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This is a list of articles tagged according to the WP:PROD policy as of Wed Aug 16 14:25:01 CEST 2017

The time used is that given as argument of the "dated prod" template, not the cl_timestamp of the categorylinks table, which is the last time the link between the article and the category changed (this is typically the last time the article entered the category, but could also be the last time the article was renamed). Differences of the order of hours are reported at the end. Time 25:00 is used for articles without a time= parameter

The articles this script could not parse are collected in a table at the end of this page.


Time of nomination Article Reason
08 August 10:53 OptimJ Neither the designing company nor its site exist any more (closed since 2012)
08 August 14:23 Luka Šikić [BLP]
08 August 20:43 Junior Dernier [BLP]
09 August 02:46 Nitin Tomar [BLP]
09 August 02:59 Markus Guentner No valid references or indications subject meets WP:GNG.
09 August 05:50 Genus Ordinis Dei Doesn't meet WP:GNG or WP:NBAND
09 August 08:19 Siebenbürgen (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use. Also delete related redirect Siebenburgen (disambiguation)
09 August 08:41 Jeff Cook (businessman) Non-notable businessman. The only coverage is related to a single event and even that is not specifically about him.
09 August 09:02 Shrine of Our Lady of Europe (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
09 August 09:12 Shoat (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to other uses
09 August 09:26 Eedu Jodu no evidence of notability
09 August 09:28 Mum's House Discord No assertion of notability.
09 August 09:50 No citations indicate notability. The first ref doesn't mention Cybernet at all, and the second ref is a passing mention.
09 August 10:16 River Square No evidence of notability. Article reads solely as a retail directory rather than an encyclopedic subject
09 August 12:06 Matija Dedić [BLP]
09 August 12:08 Gaurangraval [BLP]
09 August 12:19 Erin Kelly (speaker) Meets neither WP:BIO or WP:AUTHOR
09 August 12:45 Slate 20 Fails WP:GNG. No independent secondary sources that I can find. Current two references are dead. One of countless such drinks that come and go. Stub article essentially stagnant since 2007.
09 August 14:10 Muda Mohammed [BLP]
09 August 14:33 Tectonics zones of Pakistan This is unnecessary because we have Geology of Pakistan (a stub) that can be expanded to include more on the tectonic setting of the region. This article should not be redirected there because the title is not correct. In the unlikely event that an article will be needed in the future it should be titled "Tectonic zones of Pakistan".
09 August 14:43 Ana Fischel Fails WP:GNG. Only 785 hits on Google, none to substantive coverage. Only one external link keeps this from being a BLPPROD.
09 August 15:10 Andreas Dalby Grønnesby Unreferenced. Please add WP:Reliable sources references as per WP:Referencing for beginners
09 August 15:32 Warangkanang Wutthayakorn Second place contestant to a 2014 beauty pageant. Not notable, doesn't pass GNG
09 August 15:35 A New Type of Imprint Fails notability standards, as per WP:PERIODICAL.
09 August 18:57 Adeniyi Akintola Successful in his career and a political candidate - doesn't meet WP:NPOL or WP:GNG.
09 August 19:24 Katha Sangama (2017 film) Future film that has not started main production, per WP:NFF
09 August 19:49 Salmobase Notability unclear, and little salvageable content not affected by the other identified issues.
09 August 20:01 Hempearth Hemp Plane G7 & G11 - project is upcoming, and seems to be stalled indefinitely. Suggest revisiting when there is actual progress or results.
09 August 20:29 Ashland New Plays Festival This appears to be a non-notable festival; Google search results show primarily calls for submissions and local news coverage (in a relatively small community), but nothing significant. Sources are mostly primary sources.
09 August 21:21 Alf Terje Hana [BLP]
09 August 21:49 Joel Someillan Fails WP:GNG and WP:MUSICBIO. The subject has added a fair bit to the article over time, as "Joelsom", but the content is mostly unsourced and feels like a personal web page for the subject, not an encyclopedic entry. I can't find sources to support GNG and the references present mostly mention the subject in passing.
09 August 22:58 In Theory (band) Not notable. Lacks coverage in multiple independent reliable sources.
10 August 00:20 Helen Kennard Bettin Searching with her full name and with her middle name omitted, I can only find one source that discusses her in any depth ([1]). Aside from that, there's only her own book. Checked Ghits, Gbooks, Gscholar, JSTOR, and Highbeam and found nothing.
