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This is a list of articles tagged according to the WP:PROD policy as of Sat Jan 20 14:25:01 CET 2018

The time used is that given as argument of the "dated prod" template, not the cl_timestamp of the categorylinks table, which is the last time the link between the article and the category changed (this is typically the last time the article entered the category, but could also be the last time the article was renamed). Differences of the order of hours are reported at the end. Time 25:00 is used for articles without a time= parameter

The articles this script could not parse are collected in a table at the end of this page.


Time of nomination Article Reason
12 January 04:45 Modoka Studios Entertainment Appears to fail WP:NCORP by a wide margin. I find no coverage in independent reliable sources.
13 January 00:52 Nicole Pérez Fails WP:NFOOTY.
13 January 00:52 Selene Varela Fails WP:NFOOTY.
13 January 02:48 ExcelPackage non-notable
13 January 03:15 Judy Valentine No notability asserted
13 January 03:39 The Return of Sangai Non-notable documentary lacking coverage in reliable sources.
13 January 03:56 Tufte IL No notability asserted, no sources found
13 January 05:28 Carbon Shredders Not notable, minimal sources
13 January 06:07 International Mathematics and Design Association Blatany advert
13 January 07:14 Legends of Russian Rock not notable
13 January 07:17 Business Degree Programs in Central Europe Non notable how-to guide
13 January 07:18 Composite reaction texturing Unsourced, overly specific, no sourcing found, seems to be synthesizing unrelated ideas
13 January 07:37 Music (software) Unrelated games with a common name, no sourcing found
13 January 07:40 Tough Trucks No sourcing found
13 January 07:41 Tolerance group No sourcing found, dicdef, how-to
13 January 13:12 Cho Young-wook Fails WP:NFOOTY
13 January 13:22 International Synthesizer Day No indications on the web of notability, no news sources. This article just advertised an event on 23 May 2017, written 12 days before. Coverage belongs on FaceBook.
13 January 17:18 Collaborative software development model There is simply no such thing, in the academic or professional literature, as the "collaborative software development model." Almost all software is developed collaboratively, and the term for large open source projects like Linux, Apache and Wikipedia itself is mass collaboration. The term for software that is build by geographically distributed developers is distributed development. Basically this article does not refer to any real movement, concept or academic theory. It's as if it was made up just for Wikipedia.
13 January 17:56 Podhanur Thabal Nilayam Per WP:NFILM. Unreleased movie - while the source provided does cover the film production process, I don't think it is enough to consider the movie WP:N at this point in time.
13 January 18:13 Rodrigo B. De Oliveira unknown, sources about him are linkedin and other profiles created by him too.
13 January 22:01 Ankur Jain An advertorially toned BLP for an unremarkable entrepreneur. Affiliated with a nn entity the article on which has been deleted at AfD: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Kairos Society. Significant RS coverage not found; what comes up is WP:SPIP, interviews, passing mentions, and other self-promotion.
13 January 23:25 Directed Edge A directory-like listing on an unremarkable private company. Significant RS coverage not found. Article cited to routine company news, WP:SPIP, and other sources otherwise not suitable for notability.
14 January 00:02 2018 Liga 4 There will be only 3 levels in 2018's Indonesian football leagues, henceforth there's no Liga 4.[1]
14 January 00:50 2010–11 Elgin City F.C. season Fails WP:NSEASONS.
14 January 00:50 2011–12 Elgin City F.C. season Fails WP:NSEASONS.
14 January 00:50 2012–13 Elgin City F.C. season Fails WP:NSEASONS.
14 January 02:28 Logentries An advertorially toned page on an unremarkable private company. Significant RS coverage to meet WP:CORPDEPTH / WP:NCORP not found. Article is cited to passing mentions, routine funding announcements, WP:SPIP and other sources otherwise not suitable for notability. The company has been acquired by Rapid7 (which is itself nn and does not have a stand-alone article), so there's no future opportunity for additional notability.
