Sam PitrodaSam.pitroda (talk · contribs
Indian telecommunications exec
Philip PlaitTheBadAstronomer (talk · contribs
Astronomer and writer. Not active.
Tim Popetimtree (talk · contribs)
Music video director (most notably for The Cure). Not active.
Shelley PowersShelleyp (talk · contribs
Technology author. Not active.
Vaughan PrattVaughan Pratt (talk · contribs
Computer scientist.
Doug PrudenDoug Pruden (talk · contribs
World record holder for pushups.
Simon PulsiferSimonP (talk · contribs
A major contributor to the English Wikipedia.
Harold E. PuthoffPuthoff (talk · contribs


Manuel L. Quezon IIIGareon (talk · contribs
Filipino writer and television host, currently Undersecretary of the Presidential Communications Group
John QuigginJohn Quiggin (talk · contribs
Australian economist and professor.


RaD Man aka Christian Wirth — Radman1 (talk · contribs
Computer artist and historian.
Sheldon RamptonSheldon Rampton (talk · contribs
Editor of public relations-related columns and websites (PR Watch).
Wayne RayWayneRay (talk · contribs
Canadian poet.
Eric S. RaymondEric S. Raymond (talk · contribs
Important figure in the open source movement. Not active.
James F. ReillyJreillyII (talk · contribs
NASA Astronaut. Only edited article about himself.
Jane S. RichardsonDcrjsr (talk · contribs
American biophysicist. Also active on Commons.
Charlie Richmond (inventor)Charlierichmond (talk · contribs
Entrepreneur, designer and inventor in theatre sound design.
Mike RiggsScum Lord (talk · contribs
Heavy metal guitarist.
Mike Riley (cartoonist)Mikeriley23 (talk · contribs
American web comic author.
Eddie RobsonEddie Robson (talk · contribs)
British writer of Doctor Who spin-offs and books on film.
Howard A. RodmanHoward Rodman (talk · contribs)
American screenwriter, director and educator.
Robert RohdeDragons flight (talk · contribs)
physicist, member of Berkeley Earth climate research
John RomeroRomero (talk · contribs
Video game developer.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, IIIFrankRoosevelt (talk · contribs
American economist, grandson of FDR. Not active.
Mark RosenfelderZompist (talk · contribs
Language creator and blogger.
Nicholas RothNaroth (talk · contribs
American classical pianist and music professor.
Steven RubensteinSlrubenstein (talk · contribs
American anthropologist.
Arthur RubinArthur Rubin (talk · contribs
American mathematician.
Martin RuheMartinruhe (talk · contribs)
German cinematographer.
J. Philippe RushtonRushton2012 (talk · contribs)
Kevin RyderKryder1 (talk · contribs
American radio personality.


