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WikiProject Prussia is a collaboration to organise articles about Prussia. There is clearly far too much information about Prussia to be confined to a single page. This project originally concentrated on just the Kingdom of Prussia, but now it will cover all periods.

There were previously four separate Wikiprojects that stemmed from this one. They have now been reincorporated into this project (see work groups)

This WikiProject suggests a structure for articles of this topic which would provide some consistency between all the articles, as well as provide a forum for collaboration on the structure and hierarchy that will be unique to each descendant article. Remember that everything below are guidelines. Not all provinces were the same, and not everything can have the exact same framework as a different province. However, having the same "look & feel" for the these articles would be best.

In addition to developing articles on the geopolitical subdivisions of Prussia, this WikiProject is also a place for the coordination of all other articles related to Prussia.


Other Projects[edit]


Anyone who is interested to improve Prussia-related articles can join this project. Then consider to put your name in here.

Things to work on[edit]

The following list is just a place to list things that can be worked on. Feel free to expand upon it.

See also the To-Do List on the Talk page

  • Separate entries for the various incarnations of Prussia
  • Placement of the project banner
  • Linking all currently existing Prussia-related articles and correcting currently-existing links.
  • Information on the different periods of rule
    • Biographical entries - a lot of work on the Kings of Prussia has already been done
    • Different governments - previous work has been done on Prussian politics (see Template:PoliticsPrussia), but this can be greatly expanded upon. For example, the Dutch wikipedia has a more complete version of this template as nl:Sjabloon:Politiek in Pruisen. Also, the NL wiki lists the various cabinets of Prussia for the 1848-1932 period (eg. nl:Regering-Bismarck I)

Article alerts[edit]

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