14 January 02:44 Thatcher Keats fails WP:ARTIST, notability is WP:NOTINHERITED from his father.
14 January 02:57 Pheromones in fiction No evidence of WP:LISTN; just random, unsourced WP:TRIVIA.
14 January 04:41 Back to the Roots (organisation) I have tried every which way to find secondary sources for this organisation but have not been successful. Unfortunately, this is a promotional piece with no current chance to be notable.
14 January 10:11 Artkore Unsourced and non-notable album. I can find no sources that would demonstrate notability.
14 January 11:07 Tygron No indication of notability
14 January 13:09 List of Darkwave releases Unsourced list of artists/albums — many of which do not have their own articles — that are supposedly part of an obscure microgenre. The Dark wave article itself is replete with WP:SYNTH concerns.
14 January 13:46 Carly Fleischmann [BLP]
14 January 14:43 Yuya Kiuchi Sourced to online bio. Coverage certainly doesn't rise to GNG. His journal publications (or position as assistant professor) do not rise to WP:PROF. And his popular books (some of them translations, some co-authored, 5 in total) do not seem to be close to WP:AUTHOR. Translating Obama's book to Japanese does not seem to be a claim for AUTHOR either.
14 January 15:19 Eric Wiberg Borderline G11, converting to PROD. Excluded from Wikipedia by WP:NOTSPAM.
14 January 15:23 Live & More EP non-notable, obscure release
14 January 15:26 Eternal Moods Notability - our only source is about six words in an article.
14 January 16:20 Alexandra Broennimann Recent doctorate. Doesn't meet WP:PROF or WP:GNG per BEFORE or sources in article.
14 January 17:02 Erik Lindell Article about a footballer who fails WP:GNG and who has not played in a fully pro league.
14 January 17:04 Ian Smith Quiros Article about a footballer who fails WP:GNG and who has not played in a fully pro league.
14 January 18:08 Nataša Nolevska [BLP]
14 January 18:17 Butler County Community College Butler Community College changed its name over ten years ago so this disambigation page should be deleted and Butler County Community College (Pennsylvania) moved here
14 January 18:24 Nayak - the Real Hero Non-notable per WP:NF. No media coverage beyond the database cited and a single contemporary newspaper listing.
14 January 19:13 Michael Humphrey [BLP]
14 January 19:38 Tazeem Abbas Notability
14 January 21:00 Rikishi (film) A search for references failed to find significant coverage in reliable sources to comply with notability requirements. This included web searches for news coverage, books, and journals, which can be seen from the following links:
Rikishi (film)news, books, scholar
Consequently, this article is about a subject that appears to lack sufficient notability. Please see the plain-language summary of our notability guidelines.
14 January 21:32 Anne-Marie Live Non-notable, unsourced concert tour fails both WP:GNG and WP:CONCERT TOUR that has been tagged as being unreferenced for a year.
14 January 21:35 Sol Invictus Tour Non-notable, unsourced concert tour fails both WP:GNG and WP:CONCERT TOUR that has been tagged as being unreferenced for a year.
14 January 21:36 Superband World Tour Non-notable, unsourced concert tour fails both WP:GNG and WP:CONCERT TOUR that has been tagged as being unreferenced for a year.
14 January 22:29 Connect Sets (Mae EP) Not a notable album.
14 January 23:37 Dear Sudan Not notable as it was a small local charity. Apparently short-lived as all current references to it date from 2004-5.
15 January 00:37 Matt Stahl Unable to find any significant coverage of Stahl in reliable sources which would clearly show he meets either WP:BIO, WP:BAND or even WP:GNG. I have asked about this at WT:WPBIO#Mat Stahl and WT:WPTV#Matt Stahl and the responses received so far suggest that the article should prodded for deletion. If someone is able to find non-trivia coverage in independent/secondary reliable sources helping to establish Stahl's Wikipedia notability, then please add them to the article or at least to the article's talk page.
15 January 01:55 The manipulated media theory Non-notable theory lacking any coverage in reliable sources.
15 January 03:40 Caterina Lopez Lack of reliable citations and topic does not appear to meet notability standard.
15 January 04:37 Ovid's Withering Fails WP:MUSICBIO and WP:GNG.
15 January 04:45 Kenji Syed Rusydi Fails WP:NFOOTY as he has not appeared in a fully professional league; no evidence of WP:GNG.
