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The list below shows redirect pages in the main english article namespace which contain empty links - that is, string [[]]. It was generated on 1st June 2004 from the 30th May 2004 database dump.


Empty links appear as [[]] in the text of an article. This is not a useful placeholder - replace it with something more useful.

If the empty link is intended to hold an image, try replacing it with one of:

NO IMAGE YET.png NO IMAGE YET square.png
[[Image:NO_IMAGE_YET.png]] [[Image:NO_IMAGE_YET_square.png]]

Regenerating this report[edit]

This report is generated from a Link Analysis Database using the SQL:

select distinct concat( '*[[', art_title, ']]' )
from art, unhandled_links
where lstart = lend
and art_id = from_id
order by 1;

Suggested improvements[edit]

  • Need to provide guidance on what empty links should be replaced with - TB 09:56, Jun 9, 2004 (UTC)
  • Exclude links in commented out sections? -- User:Docu
  • Special:Whatlinkshere/XX yields similar stuff. -- User:Docu