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This is a list of articles tagged according to the WP:PROD policy as of Wed May 6 08:25:01 CEST 2015

The time used is that given as argument of the "dated prod" template, not the cl_timestamp of the categorylinks table, which is the last time the link between the article and the category changed (this is typically the last time the article entered the category, but could also be the last time the article was renamed). Differences of the order of hours are reported at the end. Time 25:00 is used for articles without a time= parameter

The articles this script could not parse are collected in a table at the end of this page.


Time of nomination Article Reason
20 April 20:17 John Spiker [BLP]
20 April 20:17 Xavier Brouwer [BLP]
20 April 20:18 Raftside [BLP]
20 April 20:30 Astronote [BLP]
20 April 20:41 Jack Cobden [BLP]
20 April 21:33 Marius Jovaiša [BLP]
20 April 22:00 Okan Çevik [BLP]
20 April 22:04 Zviad Tsikolia [BLP]
20 April 22:39 Sajid Khan (art director) [BLP]
20 April 23:10 Kayden Flames [BLP]
21 April 05:00 Octave Couplet [BLP]
21 April 05:07 Korey Horn [BLP]
21 April 09:05 Azeemullah Siddiqi Qasmi [BLP]
21 April 14:50 Hem Raj Dhakal [BLP]
21 April 15:00 Jerome Robinson [BLP]
22 April 18:20 Sadaket Malik [BLP]
23 April 11:09 Nick Voss [BLP]
23 April 21:57 Dave Jairam [BLP]
24 April 00:08 Nico Venere [BLP]
24 April 14:28 Francesc Miralles [BLP]
24 April 14:35 OG Ikonen [BLP]
24 April 14:48 Joan Isioma Elumelu Okorodudu [BLP]
24 April 17:33 Salade Machemba [BLP]
24 April 22:18 Suvro Banerjee A search for references failed to find significant coverage in reliable sources to comply with notability requirements. This included web searches for news coverage, books, and journals, which can be seen from the following links:
ProdSummarynews, books, scholar
Consequently, this article is about a subject that appears to lack sufficient notability. Please see the plain-language summary of our notability guidelines.
25 April 19:41 Ahmad Farroukh [BLP]
25 April 20:44 Nadia Espley [BLP]
26 April 04:35 Jouni Aslak [BLP]
26 April 17:23 Gagan Gupta [BLP]
26 April 17:52 Romualdas Dziuga [BLP]
26 April 19:56 PraSankar [BLP]
27 April 00:44 Dave Ryan (comics) [BLP]
27 April 03:49 Civil Rights in Gainesville, Florida The relationship between the title of this article and its content is comparable to an article named "List of countries of the world" and listing only Canada and Poland. It's a look at one very specific topic, the treatment of the homeless in Gainesville, not about civil rights generally, and the article is unbalanced in that respect.
27 April 04:51 Gathering of Vadodara lacks notability. No secondary sources.
27 April 05:10 2015 Kei Nishikori tennis season Not allowed a season article yet per RfC's, consensus and Tennis Project guidelines. First must win a grand slam tournament.
27 April 05:40 SKisM [BLP]
27 April 10:49 Window Seat Films Fails WP:NCORP and WP:GNG
27 April 11:46 Vijay Malhotra [BLP]
27 April 12:00 Shrikant Sreenivasan [BLP]
27 April 12:54 Bounce for band This game might be notable if it were, in fact, the first game to integrate a wearable device as a game controller, but there is no proof of that, and several claims ([1], [2]) to contradict the claim.
27 April 12:55 Carl Robinson (software developer) [BLP]
27 April 14:20 B. J. C. Perera [BLP]
27 April 14:53 Everglades Wetland Research Park Fails WP:GNG due to no coverage in independent sources. A search revealed only the organization's website and authors affiliated with the organization, but no coverage of the actual organization. Article has been unsourced for two and a half years.
27 April 18:35 Gary Volpe [BLP]
27 April 19:42 Americus Dotter Fails WP:GNG and is promotional
27 April 19:49 South African Youth Choir does not appear to meet notability threshold
27 April 20:51 Planet Positive No indication of notability
27 April 20:57 Kourtnei Brown [BLP]
27 April 22:47 Beyoncé (disambiguation) Beyoncé: Platinum Edition and Beyoncé Pulse are only partial title matches. Beyoncé (album) is the only full-match topic, and a hatnote atop Beyoncé will suffice.
28 April 00:41 Vanilla Chocolat No non-cruft, non-blog sources exist.
28 April 03:12 Travis clark (singer) [BLP]
28 April 03:56 Willing to Wait (song) No references, no claim of notability, fails WP:GNG and WP:NSONG
28 April 04:02 Leftfield (genre) No sources for over a year. A passing reference to Discogs actually muddies the water instead of explaining what this is.