10 August 02:01 Peter Brown (Alberta politician) Non-notable politician.
10 August 02:04 New Caledonia at the 2017 World Games There is no reason to have articles about countries that did not participate in an event
10 August 03:18 Eric "88 Fingaz" Parham Several issues, still unresolved. Seems to fail notability.
10 August 07:28 James Thompson (American politician) Being a candidate does not confer notability.
10 August 11:23 სეუსგუმბათი No references. Not in English.
10 August 11:56 Jean Curthoys insufficient sourcing to meet WP:BIO.
10 August 11:56 LCA9 Factually incorrect and redundant micro stub article. LCA9 is not a gene or protein. It is a type of eye disease - see Leber's congenital amaurosis. Correct gene article is NMNAT1
10 August 12:09 Marine biomolecule Not really a useful category for biomolecules currently. It's a bit of an arbitrary grouping, particularly as presented by the current stub.
10 August 13:39 Dharmveer Singh Deol [BLP]
10 August 14:40 Mosè Singh [BLP]
10 August 16:08 Bilawal House I the article is unfeferenced and the topic is non notable, maybe contain lots of wrong information also it have been written in very poor style
10 August 16:20 Elite Indoor Football Appears non-notable per WP:GNG (currently unsourced because it is new, however, even a search of news sources turns up three mentions mostly about the Cape Fear Heroes playing a game against the Steam). There is not even any WP:ROUTINE coverage (something that is not enough to GNG and typically only proves existence) of this and despite having already played one season, no scores or records were ever reported. Not to mention, the games I did find reported on their self-published social media platforms, for an "indoor" football league all but two games were played outdoors and the other two (maybe up to four, hard to tell which were actually played) were in the unnamed converted warehouse. As of right now, this is still WP:TOOSOON for notability here.
10 August 17:24 Betalingsservice No indication of this passing WP:GNG
10 August 17:51 Topsafe Fails WP:GNG: BEFORE did not produce significant coverage in demonstrably independent and reliable sources.
10 August 18:03 Pritam Biswas [BLP]
10 August 18:27 Ayla Stewart Non-article on a non-notable "activist".
10 August 19:42 Bolívar Films Company does not have any significant coverage to justify notability
10 August 21:03 VEX Robotics Competition no references to notability, WP:NOTMANUAL
10 August 22:21 Wedmore Opera Non-notable opera company failing CORPDEPTH and sources insufficient for coverage.
10 August 23:13 Sobia khan [BLP]
10 August 23:28 Liberia National Movie Awards (LNMA Awards) Insufficiently sourced about probably non-notable topic.
10 August 23:34 Krossá (Bitrufjörður) Fails WP:V due to a lack of verification.
11 August 01:06 Tom Schmitz Seems he's not notable enough, even after 22 years in a notable band
11 August 02:05 Jay Bell (writer) Self-published novelist. No actual sign of notability as a writer. Part of a promotional walled garden.
11 August 06:13 Caufapé Doesn't appear to be a particularly notable surname, especially if less than 100 people have it. No notable ppl with the name to disambiguate to.
11 August 07:21 Tsubu Doll Series was either postponed indefinitely or scrapped. That doesn't always justify deletion but it should in this case, it can be recreated if the series ever gets rebooted.
11 August 07:39 Beijing Yicheng Bioelectronics Technology Company Fails WP:NCORP, WP:GNG
11 August 08:00 St. Thomas Orthodox Church No evidence of notability.
11 August 09:06 Talha thakur No evidence of notability, he is mentioned in passing in one independent source, and the award wasn't for him personally but for a group of students including him
11 August 09:14 Deery of Ames Local car dealers, no notability established
11 August 10:37 Luvuyo memela [BLP]
11 August 12:16 Ms. Colombia Non notable local character. The local coverage doesn't meet GNG
11 August 12:20 David J. Kukulka Appears to fail WP:NACADEMIC
11 August 12:23 Arash Hosseini No indication of notability
11 August 12:52 Raozan University College No evidence of notability. (The college's web site consists largely of place-holder pages, its "All Teacher List" lists just one teacher, and it is difficult to find any other source about it other than Facebook.)
11 August 13:15 Alexander Vashakidze Fails WP:NHOCKEY.
11 August 13:15 Demuri Gurgenidze Fails WP:NHOCKEY.
11 August 13:25 Sethurama Iyer CBI (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. The 2 articles have hatnotes to each other
11 August 13:28 Davie, British Columbia Per the BC Geographical Names App, this is an unofficial name for a local railway junction, not a populated place, and therefore fails WP:GEOLAND.