Renato M. E. SabbatiniRsabbatini (talk · contribs
Biomedical and computer scientist and writer.
Jason Scott SadofskyJscott (talk · contribs
Creator and maintainer of
Guy Stair SaintyGuyStairSainty (talk · contribs
Heraldist, art dealer and royal genealogist.
Timo SalminenSalminentimo (talk · contribs
Finnish cinematographer.
Lea SalongaMsLeaSalonga (talk · contribs
Filipina singer and Broadway actress.
Mark SaltveitMsalt (talk · contribs)
J. G. SandomSandom (talk · contribs
Businessman and author
Larry SangerLarry Sanger (talk · contribs
Co-founder of Wikipedia, founder of Citizendium.
Tony SantiagoMarine 69-71 (talk · contribs
Puerto Rican historian.
Jack SarfattiJackSarfatti (talk · contribs) See also Category:Suspected Wikipedia sockpuppets of JackSarfatti 
Controversial physicist.
Steven SaylorStevensaylor (talk · contribs
American author of historical novels.
John ScalziScalzi (talk · contribs
Science fiction author and president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.
The Scary GuyThescary1 (talk · contribs
United States based motivational speaker.
Paul SchenckPchaim (talk · contribs
Christian political lobbyist.
Andrew SchlaflyAndysch (talk · contribs
American lawyer, teacher, and founder of Conservapedia. Not active.
Michael Q. SchmidtMichaelQSchmidt (talk · contribs
American film and television actor and fine arts model.
Seth SchoenSchoen (talk · contribs
Electronic Frontier Foundation technologist.
Oded SchrammOdedSchramm (talk · contribs
Israeli mathematician
Randal L. SchwartzRandalSchwartz (talk · contribs
Computer author and programming consultant.
Mike Scott (musician)Archieman (talk · contribs
Founder of the band The Waterboys (a Featured Article).
Ehsan SehgalEhsan Sehgal (talk · contribs
Netherlands-based Pakistani author and journalist.
Mike SelinkerMike Selinker (talk · contribs
Game designer.
Daniel J. ShanefieldDaniel Shanefield (talk · contribs
Ceramics engineer.
Alex ShapiroAlexshap (talk · contribs
Musician and composer.
Jonathon SharkeyJonathon The Impaler (talk · contribs
Professional Wrestler and Perennial Candidate
Vipin SharmaVipin K Sharma (talk · contribs
Phil ShawSteam one (talk · contribs
British creator of "extreme ironing".
Jimmy SheaJimsheajr (talk · contribs
American Olympic gold medalist in skeleton.
Tim ShellTimShell (talk · contribs
American internet entrepreneur, member of Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.
Joel ShermanIcenine378 (talk · contribs
Expert and champion Scrabble player.
Nigel ShortNigel Short (talk · contribs
Chess Grand Master and World Championship challenger.
Karl ShukerCzbiker (talk · contribs
Cryptozoologist and author.
William ShunnShunn (talk · contribs
Science fiction writer and computer programmer.
Ann SimontonSimonton (talk · contribs
Founder of Media Watch, feminist.
D. C. SimpsonDcsimpson (talk · contribs
Online cartoonist.
Sofya SkyaSofyaskya (talk · contribs
Russian ballerina and actress.
Cameron SlaterJc press sec (talk · contribs
New Zealand-based blogger
Samuel Sloan (chess player)Sam Sloan (talk · contribs
Chess player and amateur lawyer (orally argued a case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and won, 9-0).
R. C. SlocumRSlocum (talk · contribs
American football coach.
Dmitry Nikolayevich Smirnov (composer)Dmitrismirnov (talk · contribs
Russian and British composer.
Jerry E. SmithJerry E. Smith (talk · contribs
Conspiracy theorist, author, ghost writer
Normal Bob SmithNormalbobsmith (talk · contribs
Freelance graphic artist and writer.
Jason SnellJsnell (talk · contribs
Writer and editor specializing in Apple Computer products.
Dave SnowdenSnowded (talk · contribs
Lecturer, consultant and researcher in the field of knowledge management
David A. SonnenfeldDASonnenfeld (talk · contribs
American sociologist and professor of sociology
Tony SoperTonysoper (talk · contribs
Ornithologist, author and co-founder of the BBC Natural History Unit.
Benjamin K. SovacoolBksovacool (talk · contribs
energy policy researcher
E. Lee SpenceHunleyFinder (talk · contribs
Pioneer in underwater archaeology.
Diomidis SpinellisDiomidis Spinellis (talk · contribs
Computer scientist.
Richard StallmanRmstallman (talk · contribs
Founder of the Free Software Foundation and author of the General Public License.
Robert David SteeleRobert Steele (talk · contribs
Spy, author and CEO of Open Source Solutions.
Jan van SteenbergenIJzeren Jan (talk · contribs)
Linguist, translator, author of constructed languages.
Nancy SteinbeckNsteinbeck (talk · contribs
Widow of John Steinbeck IV, daughter-in-law and co-biographer of author John Steinbeck.
Richard H. SternPraeceptorIP (talk · contribs
Attorney and law professor, former U.S. Supreme Court law clerk.
Eric A. StillwellEStillwell (talk · contribs
Star Trek author, producer, actor.
John StockwellGoodpaddle (talk · contribs
Highest-ranking CIA officer to ever go public, today runs a boating excursion. Not active.
Billy Marshall StonekingBillyM (talk · contribs
Playwright, filmmaker and teacher.
Galen StrawsonGstrawson (talk · contribs
British philosopher.
Stephen StreaterStephen B Streater (talk · contribs
Co-founder of Eidos Interactive.
Richard StrombackRstromback (talk · contribs
Minor-league hockey player, venture capitalist. Not active.
Kev F SutherlandKevfsutherland (talk · contribs
Comedian and comic strip creator.
Paul SwadelThewilberforces (talk · contribs
Film producer
Don SwaimDonswaim (talk · contribs
CBS radio interviewer of authors.
Aaron SwartzAaronSw (talk · contribs
Writer, hacker, activist, and co-author of the RSS 1.0 specification. Died in 2013.