28 April 04:03 Prepare for Hell Tour The coverage (references, external links, etc.) does not seem sufficient to justify this article passing Wikipedia:General notability guideline and the more detailed Wikipedia:Notability (events) requirement. If you disagree and deprod this, please explain how it meets them on the talk page in the form of "This article meets criteria A and B because..." and ping me back. Thank you,
28 April 05:31 My First Keyboard Non-notable and defunct side project of a musician. Only sources are broken links and track listings.
28 April 07:52 Gary Lino Non-notable boxer - does not meet WP:NBOX
28 April 13:57 Culture note dictionary definition of term without common usage. No references since 2006
28 April 15:02 Medieval Engineers Non-notable game. The game is still in alpha testing: it's too soon for an article. There are no reliable sources yet existing about this game.
28 April 15:11 Arcade Zone Not notable.
28 April 15:11 Arcadia Systems Not notable.
28 April 15:14 Champs-Elysées Audio Magazines Not notable.
28 April 15:24 Rain water harvesting in Uganda Not encyclopedic
28 April 15:29 Brainbread 2 Fails WP:GNG.
28 April 15:43 Youth for International Socialism unsourced, non-notable
28 April 15:45 Hatt et Söner Small, insignificant brand recently created, selling mediocre chapagne at inflated prices to a gullible Swedish audience.
28 April 15:52 Cody Cropper No senior club or international appearances. Fails WP:GNG and WP:NSPORT
28 April 16:26 Health organization Overly vague, unreferenced article is nothing but a dict. def.
28 April 17:24 Breaking Point (video game) Fails WP:GNG.
28 April 17:53 Fasoo Advert for unnotable entity
28 April 18:49 Nona Fienberg [BLP]
28 April 19:08 International Company and Commercial Law Review Not-notable journal; tagged for five years.
28 April 19:57 Carrie Jenkinson [BLP]
28 April 20:14 Still Around No references, no claim of notability, fails WP:NSONG and WP:GNG.
28 April 20:19 Russia Heat Defunct Danish band that does not meet band inclusion standards
28 April 20:45 Upsourcing Wikipedia:Wikipedia is not a dictionary
28 April 21:06 Ringdale No indication of notability
28 April 21:09 Konan Technology No indication of notability
28 April 21:16 VEREMIY (band)
28 April 21:17 David Martin (musician) Notability not demonstrated, tagged since 2010
28 April 21:26 Bill Heiser He hasn't received significant coverage nor played a fully pro league match. Therefore the article fails both WP:GNG and WP:NFOOTBALL.
28 April 23:57 IQ Nottingham Per WP:Note, proposed for deletion because there seem to be no independent sources that establish the notability of building.
29 April 00:00 Genocide Early Warning Essay. original research and synthesis.
29 April 00:20 Equis International Fails notability guidelines
29 April 00:23 SeverCorr Fails notability guidelines
29 April 01:43 Jeremy Jones (editor) [BLP]
29 April 02:21 Escambia County Fire Rescue No sources at all.
29 April 02:34 Melaka Review Fails WP:WEB due to insufficient reliable source coverage
29 April 04:30 Kakaji Maharaj A single secondary source does not merit having an article due to lack of references? Perhaps, may pass notability test. Consider expanding this article.
29 April 06:17 Depri No context beyond a basic name definition - WP:NOTDIC
29 April 07:35 Jane Wembli [BLP]
29 April 07:40 Laurent Zecchini [BLP]
29 April 09:49 Syed Ali Haider None of the references relates the subject.
29 April 11:01 Patricia Driscoll (business executive) content meets criteria for speedy deletion, not written from a neutral point of view, has unsourced material and is a shameless plug for the person's business ventures. In addition, the tabloid nature of the main topics are not consistent with Wikipedia's policy on factual information not sensational journalism. Why Ms. Driscoll went to Mr. Busch's trailer to extort money from him is not relevant to a biographical article; and, if included, should really be a footnote, not the main focus of the Wikipedia article. The tone of the rest of the article is overstatement of Ms. Driscoll's business ventures. Disparaging the character of Mr. Busch is inconsistent with Wikipedia policy on neutral biographical content. Gossiping about her ex-lover is also not acceptable in the content of the article.
29 April 13:01 New Life Review Non-notable new journal. Not indexed in any selective databases, no independent sources. Does not meet WP:NJournals or WP:GNG.
29 April 13:52 Battlefield:Bad Company 3 WP:TOOSOON. The game is not announced and should not have its own page, not even a redirect
29 April 14:30 Lex Harding [BLP]
29 April 15:24 Pasan chandrasekara Non-notable individual
29 April 15:44 Leah Guy No indication of notability in article text, all references go to non-specific pages on her websites (plus a non-RS site; a preliminary search for more sources via google didn't result in better sources
29 April 15:51 Cherryball No evidence of coverage beyond Wikipedia mirrors, appears to be a WP:HOAX
29 April 15:59 IMVDb no evidence of notability
29 April 16:35 Croatian society of medical biochemistry and laboratory medicine No evidence of notability (significant coverage by independent, third-party, reliable sources) per WP:ORG. Apparently written by affiliated contributor: "Today, we have more than 750 members".