11 August 13:59 Set and setting (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
11 August 14:03 Steril Fails WP:GNG: BEFORE did not produce significant coverage in demonstrably independent and reliable sources.
11 August 14:37 List of all boxing glove brands All of two of these pages have Wikipedia articles. Brands change, and given the lack of individual notability I don't think it meets the list requirements.
11 August 14:47 Rognat cold Non-notable subject with no indication of actual existence. Search for sources turn up nothing.
11 August 15:17 Corsten (surname) Article does not establish notability. "Corsten" already exists and redirects to the only name-holder
11 August 15:19 Ellines In the absence of references, appears to be the author's neologism.
11 August 16:55 Underneath the Gun (band) Refs only offer routine coverage except Fails WP:GNG and WP:MUSICBIO.
11 August 19:12 Resource-based view On Jan 9,2007 a new and inactive editor added 14000 characters to the article. None of it included proper references. It was all footnoted properly, leading me to believe that it was an academic paper cut-n-pasted into the article. I could find no other trace of it online. There are fifteen mirror copies, though. As time has gone by, some of those footnotes have become references. Because we are talking about printed sources, I'm willing to bet they were almost plagiarized.
In my opinion, this article is not an encyclopedia entry, but a handy resource for people writing college papers. My suggested solution is to roll it back to Dec 27, 2006. If there is valuable stuff from the last ten years, an editor can look in the history, fix it, and put it back in. Otherwise, let it go.
11 August 19:42 Kalina Yordanova Virtually no in-depth coverage from independent, reliable sources so fails WP:GNG, and her citation count is virtually non-existent, so it fails WP:NSCHOLAR.
11 August 21:52 Dinesh Ponraj [BLP]
11 August 22:03 Harada Naomasa Have searched for information on Harada Naomasa , but have failed to find any. If anybody else finds info on him then add it to the references and remove this notice.
11 August 22:05 Dániel Kiss (ice hockey) Fails WP:NHOCKEY
11 August 22:17 Ari-Pekka Hakala Fails WP:NHOCKEY.
11 August 22:18 Jordan Peddle Fails WP:GNG.
11 August 22:19 Petri Pitkänen Fails WP:NHOCKEY.
11 August 22:21 Ishak Sahabdeen Fails WP:GNG.
12 August 01:05 Sayed Mohiuddin Tanveer Hashmi I declined a speedy deletion request on this because there's a good faith attempt to show why this person is notable enough to have an encyclopedia article. Unfortunately, I can't find independent, reliable sources to back up claims of notability -- everything is facebook, youtube, etc.
12 August 01:42 Résia (artist) [BLP]
12 August 03:30 Wario (given name) Name fails WP:APONOTE as there aren't at least two notable people with the name.
12 August 03:31 Waluigi (given name) Name fails WP:APONOTE as there aren't at least two notable people with the name.
12 August 05:11 Raju Thota [BLP]
12 August 05:28 S. Pumphanmaung Gym A WP:PROMO page on an unremarkable gym; significant RS coverage not found. Notability not inherited from a notable martial artist who trained there. Created by Special:Contributions/Wonmerome with no other contributions outside this topic.
12 August 05:55 Sennefer (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
12 August 06:22 Clarity Coverdale Fury Created by obvious COI. Non-notable, fails WP:GNG, WP:NCORP. Minor awards not enough to confer notability.
12 August 06:38 Rabbi Harvey I can only find three reliable sources for this article (this one, this one, and this one.) As such, I think that the article fails WP:GNG.
12 August 06:46 Daxini (surname) Unreferenced surname article that does not establish notability.
12 August 06:56 Crazy Horse, Lake Havasu Just a campground, not a populated place, and not a particularly notable campground.
12 August 08:08 Ceco Can't find any WP:RS showing this is an encyclopedically notable job title. Created by an obvious COI and reads like marketing copy but I'll be damned if I can find where from.
12 August 09:51 Vishala Sri-Pathma [BLP]
12 August 10:56 Oriol Busquets Article about a footballer who fails WP:GNG.
12 August 10:56 Richard G. Brown No indication of notability apart from his son.
12 August 12:49 National Catholic Apostolic Church in the United States (non-Roman) No indication of notability, no reliable secondary sources, nothing found on Google News or Google Books and nothing helpful on Google web search.
