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The following system is proposed for use by the Wikipedia:Version_1.0_Editorial_Team, for assessing how close we are to a distribution quality article on a particular topic. The system is based on a letter scheme which reflects principally how complete the article is, though the content & language quality are also factors. Once an article reaches the A-Class, it is considered "complete", although obviously edits will continue to be made.

The system has been proposed as a replacement for the "WP 1.0" and "WP 0.5" standards proposed earlier. The new system is based on the system used at WP:Chem for their worklist, and it has proved to be very flexible but useful for regular assessments on a list of 380 articles.

It is vital that people not take these assessments personally. It is understood that we all have different priorities and different opinions about what makes a perfect article. It is proposed that each one of our sub-projects should have a coordinator who performs a complete assessment on each page on that list every three months. If you contribute a lot of content to an article you may request an independent assessment.

At present this assessment system is in use on the core topics page.


Article progress grading scheme
FA-Class Reserved exclusively for articles that have received "Featured article" status after peer review, and meet the current criteria for featured articles. Example: Economy of India
A-Class The article provides a well-written and complete description of the topic, as described in How to write a Great Article. It includes a well-written introduction to the topic, and an appropriate series of headings to break up the article. It should have sufficient external literature references, preferably from the "hard" (peer-reviewed where appropriate) literature rather than websites. It should be well illustrated, with no copyright problems. It should be at the stage where it could at least be considered for featured article status, and corresponds to the "Wikipedia 1.0" standard. Example: K. M. Nanavati vs. State of Maharashtra.
B-Class The article is "almost there" but it may be missing one of the following: references, balance of content, NPOV or an important section. Alternatively, the English may need a comprehensive rewrite to make it flow. With NPOV a well written B-class may correspond to the "Wikipedia 0.5" or "usable" standard. Example: Indian Army is a good start but contains too many lists, and it needs more prose content & references.
Start-Class The article has a good amount of content, but it is still weak in certain areas, and may lack a table. For example an article on Africa might cover the geography well, but be weak on history and culture.
Stub-Class The article is either a very short article or a stub that will need a lot of work to bring it to A-Class level, although there may be a significant amount of material in the article.

Grades lower than this should not be used for articles in the Core topics project.