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The paid editor help board is a place to receive help about proposed changes to Wikipedia articles for:

  • Public Relations and Marketing professionals
  • freelance editors
  • employees working on assignments from their employers

How to make a request
  • Ask your question, along with {{Request edit}} above it. Remember to move two lines down before writing your message.
  • Be sure to provide a link to the source for your information, so we can verify it.
  • Check back for a response. You can add the page to your Watchlist by clicking the blue star at the top of the page
  • An example message:

{{Request edit}}

Dear sir. I am an employee at the chocolate bar factory Alpha. My employer has asked that I investigate how we can update the revenue information on the company information box of our article. The information there currently is from 2001! You can find the latest revenue numbers in our annual report [ here]. I read the Conflict of Interest (COI) guidelines and was uncertain on how to proceed. Can you help? ExampleUserA (talk) 03:21, 10 January 2012 (UTC)

How to help out
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