12 August 12:50 Jan-Niklas Beste Fails WP:NFOOTY and WP:GNG, as Beste has never made an appearance in a fully professional league, has never made a senior international appearance, and has no solid independent notability.
12 August 12:55 Cypress Landing Not a subdivision, but a marina, per the ref. Not a particularly notable one either.
12 August 13:06 Content Sealed Format Non notable format invented by a non notable company.
12 August 13:38 Second base (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
12 August 15:01 Season of Passion (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
12 August 15:07 Waluigi (disambiguation) Name fails WP:APONOTE as there aren't at least two notable people with the name.
12 August 15:14 Amos Tamam No valid reliable references.
12 August 15:14 Shang Jun Shu——Building of Empire As per WP:NOTESSAY and WP:OR.
12 August 15:24 Şırdan Uncited, with no indication of notability.
12 August 15:43 (John Carrabine Park) Carrabine Park A local park. No indication of notability.
12 August 16:33 Zehner Road, Saskatchewan No sources; no encycledically relevant prose. "3 or 4 houses" do not a town make.
12 August 16:42 Fuyuka Ōura [BLP]
12 August 16:42 મગોડી ,ગાંધીનગર No references. Not in English.
12 August 16:46 Silent Assassin An unremarkable comic series. Significant RS coverage for any of the titles not found. Created by Special:Contributions/Finalplanet with no other contributions outside of topics related to Brian Ferrara (the comic's author and publisher).
12 August 16:48 Terminal Press A WP:PROMO page on an unremarkable independent publisher. Significant RS coverage for any of the titles not found. Created by Special:Contributions/Finalplanet with no other contributions outside of topics related to Brian Ferrara (the publisher's founder).
12 August 17:17 2008 Arkansas High School 7A Boys Soccer Season Not notable and too obscure to be discovered by anyone who did not look for orphans.
12 August 17:35 Brian Ferrara An advertorially toned page on an unremarkable entrepreneur and publisher. Significant RS coverage not found. Sources present in the article are interviews, passing mentions or otherwise not suitable for notability. Part of a walled garden created by Special:Contributions/Finalplanet, an account with no other contributions outside these related topics.
12 August 17:44 Laurel Castillo The article is unnecessary, does not cite any source, is poorly structured and does not suit the understanding of the series.
12 August 18:54 Soprano Design A WP:PROMO page on an unremarkable private company. Significant RS coverage not found. Created and extensively edited by various SPAs, including an apparent company representative Special:Contributions/Lucyatsoprano. Content is 100% advertorial, and is excluded per WP:NOTSPAM.
12 August 19:06 Trinity Commandery No. 17 No evidence of notability, orphan, unreferenced, no support for 2.5-year merge proposal
12 August 19:36 Swissôtel Dresden Am Schloss not significant
12 August 20:14 Massachusetts Rifle Association The majority of the text in this article is copied from the organization web site in violation of WP"COPYVIO
12 August 20:31 Bill Porter (Jersey) Does not meet criteria for notability in sports as defined here. Athlete has not competed in any major international competitions or achieved anything of note.
12 August 20:39 Luke Southwood Fails WP:GNG and WP:NFOOTBALL
12 August 20:57 List of former child actors from Belgium unsourced, not enough content for a stand-alone list
12 August 21:19 2014 Arab Cup U-20 this event never took place. It was due to take place but never did.
12 August 21:23 Naaz Lifestyle Mall No evidence of notability, article reads like a retail guide
13 August 01:21 Eugene Plotkin (mathematician) Does not appear to pass WP:PROF
13 August 01:58 Doruk Kamış Fails WP:NHOCKEY
13 August 01:59 Yusuf Kars Fails WP:NHOCKEY
13 August 02:33 Statistical Lempel–Ziv The article seems to be promotional and lacking in evidence of notability. The article cites only one article and a patent by the author of the technique, which was developed as a Master's degree thesis and published in one of the lesser journals of IEEE. Google Scholar shows only 14 citations to the paper and 6 citations to the patent, so it does not seem very influential. No awards or other evidence of notability are described.
13 August 02:41 Reduced-offset Lempel Ziv The article is lacking in evidence of substantial coverage in independent reliable sources and contains no evidence of notability.
13 August 02:59 Favang (film) No references. No indication of film notability.
13 August 05:12 Osmodeus Article about an unreleased student film, no third-party references, Google search didn't return anything relevant. Fails notability guidelines for films.