29 April 16:41 ಬಾಸೆಲ್‍ ಮಿಶನರಿಗಳ ತುಳು ಟಿಪ್ಪಣಿಗಳು Has been listed at WP:PNT for two weeks without translation
29 April 17:14 Catelynn lowell [BLP]
29 April 18:20 Accelebrate Thinly veiled advertisement for an unremarkable company. Sourcing is insufficient to meet WP:CORP.
29 April 18:22 Be-Samar Raah Ka Musafir Non-notable book by author who does not appear to be notable either. No evidence of meeting WP:NBOOK or WP:GNG.
29 April 18:27 James Andrew O'Connor [BLP]
29 April 18:35 Sal Bernal [BLP]
29 April 19:14 Grégory Gadebois [BLP]
29 April 19:19 Zamindar Mina G-11 candidate article. Having no reliable sources, created only for the purpose of promoting a section of Meena castes. The Article Meena is already there then why a separate article is needed which has no source as base of information.
29 April 19:42 Jeannie Aur Juju fails WP:GNG tagged forever and no evidence of any significant third party coverage, just WP:ROUTINE pre release promotional blurbs
29 April 20:08 Anqing Stadium Unremarkable stadium.
29 April 20:33 Xiushan Stadium No evidence of notability
29 April 20:38 Unione This article does not have any sources and is a stub, and as the notification said it "may be challenged and removed". I would like it if you could expand this article a bit and add a source, page creator. :)
29 April 20:56 Kaija Roze Bales [BLP]
29 April 20:57 Me and Thad After searching for coverage about this self-published book (Createspace), I can find none that would establish it as notable for inclusion in Wikipedia.
29 April 23:47 Robustness Diagram Lacking context. Article uses jargon terms extensively, doesn't indicate what the application actually is, and uses terms in their own definitions (entity elements are entity types, use cases can invoke use cases...)
30 April 00:23 Scott Dickinson Does not meet WP:GNG, was a generic referee for WCW, happened to referee a match that led to some minor storyline
30 April 00:41 Kurt Farquhar [BLP]
30 April 00:58 Hextet NN neologism suggested in an expired Internet Draft.
30 April 01:26 Hi Health Fails WP:CORP notability requirements.
30 April 01:30 Neshar Uddin [BLP]
30 April 01:58 Michael Brelo I am concerned that this article is a BLP violation, see specifically WP:BLPCRIME.
30 April 02:08 Huey Lewis and The News, All The Way Live This article is unsourced and appears to be entirely a subjective review by the creator
30 April 03:02 Karl Barksdale Doesn't seem to meet WP:NAUTHOR or WP:ACADEMIC. I can't even be sure this meets GNG, based on found sources. This looks more like class project than a Wikipeida article.
30 April 04:12 K.M. Walton [BLP]
30 April 04:52 Sporalogy Notability not established, unreferenced since 2009
30 April 05:15 Florence Giorgetti [BLP]
30 April 06:01 Didel Fails WP:GNG. Just another Indian surname.
30 April 06:04 Tandi clan Fails WP:GNG. Only mirrors, Facebook and matrimonial websites etc, plus a passing mention by the unreliable Bhim Singh Dahiya here.
30 April 06:43 Combat Toyoda Doesn't meet WP:GNG. Insufficient reliable third party sources. All sources in the article are fan made or edited.
30 April 08:09 Axel Bossekota Article about a footballer who fails WP:GNG and who has not played in a fully pro league.
30 April 10:25 Dhaval Gada [BLP]
30 April 10:48 Ishyoboyvinay [BLP]
30 April 13:25 Advanced 365 The coverage (references, external links, etc.) does not seem sufficient to justify this article passing Wikipedia:General notability guideline and the more detailed Wikipedia:Notability (companies)
30 April 13:35 Pizza Worm This is a non-notable, freeware snake game, of which there are dozens.
30 April 14:14 Abnish Singh Chauhan I do not find any reliable sources to Google search that prove the significant coverage of the subject. Subject does not pass the notability.
