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Ever wonder what edit to what article "turned over" Wikipedia's odometer? There is one way to find out: Just ask the server.

The links in the first column query the database for the text on pages with the associated ID numbers. Note, that in fulfilling the request, the Wiki software "thinks" it's displaying the page for "index.php", but displays the text of a saved edit to an article, with its timestamp.

In the second column are the permalinks to the actual archival pages, based on a manual search for the timestamped edit. This is followed by any notes and/or explanatory info. Some incremental edits are not accessible for technical or content reasons (the server returns a "not found" message).

Note: The true number of WP edits is not reflected by the data available from this table (it only provides access to page edits with key incremental ID numbers). However, it is a good indicator of how very busy WP has become (currently averaging around two hundred thousand edits every day), and how soon some major archival milestones will be passed. At the time this page was first edited, the official WP edit count was over 74,000,000; however, as of August 25, 2006, there was no WP page with an ID in that range. See this page, which contains live statistics on WP's growth. Also see the Announcements page.

Wikipedia’s Odometer
Note: all future entries/slots in this chart are subject to change. “The Dark Side clouds everything. Impossible to see the future is.”
Soft link to page ID Hard link to real page Notes
WP's 100 millionth edit! (not yet assigned)
WP's 99,999,999th edit (not yet assigned)
WP's 99 millionth edit (not yet assigned)
WP's 98 millionth edit (not yet assigned)
WP's 97 millionth edit The Sweet Escape (album) (00:06 on 12/29/2006)
WP's 96 millionth edit Thomas Reiter (17:41 on 12/22/2006)
WP's 95 millionth edit Construct validity(20:32 on 12/17/2006)
WP's 90 millionth edit Wikipedia:Introduction(06:17 on 11/25/2006)
WP's 80 millionth edit (user talk page) (05:19 on 10/07/2006)
WP's 70 millionth edit Satyam Computer Services (07:10 on 08/16/2006)
WP's 60 millionth edit (user page) (9:22 on 06/22/2006)
WP's 50 millionth edit Ministry of Truth (18:54 on 04/24/2006)
WP's 40 millionth edit Alex (6:42 on 02/17/2006)
WP's 30 millionth edit (deleted edit)
WP's 20 millionth edit Aaliyah (15:03 on 07/31/2005)
WP's 10 millionth edit The Bodyguard (09:26 on 02/06/2005)
WP's 5 millionth edit Black light puppet (14:11 on 9/06/2003)
WP's 4 millionth edit (user page) (21:42 on 06/04/2004)
WP's 3 millionth edit (deleted edit)
WP's 2 millionth edit (deleted edit)
WP's Millionth edit (deleted edit)
WP's 500 thousandth edit Shanor-Northvue, Pennsylvania (06:59 on 10/24/2002) originating edit for this article
WP's 250 thousandth edit El Cid (11:08 on 12/02/2001)
WP's 100 thousandth edit Potential flow (17:52 on 06/19/2002) originating edit for this article
WP's 50 thousandth edit Talk:Hans Holbein the Younger (09:56 on 04/10/2002)
WP's 25 thousandth edit Mitochondrion (10:43 on 02/25/2002)
WP's 10 thousandth edit Paris (19:47 on 02/12/2002) post conversion entry
WP's 5 thousandth edit Lists of people (17:14 on 02/04/2002) post conversion entry
WP's Thousandth edit (user page)(17:26 on 01/27/2002) originating edit—post conversion entry
WP's 500th edit WP:PHP script new features (00:04 on 01/27/2002) now located at WP:MediaWikipost conversion entry
WP's 250th edit Aspartame (16:24 on 01/26/2002) generated by the conversion script itself! (ID number may not be authentic)
WP's 100th edit (deleted or unassigned edit ID)
WP's 50th edit Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line (10:33 on 01/26/2002) now located at Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Linegenerated by conversion script
WP's 25th edit Marshall Plan (09:47 on 01/26/2002) generated by conversion script
WP's 10th edit (deleted or unassigned edit ID)
WP's 5th edit (very special user page) (09:32 on 01/26/2002) (this user was a key contributor in the early days of WP.)
WP's First edit WP:Wikipedians (09:25 on 01/26/2002) This is the edit with the number "1". It is not the earliest edit.
See Wikipedia:Wikipedia's oldest articles.