13 August 05:16 Dr. Kafeel Ahmed [BLP]
13 August 05:45 Heaven (Gotthard album) No indication of independent notability.
13 August 07:11 Compressed magnetic flux generator No indication of notability
13 August 07:53 Coadunation Non notable, unsourced with no sources available.
13 August 08:35 AIA Rhode Island no indication that this particular chapter is WP:notable.
13 August 11:26 Lorrain Theological College unsourced article, lacks independent coverage in reliable sources.
13 August 12:29 Digha-AIIMS Elevated Tollway Unreferenced and likely not notable
13 August 12:47 Rajesh BJYM [BLP]
13 August 13:00 Aekansh Vats [BLP]
13 August 13:59 Rathish nayaka [BLP]
13 August 14:12 Henry Vaughan Dorey I wasn't able to verify that he meets Wikipedia's notability guideline for biographies. There's two sources, neither of them are reliable.
13 August 14:13 Scroggin (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS, and in any case USS Scroggins is not known as "Scroggin"
13 August 14:14 Mar vanwa tyalieva It isn't entirely clear whether this is about a real place that is being associated with fiction or about a fictional place. Some of this, such as the translation into Quenya, is written in the first person and appears to be original research.
13 August 14:16 Dr Nooralhaq Nasimi [BLP]
13 August 14:24 Standard High School Igorora While high schools are usually considered notable, I can't find a single reliable source to show this actually exists.
13 August 14:37 Abhishek Verma (actor) [BLP]
13 August 14:41 Kuldeep Rasila [BLP]
13 August 14:46 Scally (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use. Also delete associated redirect Scally (slang) (disambiguation)
13 August 14:52 Say Once More (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
13 August 15:20 Nambo railway station Fails WP:STATION
13 August 15:23 Cibinong railway station Fails WP:STATION
13 August 15:23 Gunung Putri railway station Fails WP:STATION
13 August 15:23 Pondok Rajeg railway station Fails WP:STATION
13 August 15:37 Jab Harry Met Sejal 2 (2019) (film) Possible hoax. Not able to find any reference about this movie.
13 August 16:01 Mental Health Stigmas in the African American Community Appears to be WP:OR.
13 August 16:06 Big Thick Rod Non-notable play. Only sources are first-party
13 August 17:25 John Doleva [BLP]
13 August 17:26 Sarah Cahill (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use. This PROD is not affected by the move request at Talk:Sarah Cahill#Requested move 13 August 2017
13 August 18:23 List of animated films considered the worst Entirely unreferenced. Only two entries. No idea why this is needed when we already have List of films considered the worst and animated films are eligible for inclusion there.
13 August 20:55 2013 American Athletic Conference Men's Soccer Tournament Unreferenced article since November 2013 which fails WP:NOTSTATS and WP:EVENT. Deletion precedent exists with this and upheld here.
13 August 20:55 2015 American Athletic Conference Men's Soccer Tournament Article containing only WP:PRIMARY sourcing which fails WP:NOTSTATS and WP:EVENT. Deletion precedent exists with this and upheld here.
13 August 22:29 Braeden Wright Non-notable "next big thing" performer. References only confirm existence, rather than notability.
14 August 00:37 Pleasant Hill Baptist Church (Mt. Vernon, Illinois) Looks like an average church with no actual notability
14 August 00:50 Carlos José Botelho de Vasconcelos Matias Should be moved to Portugese Wikipedia instead
14 August 01:38 James Champ Jappah, Jr. [BLP]
14 August 02:34 Indian Institute of Learning and Advanced Development [no reliable links except primary website.]
14 August 02:40 WillNE [BLP]
14 August 05:47 Proposed second United Kingdom European Union membership / final deal referendum No sources are given
14 August 06:03 Namibian Cultural Association fails WP:ORG. unreferenced, created by single purpose editor. text appears a copy and paste
14 August 06:11 Sidon Soap Museum fails WP:ORG. 1 gnews hit, a tripadvisor review
14 August 07:25 Alliance Church Calwell the information on this page is way out of date having not been substantially edited since its creation
14 August 07:55 Vasireddy Nayaks Fails WP:GNG. This is just more caste POV-pushing similar to that of a recent sock farm.