30 April 14:49 Mooch (film) Film with no info and no refs at all, little notability.
30 April 14:50 Jamie O'Keefe [BLP]
30 April 14:55 Nikolaus Kriegeskorte [BLP]
30 April 15:05 EduSrch Advertisement sounding page.
30 April 16:31 Ryan Beckman Non notable minor league baseball player
30 April 16:42 Nevzat Tarhan [BLP]
30 April 16:43 Ideal moment No sources or indication of importance.
30 April 16:45 Integrated register surveillance Unsourced and no indication of importance.
30 April 16:46 Internet mediated research Unsourced and apparently doesn't meet the notability guidelines
30 April 17:13 Kurisunkal No-one listed to show importance as a surname.
30 April 17:21 Radio Woolton unsourced article with no indication of importance and doesn't seem to meet notability guidlines
30 April 17:22 RAM Image unsourced orphan with no indication of importance
30 April 17:49 Red Mountain Racers Unsourced orphan that doesn't meet notability guidelines
30 April 17:52 RomDisq Unreferenced orphan that may not be notable
30 April 18:14 Gennie James [BLP]
30 April 18:28 Weah Ephraim Harris [BLP]
30 April 18:33 Soldiers (Drowning Pool song) No references, no claim of notability, fails WP:NSONG and WP:GNG.
30 April 18:34 Josh Vickers Article about a footballer who fails WP:GNG and who has not played in a fully pro league.
30 April 18:34 Τsouprou Stavroula [BLP]
30 April 19:05 In Compliance Magazine I don't find evidence of notability for this magazine. No substantial coverage in independent reliable sources found through a Google search.
30 April 19:21 Lilo Vilaplana [BLP]
30 April 19:22 Roberto FE Soto [BLP]
30 April 19:31 Practice Avoiding Mistakes No evidence of meeting WP:NALBUMS
30 April 20:35 Robby Valentine (album) Non-notable album by an artist whose article has been deleted. Fails WP:NALBUM.
30 April 21:21 Armand Martin per WP:NOTNEWS. Subject only known for single event.
30 April 22:23 Journal of Central and Inner Asian Dialogue Non-notable journal. Not indexed in any selective databases, no independent sources. Does not meet WP:NJournals or WP:GNG.
01 May 00:16 Phoenix Dragons Apart from the infobox this is a blank article with nothing but an external link. It has been like this for ages so it is not like anybody is likely to add anything of value. The only thing stopping me from putting speedy deletion on it is that it was once at an AfD.
01 May 00:54 Pascal Kleiman No evidence of importance, completely unsourced BLP
01 May 00:55 Non-reformist Reform Neologism, not enough independent sourcing to warrant its own article
01 May 02:44 Alexander Anoprienko [BLP]
01 May 02:50 Pour Wikipedia is not a dictionary.
01 May 03:05 Homelessness in Wilmington, NC Topic with no demonstration of notability per WP:GNG. Further, article is written like a personal reflection or school essay.
01 May 03:07 Comedy World: The Show No Content
01 May 14:19 3J3D no references and sources, notability
01 May 14:27 Bill Scher [BLP]
01 May 14:42 Guievict software article of unclear notability, lacking independent references, tagged for notability and refs since 2011
01 May 14:48 Kieron Donoghue No evidence of notability; associated comapnies aren't notable, no significant coverage by third party reliable sources; will be sent to AfD if disputed.
01 May 14:50 Bons unreferenced company stub article of unclear notability
01 May 15:19 The Open Doorway Non-notable self-published book, no coverage.
01 May 15:58 Wiracocha Spanish School Per WP:SCHOOLOUTCOMES. Doesn't meet WP:ORGor WP:GNG.
01 May 16:08 Serghei Litvin Manoliu No independent sources attest notability.
01 May 16:26 Gapper (video game) Non-notable, freeware clone of a commonly cloned game (Amidar). Article has been unreferenced and without sources for a long time.
01 May 16:36 Sharon Nazarian Notability not apparent from references provided.
01 May 16:41 Revel Systems This page reads like an advertisement and press release and was almost entirely created by one person who works for the company.
01 May 17:07 List of MOOCs offered by US universities Per WP:NOTDIRECTORY WP:NOTE and WP:CONTENTFORKING, clearly quite some work has gone into this unfortunately, but the information is not current (nor is it likely ever to be), is uncited (and most course would only have their course pages to cite, as most of them are not in themselves notable courses), and any notable courses should be cited in the Massive open online course article rather than here (forking). For current lists of moocs there are better places to look than Wikipedia (and are likely to include non-US courses). The article, as a Wikipedia article, isn't suitable.
01 May 17:14 Rastavac Milan [BLP]
01 May 17:17 Rohini Mohan [BLP]
01 May 17:33 Parker Lovesee [BLP]
01 May 18:53 Ben Dukes [BLP]
01 May 18:58 Eleventeen (SF) No references, questionable notability.
01 May 19:21 Berks/Bucks & Oxon 3 North have created 1 page containing info on Berks/Bucks & Oxon 3 North & South due to restructuring of league
01 May 19:22 Berks/Bucks & Oxon 3 South have created 1 page containing info on Berks/Bucks & Oxon 3 North & South (Berks/Bucks & Oxon 3) due to restructuring of league
01 May 19:30 Tonya Kinzinger [BLP]
01 May 19:32 Aamir Masood [BLP]
01 May 19:32 Eric A. Stern notability requirements not met
01 May 19:32 Franck Dubosc [BLP]
01 May 19:33 Mette Groetteland [BLP]
01 May 19:34 Ms. D Thara [BLP]
01 May 19:35 The Battle of Evernight The entire text is a plot summary. No indication of notability.
01 May 19:38 Rigo Nova [BLP]
01 May 19:38 The Lady of the Sorrows Virtually the entire text is a plot summary. No indication of notability.
01 May 19:39 Rudi Bučar [BLP]
01 May 19:40 François Morel (actor) [BLP]
01 May 19:40 He Zhihong [BLP]
01 May 19:40 The Ill-Made Mute Virtually the entire text is a plot summary. No indication of notability.
01 May 19:42 Johnny Klimek [BLP]
01 May 19:43 Bitterbynde The entire text is a plot summary. No indication of notability. Unreferenced for over five years.
