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Wikipedia's portal peer review process exposes portals to closer scrutiny from a broader group of editors, and is intended for high-quality portals that have already undergone extensive work, often as a way of preparing a featured portal candidate. This is not academic peer review by a group of experts in a particular subject, and portals that undergo this process should not be assumed to have greater authority than any other.

For feedback on portals that are less developed, use the portal's talk page first.

At present, there are 173 featured portals, of a total of 1476 portals on Wikipedia.

The path to a featured portal

  1. Start a new portal
  2. Develop the portal
  3. Check against the featured portal criteria
  4. Get creative feedback
  5. Featured portal candidates
  6. Featured portals

Nomination procedure

Anyone can request a portal peer review. The best way to get lots of reviews is to reply promptly and appreciatively on this page to any comments. If you post a request, please do not discourage reviewers by ignoring their efforts. To add a nomination:

  1. Place {{subst:PPR}} at the top of the portal's talk page, creating a portal peer review notice to notify other editors of the review.
  2. Within the notice, click "request has been made" to open a new discussion page.
  3. Paste {{subst:PPRnom|portal name= |text= }} at the top, with the name of the portal in the "portal name" parameter, and then note the kind of comments/contributions you want, and/or the sections of the portal you think need reviewing in the "text" parameter. Signature is automatically appended. Save the new page.
  4. Edit this page here, pasting {{Wikipedia:Portal peer review/PORTAL NAME/archive1}} at the top of the list of nominees.
  1. Optional steps:
    1. Start a new section on the portal's talk page using ==Portal peer review==
    2. Paste {{Wikipedia:Portal peer review/PORTAL NAME}} into that section.
    3. Add {{todo}} at the top of the portal's talk page, then save the page.
    4. Edit and paste the following into the to do list. Summarize recommendations and replies as they occur:
[[Image:Evolution-tasks.png|left]] '''<big>Recommendations to improve page to featured portal status</big>'''
List includes recommendations with replies/status.
<br clear="both">

Your review may be more successful if you politely request feedback on the discussion pages of related articles, portals, and/or send messages to Wikipedians who have contributed to the same or a related field, including the list of portal peer review volunteers.

How to respond to a request

  • Review one of the portals listed below. If you think something is wrong—e.g., portal length, the introduction, poor grammar/spelling, missing topics—post a comment in the portal's section on this page.
  • Feel free to correct the portal yourself. Please consider noting your edits here to keep others informed about the portal's progress.

How to remove a request
You may remove to the current archive any

  • inactive listings or listings older than one month;
  • inappropriate or abandoned listings (where the nominator has not replied to comments);
  • portals that have become featured portal candidates.

After removing the listing, contributors should:

  1. replace the {{portalpeerreview}} tag on the portal's talk page with {{Oldportalpeerreview|archive=1}} (replacing "=1" with the archive number of the peer review if it is not the first)

How to resubmit a request
If your request has been removed, please feel free to renominate it for portal peer review at a later time:

  1. Place {{subst:PPR}} at the top of the portal's talk page as described above
  2. Place {{Wikipedia:Portal peer review/PORTAL NAME/archiveN}} (where N is the review number) at the top of the list of nominees below.

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I just made this portal over the last few days and am eager to know of any improvements that could be made. All suggestions are welcome! H.dryad (talk) 21:58, 4 April 2016 (UTC)


This portal was created some years ago but not much was done with it, so I decided to try to add some content. Not sure is this is what the Years portals are supposed to look like, but I tried to fill out some of the portal and make it look complete. Any suggestions or criticisms would be welcome. Thanks in advance. H.dryad (talk) 21:27, 9 March 2016 (UTC)


I have created this portal over the last week and would like to see if I can get some feedback on how to polish it some. Any comments would be very much appreciated.

H.dryad (talk) 21:55, 1 March 2016 (UTC)


Considering nominating this for featured Abyssal (talk) 23:56, 2 December 2015 (UTC)