14 August 10:55 Pratyul Joshi [BLP]
14 August 12:35 SLAU (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. The 2 articles with differently-capitalised titles have hatnotes to each other
14 August 12:53 FPCT Tumaini Secondary School No notability.
14 August 12:59 SP-247 (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
14 August 13:02 SP-274 (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
14 August 13:05 SP-319 (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
14 August 13:10 Lalgola M N Academy Not clear where this school is located. Whether it's primary or secondary school. No reference to identify the subject.
14 August 13:15 P. K. R. Pillai [BLP]
14 August 13:16 A. T. Abu [BLP]
14 August 13:29 SSPX (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
14 August 13:43 Gevulot (Jean Le Flambeur universe) Article describes an in-universe object from a fictional book series and fails notability for a stand-alone article. Could be later added into a Jean-Le-Flambeur series article if it is created.
14 August 13:46 Mountain Landis record label Fails WP:GNG. I cannot find any remotely reliable secondary sources of even the slightest substance. Article has been tagged for four years with no response. Article essentially stagnant since 2008 despite update tagging four years ago.
14 August 14:09 Dream This Air Fails WP:GNG and WP:MUSICBIO
14 August 15:06 Mario Bajramaj Article about a footballer who fails WP:GNG and who has not played in a fully pro league.
14 August 15:06 San Marino Grand Prix (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
14 August 15:09 Gonugguntla Suryanarayana [BLP]
14 August 15:37 Non notable new portal. No secondary source to verify.
14 August 15:45 Dancing Dad No evidence at all of satisfying Wikipedia's notability guidelines.
14 August 15:47 Rafiqul Islam Montu Non notable bio, all sources are mere mention of the person. Promotional bio
14 August 16:32 BMC Control-M The content of the page is outdated and inaccurate, the external links and references are outdated and not working, and the concept itself is not significant enough to warrant an article.
14 August 16:35 BMC Remedy Action Request System The content of the page is outdated and inaccurate, the external links and references are outdated and not working, and the concept itself is not significant enough to warrant an article. Note: The original deletion proposal had ambiguous language, this revised version should be acceptable.
14 August 17:12 Fever Dreams uses one source
14 August 17:13 Afterlight (album) both references are unreliable
14 August 17:16 For All We Shared... dubious reliability
14 August 17:21 Heart Full of Sky not enough reliable sources
14 August 17:23 The Last Bright Light seems to lack reliable sources
14 August 17:39 Stelio Mattheos fails notability requirements required by WP:NHOCKEY
14 August 18:02 Whitehouse Field NN high school and amateur ballfield, not the slightest shred of evidence this could meet the GNG.
14 August 18:20 Chang Lin (basketball) [BLP]
14 August 18:21 Kitchener-Waterloo Basketball Club KW Basketball Club never played a game nor does this article include any sources.
14 August 18:35 Bahrain at the 2017 World Games Bahrain did not participate in the event, and the country ain't listed among the 102 nations that did send at least one athlete to the World Games The information in this stub is dated and mistaken
14 August 18:37 Cambodia at the 2017 World Games Cambodia did not participate in the event. There is no reason to have articles just to say that a country did not take part in an event.
14 August 19:33 Colegio de Bachilleres Unsourced and with no text, only an infobox. Not a useful encyclopedia article.
14 August 19:46 Kimmy Gatewood Non-notable individual, fails to meet WP:NART and WP:ENTERTAINER critera
14 August 19:58 Collin Delia fails to meet notability
14 August 20:45 Jerry Williams (British singer) Don't believe this person meets the notability requirements for musicians or the general notability guidelines.
14 August 20:57 Choose connor Non-notable film. Appears to fail WP:NOTFILM.
14 August 21:35 Larry McClelland Fails to meet Wikipedia's notability requirements.
14 August 21:40 List of U.S. nicknames Fails WP:IINFO as an unsourced collection of names. A few of these are pretty ridiculous: The New World is a term for all of the Western Hemisphere, and a few others are personifications, not nicknames.
