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This is intended as a quick reference to various pages that list arguments to avoid and other precedents. It is also intended as a guide to getting the most out of various discussions, and avoiding writing in a way that may be given less weight, in favor of a way that may have more merit.

It is not intended to be binding policy, nor is there an expectation that editors who comment in debates should be familiar with it.

Summary list[edit]

Type of discussion Useful references
Deletion discussions (xFD) Wikipedia:Arguments to avoid in deletion discussions
Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Common outcomes
Adminship (RfA) and
Bureaucratship (RfB)
Wikipedia:Arguments to avoid in adminship discussions
Arbitration cases (Arbcom) Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/How to present a case
Wikipedia:Arbitration policy/Past decisions
Policy and proposals Wikipedia:Perennial proposals

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