01 May 19:46 S. Kumar (cinematographer) [BLP]
01 May 19:47 Sadie Calvano [BLP]
01 May 19:48 Klaus Bietenholz [BLP]
01 May 19:48 Valeria Vereau [BLP]
01 May 20:05 Synapse-Phones Nonnotable startup that sizzled quickly
01 May 21:05 KlezKanada Advert for unnotable shindig
01 May 21:28 Gabby Abularach [BLP]
01 May 21:36 Ibrahim Omoush lack of references
01 May 21:51 Gina Gillespie biography of a living person with no reliable source cited; note that IMDB is not a reliable source per Wikipedia:External links/Perennial websites#IMDb
01 May 23:52 Jhara Pahalwan Doesn't meet WP:GNG.
01 May 23:55 Pioneer Senshi Doesn't meet WP:GNG.
02 May 00:33 Erika Tham Fails WP:NACTOR
02 May 00:52 Witold Bulik No Google Books results, no Google results that appear to refer to this person, appears to be a WP:HOAX
02 May 01:01 Pauscal
02 May 01:11 PC SOFT NN
02 May 01:14 WebDev NN SEO spam
02 May 04:41 TurboCoder Digital Medical Coding Software and Publications Spammy article from single-purpose account. There are no hits in Google Books on this turbocoder; all hits for this string are about an encoder of a turbo code.
02 May 05:16 .xyz (domain) NN
02 May 05:17 .space NN
02 May 05:20 .tatar NN
02 May 05:24 .graphics NN
02 May 05:26 .ceo NN
02 May 05:32 .foo NN
02 May 05:35 .wtf NN
02 May 05:53 Kiyahna Unsourced, no indication that this meets the general notability guideline.
02 May 06:29 Adam Day Unsourced, orphaned article about an event that appears to have received no coverage whatsoever in reliable sources.
02 May 07:39 Melody Nurramdhani Laksani [BLP]
02 May 07:45 Marianne Bevand No indication of notability per WP :BIO or WP:CREATIVE; no significant coverage online from WP:Reliable sources, just passing mentions, usually as one of a list of participants or contributors.
02 May 07:46 The 36 tattvas This article is not a notable topic; it is and always has been a weird specialist page that is not Wiki appropriate, as Wikipedia is not a religious instructional manual. It is also apparently copyvio.
02 May 08:18 Lankaber Doesn't meet WP:NPLACE or WP:GNG.
02 May 08:39 Heaven's renegade angel apparently self published book not even in worldCat
02 May 08:52 Amber Teterissa [BLP]
02 May 08:53 Escha Tanihatu [BLP]
02 May 08:57 Runi Lewerissa [BLP]
02 May 09:25 Tao Kae Noi No sources, very promotional
02 May 10:54 Jason Hatton [BLP]
02 May 11:08 Kealba Views, Victoria not a suburb and text copied from Kealba, Victoria by a blocked sockpuppet
02 May 11:16 Full stack marketers Appears to be a non-notable neologism
02 May 12:45 Matthew arthur williams [BLP]
02 May 14:11 ExperVision doesn't meet significance criteria; lack of reliable references;
02 May 14:34 Tamara Maria Tahalele [BLP]
02 May 15:29 Cartoon Network (Middle East & Africa) Does not meet general notability guideline requiring ample coverage from reliable sources independent of the subject. Very little has been written directly about the subject, the Middle East & Africa division of Cartoon Network. We know it exists, but existence does not guarantee inclusion. Most references I've found contain passing mentions to the subject. Things like: 'a series was picked up by CN EMEA', 'so-and-so has been tapped to be the new &lt;insert job title here&gt; of Middle Eastern content for Cartoon Network', etc.
02 May 16:25 Allen Hall (University of Manchester) Per WP:Note, proposed for deletion because there seem to be no independent sources that establish the notability of site.
02 May 16:25 St Gabriel's Hall Per WP:Note, proposed for deletion because there seem to be no independent sources that establish the notability of site.
02 May 16:25 Wright Robinson Hall Per WP:Note, proposed for deletion because there seem to be no independent sources that establish the notability of site.