14 August 22:31 Helen Yawson Promotional article of a non-notable subject who fails WP:MUSICBIO and WP:GNG
14 August 22:42 Vyncent Manson [BLP]
14 August 22:54 Iz in Concert: The Man and His Music unreferenced article with no indication of notability
14 August 23:20 Emrah Savaş Fails WP:NHOCKEY.
14 August 23:20 Gökhun Öztürk Fails WP:NHOCKEY.
14 August 23:20 Sefa Kavaz Fails WP:NHOCKEY.
14 August 23:20 Serdar Semiz Fails WP:NHOCKEY.
14 August 23:37 First Baptist Church (South Perry Street, Montgomery, Alabama) This article is currently or was the subject of an educational assignment. There's not much here worth keeping. (WP:TNT)
14 August 23:43 Milton McGregor WP:TNT - loaded with factual errors, exaggerations and puffery like "it brought about millions of people and money." Borderline WP:ADVERT
14 August 23:47 Blue Rocket Productions Seemingly WP:NN company.
14 August 23:51 Osu!Catch World Cup 2017 Unreferenced, non-notable "world cup" event for a game.
15 August 00:38 Çağıl Uyar fails WP:NHOCKEY
15 August 00:44 Long Range Development Plan (UCSC) seems wholly unremarkable, every university has an LRDP
15 August 00:51 Angela Dodson Per WP:GNG, WP:NACTOR
15 August 01:09 Portal Glitching not notable enough/unnecessary page
15 August 01:19 Constitutionalism in Egypt POV fork of History of modern Egypt. Not sufficiently common as a term for a redirect.
15 August 01:19 Stop Masturbating Start Living Non-notable book lacking any coverage in reliable sources.
15 August 02:08 Radio Neythal Subject lacks notability and coverage in reliable sources.
15 August 02:47 Saussurian dichotomies Original research with no indication of notability/citations.
15 August 02:50 List of past members of the Government of Singapore The article is a tiny, skeletal duplication of what is covered in detail in Cabinet of Singapore, it is a half-hearted attempt at a list where a perfectly good template already exists for the subject
15 August 03:14 Yallanzai No evidence of meeting notability guidelines.
15 August 04:18 Babylon.js Non-notable software. No references and no indication of notability.
15 August 06:17 Aleksandar Rakić (fighter) [BLP]
15 August 06:24 Mads Burnell [BLP]
15 August 06:38 Claudio Romero Has never competed on international senior level. His accomplishments, albeit skilful, are akin to under-18 soccer.
15 August 08:08 Villages under tuting circle No explanation of what the list is of. No references. No context.
15 August 08:10 Syzygy (FPGA) Non-self-explanatory. No references. May be promotional.
15 August 08:17 Akil Wright Fails WP:GNG and WP:NFOOTY having never played in a fully professional league or in a senior international fixture.
15 August 08:40 Ibrahim Ajibu [BLP]
15 August 08:42 Allen Rahul Dhar [BLP]
15 August 09:02 Dhruva Tara (band) Does not establish musical notability.
15 August 11:27 San Luis Pass (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. There is no mention of "St Luis Pass" at San Luis Peak, but in any case San Luis Pass now has a hatnote to San Luis Peak
15 August 11:45 Sali River (disambiguation) Disambiguation not required per WP:2DABS. Primary topic has hatnote to only other use
15 August 11:58 LKiNG Non-notable organization. Unsourced, no in-depth sources found via Google search. No evidence of notability in article.
15 August 12:06 Grand Duchess Elizabeth Nicholaevna of Russia
15 August 12:20 Bo Seo Article is about a student debater who has won some university-level and school-level debating tournaments. Sources are all from Harvard University student publications. Commendable student achievements, but not really notable enough for an article in an encyclopaedia.
15 August 12:48 Manna (Fashawn album) article containing one reference and little more than a track listing with no indication of notability
15 August 12:56 John Gregorek Jr. [BLP]
15 August 13:05 Ye Naing Win [BLP]
15 August 13:06 Lewis Oakley [BLP]
15 August 13:36 S Sathyendra [BLP]
15 August 13:57 Strangers (podcast) Non-notable podcast, fails WP:GNG. Sources cited only include the subject podcast as part of as list, with no articles being explicitly about the subject, failing WP:CORPDEPTH.
15 August 13:59 This will End in Murder As of yet not a notable film, slated for release in 2018 and as such in violation of WP:TOOSOON.
15 August 14:31 Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) This is an ad
15 August 15:17 Falcon gt racing I can find no evidence of the notability of this team or that they have won any of these races.
15 August 15:36 Billy Rayes Fails WP:NACTOR. No significant movie roles, no significant media coverage, only passing references to subject sharing the bill with orchestras as a novelty act.