15 January 06:11 This Train (band) Non-notable band. Fails both WP:MUSICBIO and WP:GNG
15 January 07:51 Haiden Kalsie Fails WP:NACTOR. I find no significant coverage.
15 January 09:54 Yeung Wo Fai Fails GNG. Sourced mainly to Sitoy group webpages and bloomberg/reuters pages on the stocks. BEFORE doesn't show much more on the individual. Article also has company information (e.g. "Important Company Persons") not relevant (though some are related by blood) to the subject here.
15 January 10:24 Larry Joshua Unable to find any notable coverage in reliable sources, fails to meet notability requirements
15 January 10:55 Russ Brown (lawyer) subject fails to reach notability threshold
15 January 17:21 Wataru Murofushi Doesn't appear to have actually played in a game yet
15 January 17:49 Alyosha Mirny Fails WP:BLP1E, WP:BLPCRIME. Routine story about blogger making threats, nothing of encyclopedic value. No sources since, so clearly no lasting impact.
15 January 17:52 Scott Hampton (racing driver) Clearly fails WP:GNG. Does not appear to meet WP:NMOTORSPORT either.
15 January 17:53 Antonio Felici Article mostly puffery. Haven't located any sources about him specifically, so fails WP:ANYBIO. Italian & French wp articles also lacking sources.
15 January 18:15 Charles M. Wilson Fails WP:GNG. Checks of Google, GBooks, GNews, Highbeam and failed to turn up any sources substantially about him. Most of the few sources located are quotes of the "Charles M. Wilson of the St. Joseph Foundation said XYZ about this topic" formula.
15 January 18:38 Felix Johnson Unnotable actor.
15 January 20:43 Emilie Adams [BLP]
15 January 20:45 Rabah Benlarbi I decided to offer this page to the deletion because no evidence of popularity has been made.Moreover, we note that this page is not intended to inform but to advertise Mr. Rabah BenLarbi
15 January 20:53 Nicoline Berg Kaasin [BLP]
15 January 21:08 Claire Bernard [BLP]
15 January 22:00 CAD, GIS, & GPS Magazine No indication this meets WP:NMAG (an essay) or WP:GNG. Official website is a dead link and company Twitter stopped posting in 2011, so I don't think the sourcing will get better than it is now.
15 January 22:10 Alexandra (Norwegian singer) [BLP]
15 January 22:32 Transaction verification Unsourced stub dicdef.
16 January 00:19 Sharae Spears A BLP that lacks sources that discuss the subject directly and in detail. Does not meet WP:NMODEL and significant RS coverage not found. Cyber Girl of the Year honour is not significant and well known; the article on the program has been deleted here: Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Playboy Cyber Club (2nd nomination)
16 January 00:23 Donald Wismer Can't find the slightest indication that this author or his works are encyclopedically notable in any way. No reviews, overviews, or even interviews located. Checked JSTOR, Highbeam,, and all the usual Google venues.
16 January 02:12 Nicole Ponseca A highly promotional article for an unremarkable restaurateur. Article created and edited by a sock farm in violation of TOU; please see Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/IDreamOfJeannie88.
16 January 03:05 James Atkins (rugby union) No evidence of subject meeting WP:GNG - hasn't been the subject of significant coverage in reliable sources. Fails the the relevant subject-specific notability guideline WP:NRU - hasn't played in a fully professional rugby competition or at international level for a tier 1 high performance union
16 January 04:36 List of subtribes and genera of Bambuseae The page is quite inaccurate and entirely duplicates material that is (correctly) present on Bambuseae page
16 January 06:13 Emad Fathy [BLP]
16 January 06:47 Spring Day (EU programme) Not notable
16 January 08:00 Integrated technology group ITG Fails WP:CORPDEPTH and all sources are press release or PR type sources or brief mentions.
16 January 08:23 Vista Vapors The provided references are a mix of broad articles about the field in which the company operates, primary-sources and listings. These are insufficient to meet the WP:CORPDEPTH requirements and searches are not identifying better.
