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OU Task-force
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Welcome to the OU Task Force, a "sub-wikiproject" operating "injunction" with Wikiproject Oklahoma, designed to help improve Wikipedia's coverage of the University of Oklahoma. Editors who are interested in expanding knowledge of the University of Oklahoma on Wikipedia may wish to consider themselves part of Task-force OU as well as WikiProject Oklahoma. Please feel free to get involved and post any ideas and suggestions on the talk page, as well as expand sections below. Everyone is welcome to contribute to any article.

Scope and goals[edit]

This project covers the creation and editing of articles related to the University of Oklahoma. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on the University of Oklahoma in a fair and accurate manner. This project is here to fix that. Everyone is welcome to help out. In fact, there's more than enough work to go around. You can help us out in the following ways:


Project Members[edit]

Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. ColemanJ (talk · contribs · count); still here
  2. Desert sapper (talk · contribs · count); Not an OU grad, but a big OU football fan of about 25 years (since my first game); definitely will work football and dabble in other sports related stuff.
  3. imaswfan (talk · contribs · count); Class of 2002
  4. Joetcrocker (talk · contribs · count); Class of 2006, I gave campus tours in the past, haven't missed a home game since Van Horn was president
  5. KrakatoaKatie (talk · contribs · count) 18 hours short of my Bachelor of Accountancy degree, and my husband is a December 1985 grad. (I'm an RN, too - I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up.) I prefer to focus on the campus instead of sports; I wrote most of the stadium article (hint: I've spent a lot of time on that field) and I'll begin one on the student union very soon done. Excuse me now while I go grab a cane to keep up with you youngsters. :-)
  6. Nmajdan (talk · contribs · count); Class of 2005; will work in all areas.
  7. Trvsdrlng (talk · contribs · count); Class of 2011 - will be meandering around.
  8. Z4ns4tsu (talk · contribs · count); Class of 2005.
  9. Ks0stm (talk · contribs · count); Class of 2015.
  10. Kobra98 (talk · contribs · count); Class of 2020; will work on the many football articles.
  11. Nickoli42 (talk · contribs · count); Class of 2017. I have a general interest in the history of the university on all topics.

You can then add{{User Task-Force OU}} to your page to indicate your participation in this task force.

How can I contribute to this project?[edit]

If you have never used Wikipedia, please take the time to read these articles:

To maintain article quality, please follow these rules:

  • Provide sources for your edits
  • Restrain the number of red links
  • Ensure external links are active
  • Check orthography before saving your changes

If you are contributing to this WikiProject, then you are probably a fan of the University. However, in the articles you edit, please try to avoid academic boosterism, maintain a neutral point of view, and avoid peacock terms and weasel words.


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For a more complete list of Oklahoma-related templates, see Category:WikiProject Oklahoma templates.

  • {{WikiProject_Oklahoma}} advertise in talk pages of articles that this article is part of WikiProject Oklahoma, Task-force Tulsa and Task-force OU. Four parameters can be used: class= (assessment of the article's quality), importance= (relative to this project), Tulsa-task-force= for anything relevant to the city of Tulsa and ou-task-force= for anything relevant to the University of Oklahoma.
  • {{subst:Welcome Anon OU}} - For welcoming new IP users
  • {{subst:Invite User OU}} - For inviting current editors to the project


{{User Task-Force OU}}
OU This user attends or attended the University of Oklahoma. Go Sooners!

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Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.