Audrey TangAutrijus (talk · contribs
Taiwanese free software programmer, leader of the Pugs project to implement the Perl 6 language.
Tom TangoTangotiger (talk · contribs
Ice hockey statistical analyst and sabermetrician.
Terence TaoTeorth (talk · contribs
Australian mathematician.
Larry TeslerTesler (talk · contribs
Computer scientist working in the field of human-computer interaction.
Steven L. ThompsonTtrider87 (talk · contribs)
Author and journalist
Andrew TiteAndrewtite (talk · contribs
Canadian actor.
David S. TouretzkyTouretzky (talk · contribs
Research professor in the Computer Science Department and the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition at CMU.
Leonard H. Tower, Jr.Lentower (talk · contribs
Free software activist.
Boris TsirelsonTsirel (talk · contribs
Theodore Ts'oTytso (talk · contribs
Software developer, contributor to the Linux kernel. Not active.
Patrick TuftsZippy (talk · contribs
Computer scientist and inventor. Created Alexa Internet.


Dana UllmanDanaullman (talk · contribs
American author and homeopathic medicine guru


Jessica ValentiJessicaValenti (talk · contribs)
Feminist author and activist. Not active.
Misha VerbitskyTiphareth (talk · contribs)
Mathematician and political activist.
Larry Van KriedtJazzbacks (talk · contribs
Jazz musician.
Brenda VenusBrendavenus (talk · contribs) and Bvenus (talk · contribs
American actress, model and author.
Natasha Vita-MoreNatasha Vita-More (talk · contribs
Artist and transhumanist.
Claire VoisinVoisinclaire (talk · contribs


Adrianne WadewitzWadewitz (talk · contribs
Feminist scholar. Died in April 2014.
Jimmy WalesJimbo Wales (talk · contribs
Founder of Wikimedia Foundation, online entrepreneur.
Brad WardellDraginol (talk · contribs
Founder of Stardock, a leader in the software skinning and customization technology for computer games. Not active.
Allan WarrenAllan warren (talk · contribs
British society photographer.
Tony WarrinerTonywarriner (talk · contribs
Game designer, programmer and co-founder of Revolution Software.
Loo Kang WeeLookang (talk · contribs
Singaporean physics teacher.
David WeinbergerDweinberger (talk · contribs
Technologist and commentator, writing book related to Wikipedia.
Jessamyn West (librarian)Jessamyn (talk · contribs
Librarian, author and blogger.
David A. WheelerDwheeler (talk · contribs
Developer of high-risk software systems, particularly large software systems and computer security.
Glenn WichmanCapmango (talk · contribs
Edutainment software developer.
Geoffrey WickhamGeoffrey Wickham (talk · contribs
Contributor to artificial pacemaker development and cofounder of Telectronics.
David WildeDavid Wilde (talk · contribs
Concert pianist, writer, composer, and teacher. Not active.
Michael Z. WilliamsonMzmadmike (talk · contribs
Science-fiction writer.
David Willis (cartoonist)ItsWalky (talk · contribs
Webcomic creator. Moderator of Teletraan-1, theTransformers Wikia.
Richard WingerRichardwinger (talk · contribs
Authority on election laws, ballot access; Libertarian activist.
Michael WitzelWitzel (talk · contribs
Professor of Sanskrit at Harvard.
Brian WoodBrianwood (talk · contribs)
Comic book writer, illustrator and graphic designer.
Douglas WoodDoughwood (talk · contribs), Douglaswood (talk · contribs)
executive producer



Catherine YronwodeCatherineyronwode (talk · contribs
Author, graphic designer, publisher.
Robert Clark YoungQworty (talk · contribs
American novelist. Indefinite block.
Eliezer YudkowskyEliezerYudkowsky (talk · contribs
Artificial intelligence researcher. Not active.


Michał ZalewskiLcamtuf (talk · contribs
"White hat" hacker and computer security expert.
Dave ZeltsermanDaveZeltserman (talk · contribs)
Phil ZimmermannPrz (talk · contribs
Cryptographer and computer programmer, creator of the Pretty Good Privacy encryption software.
Diana ZuckermanDrzuckerman (talk · contribs
U.S. expert on federal health policy, especially women's health, and President of the National Research Center for Women & Families.