16 January 08:36 TVS Insurance Broking Limited No evidence provided or found to demonstrate that this insurance brokerage is of encyclopaedic notability.
16 January 08:46 Computer-Aided Test Tool Lack of notability; 'CATT' appears to be a unit test feature within a particular programming language, and has little coverage.
16 January 10:24 IM4U fm Possibly not notable radio station as per WP:NME
16 January 11:08 Financial Graph At best, this is a dictionary definition, which doesn't belong here. It's also unsourced
16 January 13:10 Daniel Gwyther Fails WP:NFOOTY as has never played or managed in a fully-professional league. Also appears to have a heavy WP:COI editing history
16 January 14:31 Anna Maria Spanou [BLP]
16 January 15:16 SaaS Maker Fails WP:NSOFT, WP:GNG. The sources are exclusively WP:SPIP.
16 January 15:59 Franziska Meyer Price [BLP]
16 January 16:39 Mirna El Helbawi Non-notable individual. Subject's radio work has not been (per WP:CREATIVE) enough to ensure inclusion, and their book has not received the acclaim needed to satisfy WP:AUTHOR
16 January 16:53 Jonas Thomassen [BLP]
16 January 17:09 Martin Thomassen (Norwegian musician) [BLP]
16 January 17:46 Prema pallavi No real content; no indication of importance
16 January 17:47 I Went Up On The Hill No other references found. Fails WP:GNG
16 January 18:02 Matin Rey Tangu fails WP:NACTOR and WP:GNG and the sources concentrate on a WP:BLP1E
16 January 18:46 Mather's Cross Non-notable road junction only, not a residential area, fails WP:GNG, no known wide coverage relating to this junction. Article was established relating to then-recent death-reports only (WP:NOTMEMORIAL is applicable), and two of the three poor references are parochial, being circulated only within Isle of Man.

The meagre content should be deleted or could be redirected to make a very small contribution to North West 200#The course where sufficient coverage already exists and at North West 200#Deaths at the event - again, there is sufficient pre-existing coverage with a table and dedicated sub-headings for some of the deceased competitors.

No attempt has been made to develop this article since tagged for notability in September 2016.

16 January 19:09 Bi-State Optical Network I can find no coverage of the topic in independent sources. Doesn't seem to meet WP:GNG.
16 January 19:29 Marcin Rygiel Does not meet notability criteria, all relevant information included in Decapitated and Lux Occulta
16 January 20:25 Robert Steer Huthart Run of the mill business director with one non-notable book. Is also an autobiography.
16 January 21:01 Grant Fine Arts Center no indication whatsoever of notability
16 January 21:41 El plano de Alí-Gusa-No SPA account, no inline citations nor established notability
16 January 22:11 ¡Hay un traidor en la T.I.A.! Fails WP:NOTE and WP:CITEIMDB, lacking in inline citations, created by SPA
16 January 22:31 Scrapbook (Switchblade Symphony EP) Not a notable album.
16 January 23:21 Geofremtidology One person's WP:NEOLOGISM, the publication of which this month is the only Google match. Fails notability.
16 January 23:33 El secreto de Selena Per WP:N. Unreleased television show without significant coverage of the production process. WP:TOOSOON for it's own article.
16 January 23:33 Natargraphite Not notable. One person's conjecture, in a work that is the only Google/Google Scholar hour, and that has no citations.
17 January 00:03 Bojana Sentaler This is not about Sentaler, It's about a coat she designed. Fails WP:BIO.
17 January 00:04 Coalizione del Volere Fails WP:NALBUM The reviews are exclusively blogs
17 January 03:21 Owen Campbell (actor) [BLP]
17 January 04:31 Sadafmoh Tolibova Non-notable tennis player who fails WP:NTENNIS and WP:GNG.
17 January 04:31 Viswasam No indication of satisfying WP:NFF
17 January 04:31 Yuliya Hatouka Non-notable tennis player who fails WP:NTENNIS and WP:GNG.
17 January 04:32 Lizaveta Hancharova Non-notable tennis player who fails WP:NTENNIS and WP:GNG.
17 January 04:32 Shalimar Talbi Non-notable tennis player who fails WP:NTENNIS and WP:GNG.
17 January 07:27 fails WP:NWEB notability
17 January 09:33 Shane Blaney Fails WP:GNG and WP:NFOOTBALL
17 January 12:37 Zippr The article does not prove its subject to be notable. It looks like a run-of-the-mill mobile app, like billions of others, that come and go every day. It does not seem to have any impact.