02 May 16:39 Chelina Manuhutu [BLP]
02 May 16:39 Kkusum unsourced for multiple years, no evidence of WP:GNG
02 May 16:39 الشيخ عبدالكريم المدرس Has been at WP:PNT for over two weeks, and has not been translated.
02 May 17:50 Boston University College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (Sargent College) Fails WP:GNG
02 May 17:52 Alumni Healthful Living Center Clearly fails WP:GNG
02 May 17:59 Pine Neck Fails WP:GNG
02 May 18:21 Mesivta Ateres Yaakov Fails WP:GNG
02 May 18:23 Paul Kolker Fails WP:BIO.
02 May 18:53 Digital Hollywood Fails WP:GNG
02 May 19:41 Lamont Cain The sources come nowhere near showing that the subject satisfies Wikipedia's notability standards.
02 May 20:01 Barrigas Negativas No indication of notability. No references. Tagged for notability since 2009.
02 May 20:04 Haider Hayat Khan [BLP]
02 May 21:18 Raja Sathua Fails verifiability and probably notability as well. These "kings" are actually clan chiefs. This one has no full name or verifiable biographical details.
02 May 21:47 Envision Recordings subject is non-notable
02 May 23:07 Nadey Hakim WP:AUTO, WP:N, WP:BIO, WP:PUPPET. This page looks like a CV, not an encyclopaedic entry. Many edits were commited by User:Nadeyhakim and User:Dhakim383. The only notable thing I can see is an allegation of gross misconduct.
03 May 06:11 Yann Deval [BLP]
03 May 07:27 Green Crescent Insurance Company (GCC) Not notable. No sources.
03 May 07:28 Daman, National Health Insurance Company Not notable. No sources.
03 May 07:31 Parande I couldn't verify its WP:NOTABILITY. My searches showed that Parande seems to be a surname, but not particularly common or particularly prevalent in Iran in comparison to others (far more common in UK for example). And even then, no reliable sources. If somewone could verify this, the one sentence could be recreated easily.
03 May 10:20 AppFlower No indication of notability, tagged for years without improvement. See also comments on talk page.
03 May 12:00 Gavin Van Peperzeel Player does not meet tennis notability guidelines. Has not won an ATP Challenger tournament, played on the main ATP world tour or Davis Cup and does not have a notable junior career. Also has not been shown to meet WP:GNG.
03 May 13:17 Walldog No evidence or assertion of notability, no independent reliable sources
03 May 14:37 Dal Yong Jin Does not appear to meet WP:PROF notability.
03 May 14:54 List of Commanders of the Escola Preparatória de Cadetes do Exército Lack of independent reliable secondary sources. The only sources are Escola Preparatória de Cadetes do Exército or a professor of that School. None of them can be an independent souce. No assertion of notability of the list (nothing indicates that belonging to the list makes someone notable outside the School).
03 May 16:42 Arming of the Armed Forces (Egypt) No sources, no evidence of such an agency, does not make sense
03 May 16:43 Armed Forces Operations Authority (Egypt) No sources, no evidence of notability or that such an agency exists
03 May 16:57 Keivan Saket [BLP]
03 May 17:00 Prosun Does not appear to meet WP:GNG
03 May 17:23 Sista Philo [BLP]
03 May 17:50 Rosedale Volunteer Fire Department no context, not notable.
03 May 17:51 Erbil Polytechnic University No content, no references.
03 May 17:55 Szávaszentdemeter This , hungarian, name of the city has never been used through entire history of the city.
03 May 19:35 Fochabers F.C. Doesn't meet WP:CLUB or WP:GNG
03 May 20:27 Sur La Route Article seems to be abandoned, and is a stub; links are dead; Station does not exist anymore; Information outdated. Also, no sources are cited for the text.
03 May 20:45 Bellingham United F.C. non-notable amateur soccer team
03 May 21:11 Joanne Gavan No references, questionable notability.
03 May 21:14 Fontcreator Article is based on a single news report. Doesn't seem to meet WP:NSOFT.
03 May 21:19 Crashpad Long tagged as uncited. Appears to be original research regarding a very specific defintion, not supported by much more general definitions given in reliable sources, e.g Oxford and Merriam Webster dictionaries.
03 May 21:52 Lidiaana [BLP]
03 May 22:32 Sheikh Anta Diop College, Johannesburg no evidence of notability
03 May 23:28 John G. Burchill No reliable 3rd party sources to show notability, fails WP:BIO
04 May 00:11 Aspley State School non-notable primary school
04 May 02:30 List of Destiny Wrestling Organization champions the information on this page was merged onto a different page