15 August 16:54 St. Joseph F.C. No information, no notability, no update since May 2014
15 August 16:55 Over the Rainbow (Israel Kamakawiwoʻole album) unreferenced album with no indication of notability
15 August 17:02 Pamen mro This article is only a template.
15 August 17:21 Polish Assault Split album with no legitimate sources establishing notability.
15 August 17:28 Zulhash Uddin [BLP]
15 August 17:36 Sikander Kahlon [BLP]
15 August 17:43 Maui Dark Rum Unsourced and lacking in evidence of notability
15 August 18:28 Riso–Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator Articles fails to meet notability guidelines
15 August 19:12 Bovie Medical Doesn't meet WP:NCORP, mostly coverage is press releases (Also moved out of process from AfC).
15 August 19:19 No Vaseline I'm not convinced this song has received enough coverage for a standalone article. Most of the article is unsourced and reads more like the plot of a movie. Additionally there are BLP concerns with accusations of anti-semitism, amongst others.
15 August 19:45 Game X Change no substantial info, seems to serve as some form of advertisement for retail chain of little to no relevance
15 August 19:56 César Dorado Article about footballer who has never played in a fully-professional league and which fails the general notability guideline
15 August 20:16 Masih Farzaneh [BLP]
15 August 20:32 Elma S. Beganovich Non-notable individual lacking in-depth, non-trivial support. Fails to establish notability.
15 August 20:35 Demetrius Klee Lopes, M.D. No indication of notability per WP:GNG or WP:BIO.
15 August 20:35 Farhan Ali Waris Non-notable subject who fails WP:NM criteria. Only source cited by the article ends in a 404.
15 August 21:02 Leech's six types of meaning No references, not even to the publication being referenced. Not clearly written. Hard to understand, and little or no encyclopedic value as written. (Is it 6 or 7 types of meaning?)
15 August 21:39 Burma Mohammedan Unreferenced article with that does not meet WP:GNG or WP:FOOTYN.
15 August 21:41 Disc of Sabu This is a fringe story that's doing the rounds. No reliable sources, just an echo chamber of speculation. Specifically WP:FRINGE and maybe even WP:HOAX.
15 August 22:04 German federal election, 2021 This is the next but one election, and consensus from many past AfDs is that we don't do such articles.
15 August 22:29 Alejandro Rioja self promotion
15 August 22:44 Melissa T chimutanda [BLP]
16 August 00:32 Summary Of The PM Narendra Modi Speech on 71st Independence Day No references (including no references to Indian newspapers). Not a neutral presentation.
16 August 00:47 Dalton Diehl [BLP]
16 August 00:56 Template:BooneCountyAR-NRHP-Stubs I created this page via a typo, and it was meant to be BooneCountyAR-NRHP-stub. Therefore, this page is an error and can be deleted.
16 August 01:36 ClearView Wealth Limited Article original author has a personal connection with the subject. Article may not meet guidelines for notability standards for Wikipedia.
16 August 01:39 Miguel Antonio Navarro [BLP]
16 August 01:47 Janak Khadka [BLP]
16 August 02:02 Simpang Ampat railway station Fails WP:GNG Whispering 02:02, 16 August 2017 (UTC)
16 August 02:06 Fikka Non-notable film lacking coverage in reliable sources.
16 August 03:19 Film à clef Dictionary entry, with appended unsourced "notable" list of possible examples
16 August 04:15 The Kids (episode) Not an independently notable episode outside of the series itself. The article does not cite any sources or provide any claim of notability either.
16 August 04:16 Reggie Davis (wide receiver) [BLP]
16 August 04:19 Allen Wong [BLP]
16 August 04:56 X-5 (band) No reliable source found
16 August 05:07 Summer Serenades Fails WP:NALBUM and WP:GNG by a mile and then some. Essentially it is fancruft.
16 August 06:42 The Casual Fiasco Fails WP:NBAND, WP:GNG
16 August 07:00 Clustermunch WP:NEO, WP:NOTADICTIONARY
16 August 07:41 Brodie trent [BLP]
16 August 09:01 Sukhoi PAK ShA Unsourced - this may be a case of WP:TOOSOON
16 August 11:04 Princess Helga-Lee of Schaumburg-Lippe Lacking Notability. Helga-Lee never was a princess, she only married a former prince, years after the abolition of the monarchy in Austria-Hungary.
16 August 11:14 Amar hundal [BLP]
16 August 11:32 Kweku Anno It's filled with unsupported assertions, and hardly any citations; person does not meet notability criteria, see also WP:ALIVE; the refimprove tag has been there since January 2017 giving ample time for page creators to respond.
16 August 12:00 Ihsan Norhisham [BLP]

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