17 January 13:44 Portable Flight Planning Software Fails WP:GNG. Although the individual software programs could have separate articles (FalconView already has one), this suite itself is not notable.
17 January 14:37 Monster Paradise Fails to meet WP:NGAMES. Tagged as unsourced for over ten years. No claim to notability.
17 January 14:41 J.League Excite Stage Fails to meet WP:NGAMES. No claim to notability, and the only cited source is WP:USERG.
17 January 15:03 Top Gear: 100 Fastest Cars Does not meet notability guidelines - all sources are related to either the book itself or sales of the book
17 January 15:43 Lee Jae-hwang No evidence of notability. The only ref is a dead link. Google search for his Korean name gives Wikipedia, another wiki, instagram, facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. Search for "Lee Jae-hwang" gives similar results. IMDb lists only 3 of the roles listed here, & has a one-sentence bio of him.
17 January 16:09 Simmba Per WP:CRYSTAL, the filming hasn't started yet.
17 January 16:10 Global herald Sources turn in nothing rather than social media websites. Fails GNG.
17 January 16:30 Welcome to the Grindhouses: Wave Two Not needed. Covered at Welcome to the Grindhouse
17 January 16:31 Welcome to the Grindhouse: Wave One Not needed. Covered at Welcome to the Grindhouse
17 January 16:32 Polkadot (project) Article doesn't assert notability. The coverage I could find (like and techcrunch) doesn't seem to take the subject to GNG.
17 January 16:33 Cesar Garcia (curator) lacks general notability
17 January 17:53 Serpil Hamdi Tüzün No indication of how this youth coach meets WP:BIO.
17 January 20:09 Tammerfest Violates WP:NEVENT. Not notable
17 January 21:46 2008 California earthquake study Single-source article, based on an old press release, that does not even name the study referred to, for which there has been no interest in improving.
18 January 00:00 Robot Trains Not notable, afaict.
18 January 00:13 Bruce Guthrie (disambiguation) Disambiguation page not needed per WP:TWODABS.
18 January 01:05 History of Iranian peoples in Europe Unreferenced, and awkard. There is no contiguous history of "Iranian peoples in Europe" which this article hints at.
18 January 01:21 Guðmundur Andri Tryggvason Fails WP:NFOOTY as he has not appeared in a fully professional league, and does not seem to pass WP:GNG.
18 January 01:26 Twixters (TV series) Non-notable web show, no sourcing found. Sources in article are all primary or do not mention the show.
18 January 01:28 HETDIMO No indication of individual notability, nothing suggests it meets WP:NSONGS.
18 January 02:16 A Guerra não Declarada na Visão de um Favelado Fails to demonstrate any significance under WP:NBOOK. Nothing found on a Google search.
18 January 02:44 Sam Jain An advertorially toned BLP on an unremarkable entrepreneur. Created as part of a promo walled garden by a user currently indef blocked for undisclosed paid editing; pls see Wikipedia:Sockpuppet investigations/Draykyle.
18 January 03:06 Aaron Horvath [BLP]
18 January 05:19 Chennaiyin FC Youth No evidence of standalone notability for the youth squad/s of this particular club. A merger and redirection to the article on the senior team may make sense, although there seems to be minimal usable content
18 January 05:40 Diane L. Adams No evidence of notability for this particular singer
18 January 06:37 Aaj Gun Gungun Non notable song. Lacking WP:RS
18 January 08:57 List of Eyewitness Books Does not meet notability guidelines, not an up-to-date list and not sourced
18 January 09:06 Characters in The Echorium Sequence Does not meet notability guidelines, needs secondary and/or tertiary sources, written in an in-universe style
18 January 09:57 Ezatullah Mujahid As a district governor, he fails WP:NPOL (requires state/province level or above for guaranteed notability). The citations given are mere trivial mentions or quotes from Ezatullah, not in-depth coverage of him as required by WP:GNG.