04 May 03:18 Aloke Dasgupta [BLP]
04 May 03:25 Angela Gerekou [BLP]
04 May 05:53 Integrated Trending and Plotting System
04 May 07:15 Dusty Good [BLP]
04 May 07:19 Traffic Chowk Non-notable roadway, fails WP:GEOROAD
04 May 07:43 Jesus Davila Jr WP:NOTNEWS
04 May 08:35 Scott Reed (footballer) Delisted without playing an AFL game
04 May 09:39 Timur Nikarkhoev Non-notable boxer - does not meet WP:NBOX
04 May 09:55 Minuswelt Musikfabrik NN label (unsourced in years, website blank)
04 May 10:14 Run Level Zero NN band
04 May 10:30 Sumedh mudgalkar [BLP]
04 May 11:10 Wipeout Indonesia Blank page remaining after blanking of what was purportedly a hoax.
04 May 12:30 Patrick Van Waeyenberge [BLP]
04 May 12:39 K.M.AKBAR ALI [BLP]
04 May 13:01 Brock Skywalker Can find no non-trivial coverage by independent reliable sources.
04 May 13:37 Hank Haney IJGA Unsourced promotional article for non-notable company - only substantive editor is company's marketing manager
04 May 14:40 Wouter Verschelden [BLP]
04 May 14:41 Mick Van Loon [BLP]
04 May 14:53 Mobile substation Doesn't meet Wikipedia's notability criteria
04 May 14:56 Michael Adegoke [BLP]
04 May 14:59 Nai Harvest Fails WP:NBAND and WP:GNG
04 May 15:07 Gabriel Torrelles Lack of notability, already deleted in w:es.
04 May 15:10 Tom Stansfield [BLP]
04 May 15:18 Turbanator Principal photography not yet begun, per WP:NFF
04 May 15:23 Michael Bayley No indication of significant coverage in reliable sources that are independent of the subject of the article and no substantive information that couldn't be included in the Royal Caribbean International article. Would be better as a redirect to Royal Caribbean International.
04 May 15:32 Hate Story 3 Principal photography has not yet begun, per WP:NFF
04 May 16:08 Platform technology non-notable unsourced (since 2008) neologism and/or original research
04 May 16:30 DJ Layla No in-depth, non-cruft sources attest notability.
04 May 16:32 Babylon (Bosquito album) No in-depth, non-cruft sources attest notability.
04 May 16:46 Kristín A. Árnadóttir No particular indication of notability.
04 May 17:34 Lloyd paternott [BLP]
04 May 17:34 Look at Life (arts community) Reliant only on it's own website and not improved in over 5 years. I can't see any reliable news/book coverage that says anything about this community's existence. Fails WP:GNG.
04 May 17:52 Kroesos Foundation Seems to be a briefly existing 21st century collective. Article remains unsourced after over 7 years. I've searched online ( and for Krösos/Kroesos and haven't found a single mention of note. Fails WP:GNG.
04 May 18:07 Leather & Grace No independent reliable sources, fails general notability guidelines.
04 May 18:15 Desmond Ravenstone No independent reliable sources (all are either by or are affiliated with the subject), which fails the general notability guideline.
04 May 18:29 Tom Darby Unsourced BLP with no assertion of Notability. Being inducted into the Nevada Broadcast Hall of Fame doesn't assert anything.
04 May 18:51 Transmission Recordings NN company - primary sources only with apparent hoaxes as the only non-primary references. The artists mentioned only achieved success when they left this label.
04 May 19:29 Rosemary Branch Theatre Advert for unnotable fleapit
04 May 19:44 Jenny Coopes [BLP]
04 May 19:44 Refuge 31 Films Inc. While this article does make credible claims for notability, I don't see any independent reliable sources to show that this company meets WP:COMPANY, at this time.
04 May 20:06 Margaret Blackwood This is an early draft of the page which should be deleted pending the final version
04 May 20:32 Geodynamics Research International Bulletin Non-notable scholarly journal. This journal has not existed for long enough or made enough impact to indicate that it is a significant journal.
04 May 20:37 Ross Payton blp article of unclear notability, lacking independent RS references, tagged for multiple issues since 2012
04 May 21:02 Miss Tourism World Advert for unnotable livestock show
04 May 21:03 Hamtaro (game series) Non-notable subject. Could just as easily be a category.
04 May 21:16 Televisión y Radio de Campeche no useful information. This was a proposed channel that never came into being. There is a dicussion at WP:RFD#XHCAR-TV and another (in the same listing) to delete the redirect to a nonexistent channel. But the redirects, to my mind, stand while the article stands. The question is, should the article stand? it is a stub with no references and not marked as such at all. inclined to CSD but that is generally declined, and so I list here referring over to RfD for your convenience (where I usually hang out).
04 May 21:17 Nancy Bruinooge [BLP]
04 May 21:25 Donna L. Hudson [BLP]
04 May 21:31 Lifer (album) The topic of this article does not meet Wikipedia's notability guideline for music; the band's article has also been deleted.
04 May 21:33 OpenStax Tutor Does not appear to be notable at this time
04 May 21:35 Doruntina Disha No evidence of notability
04 May 22:04 Trevor de Silva [BLP]
04 May 23:37 Lisa Cholodenko Films The filmography already exists at Lisa Cholodenko, and commentary on films/works belongs at the respective articles. This is an unwarranted content fork.
