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This page contains information for institutions (universities, research laboratories, publishers, GLAMs, etc.) who work with people who have ORCID iDs. (in the interests of conciseness, we will refer to those people as "staff", even though they may include students, commissioned writers, volunteers, and others not be directly employed by the institution).

Staff with Wikipedia articles[edit]

If your staff have ORCID iDs, and we have articles (or Wikidata items - or, for biological taxonomists, Wikispecies pages) about them, we want to include their ORCID iDs in our articles. You can help us to do so, in one of a number of ways:

  • Ask your staff to follow our advice for individuals - please publicise that page to them
  • Add them yourself, as described elsewhere
  • Send us a list of their names, ORCID iDs and, if possible, the URLs or exact names of the equivalent Wikipedia articles (or Wikidata items) - article names may be disambiguated as, for example, "Bob Smith (biologist)" and "Bob Smith (chemist)". For lists of more than ten, a spreadsheets or CSV file is preferred, please. You may send the list to ORCID's Wikipedian in Residence

We also suggest that they add a link to the Wikipedia article about them, as part of their biography on their ORCID profile (example).

Staff who edit Wikipedia[edit]

If any of your staff edit Wikipedia, or its sister projects, we also recommend that they consider adding their ORCID iD to their user pages, following the guidance for Wikipedians.


If you have any questions or comments, please leave a note on the talk page (which is publicly viewable) or contact ORCID's Wikipedian in Residence.

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