18 January 10:14 Hamoud Hattar All mentions of Hattar that I can find are trivial, never more than a sentence or two, and furthermore they all come from the same brief span in Dec 2003. Nothing previous, nothing since. Fails WP:N completely.
18 January 11:20 Welcome To New York Unremarkable film that doesn't meet the notability guidelines for films.
18 January 12:04 Antti Rahkonen Fails WP:NHOCKEY/WP:GNG
18 January 12:43 Salem Web Network Seems to be unsalvageable
18 January 12:48 Festival 84 Non notable festival that hasn't happened yet. Also written like an advert
18 January 13:07 Víkin Venue itself is not notable outside of being a part of the Víkingur Reykjavik football team. This content is better off being merged into that football team article.
18 January 13:33 Festival of Death (album) Nothing to suggest this is a notable album. Mattg82 (talk) 13:33, 18 January 2018 (UTC)
18 January 13:57 Modern Life Is War (EP) Nothing to suggest this is a notable album. Mattg82 (talk) 13:57, 18 January 2018 (UTC)
18 January 14:55 Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility Advert for unnotable entity
18 January 15:16 2018 Ontario U21 Curling Championship non-notable event
18 January 17:35 Timeline of wireless technology article already exists ---> Timeline of radio
18 January 18:17 Koichi Morita (army officer) No indication of notability, or sources that I can find
18 January 20:38 Monroe Middle School Subject has no claim to notability. All of the coverage I could find is local and most of it has to do with a recent criminal accusation against a teacher there. The coverage is not about the school. Other ROUTINE coverage does not pass the standard for GNG, in my opinion. This article has been unsourced for ten years, which leads me to believe that no reliable independent sources exist.
18 January 21:44 Abdullah Abdulaziz Alhaji I am unable to find independent reliable sources that significantly discuss this individual per WP:GNG.
18 January 21:50 Andhokar Jibon WP:TOOSOON, doesn't appear to have started filming yet.
18 January 22:19 ASR-11 (disambiguation) Unnecessary disambiguation per WP:TWODABS
18 January 23:00 Exchange4linux No indication of notability
18 January 23:39 The Not Nicomjool EP Not a notable record. Mattg82 (talk) 23:39, 18 January 2018 (UTC)
19 January 00:47 Cosmetic Coffee A short run TV series with next to no coverage in independent reliable sources. Of the independent references in article, Style only mentions the show incidentally and b+s doesn't mention it at all. Also not mentioned on Australian TV news site TV Tonight. Fails WP:GNG and WP:TVSHOW.
19 January 02:45 D1 Grand Prix (video game) Unsourced and Unnotable.
19 January 03:20 Lilli (food) No independent sources, and none easily located by web search
19 January 03:52 Phlash TV Non-notable campus television at a small university, Phlash TV is essentially defunct as of 2017
19 January 04:39 Selena Forrest Notability questioned under GNG and NMODEL.
19 January 05:10 Targovax notability is very marginal. See if this PROD flies; if not will AfD Jytdog (talk) 05:10, 19 January 2018 (UTC)
19 January 06:00 Nagar Mastan Only source is a IMDB like website, which does not prove notability
19 January 06:02 Along for the Ride (tour) Non-notable, unsourced concert tour fails both WP:GNG and WP:CONCERT TOUR that has been tagged as using only primary sources for references for a year. There is only one reference provided that is from Dream Theater's website that now says, "The page you are looking for is no longer here, or never existed in the first place (bummer). You can try searching for what you are looking for using the form below. If that still doesn't provide the results you are looking for, you can always start over from the home page."
19 January 06:08 Carried by the Wave Tour Non-notable, unsourced concert tour fails both WP:GNG and WP:CONCERT TOUR that has been tagged as using only primary sources for references for a year. There are eight references provided, one that is from Tom Chaplin's website that lists eight of the tour dates and the other seven are Facebook posts about tour dates, tickets, new concerts and opening acts.