04 May 23:53 Sardar Mahboob Khetran [BLP]
05 May 00:34 Reddit communities Disambiguation seems to lead to either the expected article or to a tangentially related article, "controversial Reddit communities"
05 May 01:03 Cut Meyriska [BLP]
05 May 02:00 Karan Ashley only known for Power Rangers and lacks coverage in news sources, does not meet WP:GNG or WP:NACTOR
05 May 02:20 Lee Seung Woo [BLP]
05 May 03:37 KAÏDO mission No evidence of Notability found or presented.
05 May 03:52 L. Enrique Garcia [BLP]
05 May 04:09 CFC School of the Morning Star Butuan Non-notable school
05 May 05:39 Indian storytelling Wikipedia is not the place to post book/article reviews.
05 May 06:15 Social management
05 May 09:09 Biggar RFC Advert for unnotable club
05 May 10:15 Max Johnstone [BLP]
05 May 11:23 Household and Personal Care Today Non-notable new journal. Not indexed in any selective databases, no independent sources. Does not meet WP:NJournals or WP:GNG.
05 May 11:29 FM Libre Fray Bentos Defunct, non-notable website
05 May 12:29 Natalie Wilcox [BLP]
05 May 12:52 FUNARTE- Projeto Pixinguinha unreferenced for 4.5 years and unverified stub. Fails WP:GNG
05 May 12:54 Porcupine Mountains Music Festival unreferenced for almost 9 years. No claim for notability
05 May 13:12 Ricky Gutierrez (artist) No sources given other than a book from over 20 years ago when he was 16, and I don't find any coverage of him online. The only Ricky Gutierrez I find associated with Batangas is the CEO of a hotel and residence community. Doesn't seem notable.
05 May 13:18 Khalia (Singer) [BLP]
05 May 13:21 Dockland Rivalry (AFL) Even as a Fremantle fan, this is not a notable rivalry. No significant coverage of the rivalry, as opposed to normal match reporting
05 May 13:27 Action Sports Netball Inter Provincial Tournaments No indicaiton of notability as a sporting event
05 May 14:36 Adrenna Property Group No indication of notability
05 May 14:49 Maurice Cotterell [BLP]
05 May 14:50 John M. Sedivy [BLP]
05 May 15:17 Mirai (electronics) notability, refs are all primary sources
05 May 15:47 Red Crucible Firestorm This update to a game does not appear to be notable.
05 May 15:55 Malik Nouman referecenses belongs to Ahmad Faraz.
05 May 15:57 Jamie Irvine [BLP]
05 May 15:59 Roben Farzad [BLP]
05 May 16:02 Ronnie Kupferwasser [BLP]
05 May 16:03 African Mail No indication of significance; Google Search turned up no results
05 May 16:06 Maharaja Mohammad Adam Khan XIX [BLP]
05 May 16:11 The Band Project We require references from significant coverage about the topic of the article, and independent of it, and in WP:RS please. See WP:42. With references meeting those criteria this may remain here. Without them it needs to go
05 May 16:17 Dr. Abhishek Deo [BLP]
05 May 16:59 Virginia Ty-Navarro [BLP]
05 May 17:03 Doctors Worldwide No indication of notability
05 May 17:08 Ahmed El Bayed This article is not attributed to reliable sources
05 May 17:47 Rachel Corrie's message 2 Only one reliable source found, the rest are blogs and such. WP:GNG failure.
05 May 17:52 One-off code One-off is a general term not specific to computer programming. Adding the word "code" to it doesn't make it a software development methodology. Such a claim is original research which explains why this article lacks any reliable sources
05 May 18:32 Janis Roswick-Menken [BLP]
05 May 18:43 Kwame Alexander (basketball) [BLP]
05 May 19:26 Manahel Thabet Unfounded claims e.g. lack of university affiliation for PhDs, poor sources given for latin honours and "ground-breaking work". No peer-reviewed work available online with an actually university affiliation.
05 May 20:13 Denis Shaforostov [BLP]
05 May 22:48 Jonas Elrod [BLP]
05 May 23:27 Doug Armstrong (presenter) Unremarkable person.
05 May 23:33 Darker Than Blood (Linkin Park album) No legitimate sources. WP:TOOSOON
05 May 23:39 Essential Norms repeats material already covered--and best covered--at Catholic sex abuse cases in the United States; the document is only of interest in that context
06 May 00:16 Hayden Rathbone [BLP]
06 May 00:53 Caleb Stark No evidence of notability, son of a general and serving in the army does not reach notabiliy, references are about the father
06 May 00:59 Brahmotsavam (film) Unreleased film with no references or notability to be found at all.
06 May 01:07 Rubella (song) No indication of notability. Fails WP:NMUSIC and WP:GNG. The only referenced sources are the band's own (defunct) web site and some broken link to support the statement that the song did not chart.
06 May 02:39 Give Me the Sunlight (Noni Ene song) No non-cruft, non-tabloid sources attest notability.
06 May 03:02 Javier de Villota [BLP]
06 May 03:25 Janos Delacruz All of the references are either self-published blogs, or fail WP:RS.
06 May 03:53 Liberty Trade College online-only college article of unclear notability, lacking independent references, tagged for multiple issues since 2013, created by an SPA as possibly promotional

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