19 January 06:12 Indian Ocean 2001 Not notable
19 January 09:22 Ngoc Thanh Nguyen resume
19 January 09:47 List of Divisions of the Marine Corps League No indication of notability. Yes, the MCL has divisions, and?
19 January 09:48 List of Detachments of the Marine Corps League No indication why we should have a list of over 1,000 non notable detachments (or why at the moment these 6 are included and the other 1000 not).
19 January 12:09 Rangbaz (film) No indication of notability. Only one source and I failed to find anything reliable online.
19 January 12:17 Mukhosh Manush (film) Film notability not established. Sourced very poorly, and the only source given isn't directly related to the film. Having searched online for "Mukhosh Manush", "The Masked Man", and "The Fake" (latter two being alternative names), I could not find many reliable sources.
19 January 12:42 Engandiyur Chandrasekharan No indication of notability and very poorly sourced.
19 January 13:08 Rockox family One notable member (who has a well-deserved article), and they married a few somewhat notable persons. But no evidence that that the family as a whole was notable. "The family is still famous for being the protector of Rubens and other artists." No, Nicolaas Rockox is famous for this. The family wasn't noble (Rockox was the first and last who was knighted), they weren't important politicians (only Nicolaas) or art partons (only Nicolaas)... There seems to be some pattern here ;-)
19 January 14:02 Thomas Group Searches are finding just routine announcements concerning this company, such as the referenced announcement of its closure in 2012. No evidence that it attained encyclopaedic notability.
19 January 14:12 Airports for antique aircraft Article has no encyclopedic content and the intro is unclear as to the subject of the article but unlikely to add anything to the encyclopedia of worth
19 January 14:24 Onswipe Promotional article on non notable company, based mainly on press releases
19 January 14:24 SnapDragon No evidence provided or found to indicate that this group attained notability.
19 January 14:42 Gibson Lake Winter Classic Non-notable local hockey tournament. No sources anywhere that I can find to prove that it meets the WP:GNG.
19 January 15:26 Augmented Experience (AE) Entirely unsourced WP:ESSAY
19 January 16:29 Network (2018 film) Fails WP:NFF the coverage is not sufficient for a film yet to be released. The sources look like rewrites of a press relase
19 January 16:48 Teebee [BLP]
19 January 17:10 Jose Raymond fails WP:ANYBIO the sources are either bios on specialised sites or WP:INTERVIEWs on specialised sites
19 January 17:18 Hridoyer Ayna fails WP:NFILM unsources and nothing found in a WP:BEFORE search
19 January 17:27 Sarah Bachrodt Wikipedia is not a means of promotion.
19 January 17:54 Rebecca Russo Fails to meet WP:GNG. All sources on the page are not independent or are routine game coverage. Also fails to meet WP:NHOCKEY.
19 January 17:57 Milica McMillen Fails to meet WP:GNG. Sources that turn up on page and in a search are all non-independent or routine coverage. Also fails to meet WP:NHOCKEY.
19 January 18:36 Phalguna Mela Article without WP:CS
19 January 19:16 From Victoria to Vladivostok No indication or evidence of Wikipedia:Notability (books).
19 January 20:31 Kfir Gavrieli insufficient evidence for notability
19 January 21:14 AO-7 (disambiguation) unnecessary disambiguation page per WP:TWODABS
19 January 21:14 AO-9 (disambiguation) unnecessary disambiguation page per WP:TWODABS
19 January 21:29 Lacatoni No evidence of notability
19 January 22:08 Murder of Sierra LaMar Unsourced (even though Torres is presumably a living person), no sign of lasting impact, as opposed to routine press.
19 January 22:11 Vivian Kleiman [BLP]
19 January 22:23 Aldo Santaga Stadium No sources, fails WP:GNG, no substantial page activity since 2006
19 January 22:28 Apostolic Episcopal Church Per WP:BOLLOCKS. The only reference provided is their website, and I found no evidence of third-party coverage on the internet. The so-called "Primate" of this "Church" apparently also claims to be the exiled Tsar of Belarus, according to his website--which would render anything on "AEC" website highly dubious. The "Church" is apparently headquartered in this man's house, according to the reference provided. Retired User:L.R. Wormwood
19 January 22:30 Goa Congress No attached sources
19 January 22:30 Joseph S. Sporn Article dependent on patents and self-published or very weak sources. Not fulfilling basic article requirements. Reads like it was written by a PR agency. ☆ Bri (talk) 22:30, 19 January 2018 (UTC)
19 January 22:51 James Sowers No in-depth sources as required by WP:NBIO
19 January 22:59 Kamai people No references added in over 8 years
19 January 23:03 Dawadi No references added in 10 years
19 January 23:09 SafeCharge Promotional article in violation of WP:NOTSPAM, created by a blocked promo user.
20 January 00:39 Ahmed Sabbour Fails notability
20 January 00:48 Jennifer Pozner Obscure individual with no credentials
20 January 02:06 Merci Chrisette WP:BLP1E
20 January 02:42 CSDN Promotional article about company that fails WP:CORPDEPTH. Claims to notability sourced to company statistics, indicating a potential WP:VER failure.
20 January 03:05 A’shanti Gholar Non-notable individual lacking in-depth, non-trivial support. References are brief mentions or primary support. Lacks significant secondary support.
20 January 04:02 Hail PS, Hail unsourced article about a school song. Need I say more?
20 January 04:22 Nanako Mori [BLP]
20 January 04:38 Wisecrack Not a single source for 9+ years
20 January 04:39 Planet X637Z-43 Non-notable event with no WP:SUSTAINED coverage. Fleeting News of the weird items don't satisfy Notability (event) or WP:GNG.
20 January 05:29 Karolis Laukžemis Fails WP:NFOOTY as he has not appeared in a fully professional league.
20 January 05:36 Michael Simmons (author) no actual notability except presence on a list
20 January 05:39 Alexa Andrzejewski promotional article for entreneur of very borderline notability--just placement on vaarious lists, and dcoumented by PR based interviews and similar sources.
20 January 05:44 Apang Mitra Not a notable organization. No references in the article and none found; [1] is an unrelated award.
20 January 05:47 Ellie Gall Doesn't meet WP:GNG or WP:NACTOR. No significant coverage with only incidental mentions in reliable sources.
20 January 06:19 Jessica Mah press release, by undeclared paid editor Minor notability at best , not worth rewriting
20 January 06:45 Sasha Neulinger Sources are local coverage. Parts are very very minor. Fails actor notability.
20 January 06:48 Cine film No sourcing found to verify this usage of the term
20 January 08:06 2012 La Joya shooting WP:NOTNEWS
20 January 08:14 Wanpiya Omsinnoppakul [BLP]
20 January 08:57 Venture Bank Direct An article on a defunct banking proposition with no evidence that it attained notability: the only references relate to the closure of the parent institution.
20 January 09:59 Top Hero (2010 film) Fails WP:NFILM/WP:GNG.
20 January 10:01 Johnny (1983 film) Fails WP:NFILM/WP:GNG.
20 January 11:02 Cotton ceiling Per WP:NEO because this is recent slang restricted to a small minority within the transgender population, and per WP:RS since all citations are opinion pieces by individual bloggers and not from reliable secondary sources.
20 January 11:07 U S Pandey [BLP]
20 January 11:27 Adesklets This article about a dead-on-arrival widget engine does not establish its notability. There is no reason to believe this computer program ever had any impact.
20 January 11:31 Net One Systems Fails WP:NORG Notably WP:ORGDEPTH
20 January 11:33 Artak Vardanyan Sources do not prove he meets WP:NJOURNALIST or WP:ANYBIO
20 January 11:35 Poderosas No sources added since July 2016. Fails verifiability.
20 January 11:48 Tonnage Tour No indication of importance, no references and out of date. Not mentioned on ZZ Top's page
20 January 12:35 Mandahar Fails WP:GNG.
20 January 12:55 Acceptance Sydney Very little coverage in independent sources. Does not meet WP:ORGDEPTH.
20 January 13:06 Sam Alhaje Fails WP:GNG and WP:NACTOR. Isn't covered significantly at all. Only one major TV role, and only mentioned incidentally in news coverage relating to that TV series.

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